why the game problem screwing

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by rinkesh, May 22, 2015.

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  1. rinkesh

    rinkesh User

    in the gerim case the marker reaches the 1921out of 2000 and resets dont allow to see a gerim tell me how should i complete the quest of 3 gerim.
    in the pib ammo is 9k for 1000 rounds reawrds are merely 6k i am including discount rates.
    why this screw up may u explain i did 9k waste 2 twice now i am stuck i want xeno title which gives later cheif of staff and other titles with this one in stuck i can proceed to others as other time i cant pick it up.
    This is going redicuolous i think i quit this bull game.
    have a good day and reply as early as possible.
    and ask support also for it.
  2. Kitsune

    Kitsune User

    Hi rinkesh
    I am sorry you are feeling frustrated
    Please could you remember to post your UID and server so we can help you

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