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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Dec 18, 2020.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the Winter Event 2020.

    Your DarkOrbit Team
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  2. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    The game is not working so its not much of an event
  3. Instead of events, how about you spend some time fixing the game to make it actually playable.
  4. Event? Most of us can't even play.
  5. **Scarab**

    **Scarab** User

    mmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,, feedback on an event you cant do, that's a new one...........
  6. is there a winter event on??????
  7. i tryed to jump a port in event gate and got stuck on jumping through now cant log in to get ship out of gate it will prob get stuck in there with my luck just bought the prem package and cant even use it glad i didnt buy the battle pass yet. but hey if you buy something it works great lol iam a legit plyer been playing do for many years, its just to bad DO went into the toilet.
  8. Was able to ''enjoy'' the labyrinth for 20 minutes and now it won't connect again. Also, they clearly ignored all feedback about it since those ice things still almost one-shot you if you get hit by the mines. Whose idea it was anyway to put them there!?

    Edit: Now that I was able to play for a while the labyrinth was a mess. Skoll's reward was very poor, synk not spawning, iceterion mines kill due to lag. Also for some reason you have doubled every missions requirements but kept the rewards the same
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  9. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Can't log in full stop
  10. GodFreak

    GodFreak User

    Because in DO's eyes, fixing a game does not sell battle passes, a new event (even broken) does! :eek::p
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  11. Cant log in omg Stuck in Establishing Connection can you fix this game already?
  12. It would make it easier for us to give feedback if the damn game worked. How do you expect us to give feedback on an event when we cant even get into the game?
  13. Please take out this event, so we can play. Put it next year or not if you can't. It's not worth to play this event when the servers cannot handle this. Really DO do some clever moves, it's not so hard....
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  14. dark8blue

    dark8blue User

    just remove the npcs dropping mega mines they are causing the game to crash and they are worthless, should be a quick fix, then we can still do the gate and people can play regularly. fps drops, and game freezes once those npcs come around, get rid of them and try again and see
  15. you obviously dont play the game,,,,,,,, the lagg and the mines make the gate pointless..............
  16. But, if the game is not playable, who will buy the battle pass?
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  17. LBT-V502

    LBT-V502 User

    I hope you check the server position table USA (West Coast)

    there are players who spend all day in eternal gate
    and waves rise very slowly and that's the way it is all day they never stop rising.
  18. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Take part in the Frozen Labyrinth, only wish I could. Again it's only for those who play all day. Not one time is open for the early am players. just another event that can be considered not for all players. Gee after the merger of servers we lost a lot from the game upgrade hour just for one. Now events that don't give everyone a chance to join in. This game becomes more unbalanced and unfair everyday.
  19. 1taffy1

    1taffy1 User

    Something isn't right with this event.
    I keep getting atlas maps. Today I went from Atlas C-B/different zones 7 times in a row no matter which port I took. No ports would take me to a named/synk map. After 7 tries, I managed to get to one, but now I have no more keys, so I'm stuck.
    If I had to guess, I've wasted 30+ keys going from Atlas A to B to C back to B then back to C since this event started.
    The 2 times I've been able to get the synk was sheer luck, not from me going from map to map.

    The player with the most synk kills so far is leagues ahead of everyone else. They must know something the rest of us don't. It can't be luck, that they just "happen" to be in the same map 47 times the synk has spawned. Nor is there enough time to navigate between maps to get there before someone else does. It also doesn't appear they are getting stuck in an Atlas Map loop. Either this player has a map of where each port goes or has a photographic memory so knows which path to take to each and every map plus a speed others don't possess to be able to go from synk map to synk map and get so many so quickly.

    Now for the technical:
    Did I read it wrong, or did the event announcement say the mine NPC wouldn't drop them near ports? That's not so. They are dropping them close enough in proximity to damage while in the port.
    The log and the event icon are out of sync. The log will say the the synk has spawned in Cygni Zone 0, and the icon will say Cygni zone 1, for example. It will be in the upper left map. The count down is also no working. This makes trying to figure where and when confusing.
  20. really this must be 1 of the worst events ever, its boring and pointless. just another event for the botters that are in there 24/7.
    and which dimwit came up with the mines ??????????? seriously bad...........
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