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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by DubSsStep, Nov 15, 2023.

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  1. DubSsStep

    DubSsStep User

    Hi! I'm an old player, but I recently renewed the game. I've got it up to FE, with 10 drones at max level, full spartans, full of lf-4, but still without a single prometheus.. I farmed palladium for the Kronos portal until recently, but I've passed that now too.. my main question is what's next for the future? A strong clan and X-8L for prometheus i guess? Does it make sense to upgrade lf-4 before doing a full prometheus set, or rather keep my resources entirely for prometheus? I hope I don't miss anything just as important as the prometheus.
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  2. You need to do the blacklight quests for your promi lasers. You will earn them through the quests.
    You also need to complete the loooooooong pirate quests.
  3. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    I wouldn't recommend upgrading LF4s. You can get 10 prometheus lasers from mid-length missions. Try to find a group for them though.
    Stay on top of dispatch (R01 retrievers) and events as you can stock up on valuable materials that could otherwise be a pain to get for upgrades.
  4. after you get about 15 Proms you should be okay to solo in Bls to make more with just impulses, BL map is ur next aim.
  5. It's actually very easy if you're just starting out.. I mean.. i remember when switched server, took advantage of the double rewards from the quests they give you at the beginning, separately the starter pack with which you directly start with cyborg and level - enough for X-8L and from there you relatively nice to do 20 proms, which for sure is a much more difficult goal than portals such as zeta and kappa for drones, generators and etc. But in this case, just go to the map, do or join someone like you, and you'll pretty quickly get those 10 proms.. Then comes the hardest part..
  6. USAGeneral

    USAGeneral User

    That's not always a good option.. You must have a secure clan or people to help you take these 10 missions within 3 days, because in reality with a few unstable lf-4s even on the first mission you will encounter difficulty, and what about the next's? And I don't know how much it is worth leaving behind all the past zeta's, kappa's and etc - all the playing time for some 10 more prometheus, which some lf-4s on the 5-10 level do in some cases even more work :D
    In my opinion, now you should focus on X-BL quests, because besides important resources and prometheus, they also give a good honor, which is perfect for ranking. In parallel with this - BO3, other upgrades and if you have the opportunity - goliath plus would be a good acquisition!

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