Why is Amazon Payment method now gone?

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by [PΛЯΛĐΘX]™, Jun 19, 2023.

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  1. Literally no other available payment method for me as it says my user ID is black listed due to cancelled payment or at my request. Can't choose any other option without it saying this and now the Amazon payment method along with Neosurf are all gone. Absolute joke can't even pay for premium now.
  2. Yesterday I tried to buy the big uri package and it asked me to contact my bank to ask them to allow the transaction lmao, but when i chose the lower uri package it was np.

    Pretty sad it's the only game I am aware of that would ask you to phone your bank to allow the transaction.
    By the way have used the same card for years and made these purchases before without asking me to do this!!
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  3. Perhaps Bigpoint are financially struggling, they are not renewing contracts with these payment transaction businesses due to not making enough money and if they aren't letting people pay for more expensive packages perhaps that might be due to tax issues for them or just an error on their part. I did finally manage to buy prem today but only with Rapid transfer which even then I had to do a whole ordeal just to log into my bank. Man is this game seriously tanking this much right now? -__-
  4. Contact support, my payment was blacklisted few years ago for unknown reason as well and they opened the other options back
  5. Still waiting for an email response from the non existent support team over at the payments department.
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