what the point of spectral lancer 3 whit the last lf3 update

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by lybert_frc, Sep 14, 2021.

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  1. lybert_frc

    lybert_frc User

    hi i am an old player im not on so mutch i was just looking at my setup and notices lf3 now do 175+15 ncp damage thats more then spectral lancer 3 now 140 and 185 ncp damage

    why do you make a laser ther is better then the lf3 and then you make the lf3 better some years later its kind of bs right in the face for us ther have spendt alot of time and money getting them

    can we get a refund for all our spectral lancer 3 or ???? we can just swap them out whit lf4 i only have 10 lol :p

    this is even how the darkorribt wiki descripes its when you go ther

    "The SLL-03 is the last of laser of the SLL series which is able to deal the most damage of them all. The SLL-03 can deal up to 185 damage to aliens, comparable to a weaker LF-4 or a stronger LF-3 and 140 damage to enemy players, comparable to a stronger LF-2."
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  2. fagevuur

    fagevuur User

    hallo i now lf3 and lf4 are not the best laser i pref prometius mega dril and hp lasers
    specral you make in factory and now refund you good sail theme for credit s ore keep theme ,,
    wiki is a page frome difrend players some info maby old or incoreckt ,, look in d o forum dont trust to mutchs othere one s
    i only coleckt prometius,, magna,, dril . hp lasers ,
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