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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Dec 18, 2020.

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  1. Sadly i got a 2 day ban for telling weirdly the truth (swear and offensive language)... i'll post again and hope this time don't get ban instead a suspension (without my message being deleted you need feedback, here it is...) LOL

    1. investors of the game doesn't care about us the players, (they only want money which is natural) but never put it back to fix the ... in the game, don't expect any balancing in the event (or future ones)

    2. Developers or whoever in charge made a bad decision using the QTWebEngine from the example of Nokia's QT browser example (anyone withe a little knowledge in python or c++ could build it's own) which with little of witchery and sorcery from the hell makes the client more hacakble even than the normal browser (if you wish i could help you guys to build high quality software, the choice is yours)

    3. can't remember something i say about staff (not the good ones...) what was that.... wonder what i say... whatever... i forgot it.

    4. zombie and tool users.... oh yeah--- they keep using that... thing... it's 2021 not 2012 where the game REALLY USED to DETECT it... now DO claims that their scripts detect cheaters... oh!!! amazing!!!!... and the "fairy tale" players still flying somewhere.... over the rainbow... of course.... hey!!! what about the 1st day event completion users?

    5. and specially those developers form the dark side... i think you cheated and fooled everyone selling your tools, i think you got enough money from those lazy users who preffers to pay [REMOVED].... it's time to let it go and focus in other good things... perhaps you should invest a couple of bucks buying some vaccines to the people who's still dying by the Covid.

    with no more and even no less, thank you for the ban... i don't expoect anything better when touching hard feeling inside...

    P.D. fix the bugs before asking for feedback ;)

    second post, i get a tip for anyone... who wants to do it...

    maps are fixed port jumping, so if you mapped the 16*16 jumps (256 routes), if you put it on an excel and uses Dijkstra or Bellman-Ford algorythms for detecting the shortest path, you'll find the short and quicker route through maps so for the guy with 50+ synk kills probably knows it if not... well everyone know now

    this is not bug abuse, neither a violation of the forum, just using knowledge to unveal the Route, LOL

    tip for DO, make random jumps not fixed ones <<<<-------- feedback!!!!! ;)
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  2. Sadly another event that requires things done in the eternal gate... yawn...

    Use 25 cpu's? I don't bot invokes like 99% of players to steal the resource to build cpu's (and these same players when actually online farm mindfire), and I do not have the time to farm invokes and stand no chance of doing mindfire so no chance of using 25 cpu's. Should have made it use ONE cpu or not bothered with such a stupid objective in the first place...

    Got to spawn 306 waves to get a few objectives done which I'll struggle to do with just the ONE cpu I had as I have not botted/stolen my way to 35+ level 16 prom lasers plus the botted/stolen level 16 drones/shield that these cheating players all have and get to keep out of the company little pointless' "fairness and balance" delusion... so now I have to find the time to farm invokes just to be able to get another 2 or 3 cpu's...

    Then there is the fact that after this event started I like many other players could not even get a connection to the game for a few days losing loads of time...

    More new pointless modules when modules were never even needed... just like all the sissy-no-class ships with their sissy abilities, never been any requirement for them either...

    Another cheater focused event for them to get heavily rewarded some more...

    sad to see the same old botting faces still botting around the clock and in event gate too... the three chimps policy still enforced... see no cheating, speak no cheating, hear no cheating and now a fourth chimp sitting off to the side - do nothing about cheating because we want to protect the revenue that comes from them spending money on the game so we'll let them cheat and let them unfairly permanently benefit from everything they steal inclusive of the those stolen level 16 drones, lasers and shields... :(

    When I look at the pointless ranks and stats all I see is who has cheated and stolen the most... :rolleyes:
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  3. labyrinth is an idiotic mess.
  4. I agree with most of the complaints. But here's some "constructive" feedback.

    If those ICEITRON'S, or what ever they're called are going to be a regular feature, make them killable! at least them we can get something from them, other than the constant annoyance of them dropping mines on us.
  5. Ku$hc0ma

    Ku$hc0ma User

    I played the synk event in usa west and i was top 1 in rankings and i didnt get my rewards yet.
  6. UKD37

    UKD37 User

    when event finish i have no rewards where is the official info about that ?

    when the event who is win it must be booked in the account right away.
  7. Those npc's are there only to get rid of the botters who have ruined every event for the last three years. If you look at the npc's they added in the BL maps it the same thing. Since they have introduced them in the BL maps the number of botters has dropped a lot. Yeah they are a pain but I like it.
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  8. Will, if it helps clear out those rotter bots, I'm all for it.
  9. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Thank you for your feedback on the Winter Event. The feedback has now been sent up to the game team.
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