X-9 Maps Plus 2 New Aliens

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by APOLLO[SKE★], Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. Pffffttt make them carton that would be awsome :D
  2. That would be cool. But time consuming. :p
  3. ok i will add resources
  4. Sounds good to me! But then sorry to do it but here is a downside. Some servers are not very active and more maps means more emptier maps. This is a plus for the noobs but a downside for the hunters. I like the idea but then I think my server needs more people :p I suppose these could possibly be good aliens too! X-9 sounds good overall and as it is only one extra map i suppose my points are invalid. I hope this is the next update and NOT bo3 and Lf5... These would just destroy the game.
  5. PvP better :p
  6. Yes agreed!!! Because the more maps there are the less people there will be in them so it can be harder for people hunting etc. Also if LF-5s and BO3s come out I quit the game :p
  7. A LF-5 would be much worse than BO-3.
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  8. Yes agreed B03s I wouldn't like but LF-5 I would HATE
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  9. Rick deckhard has stated lf-5's and bo-3's will never be implemented into the game
  10. + from me i like it , its AWESOME!!!
    im getting kinda bored of bk's already
    so a new map with new npc's wil be awesome and refreshing.
  11. An un-named source stated to me that apparently LF5's and BO3's will be inputted in the march updates 2014. I will hate it if that is so. If it is so i have wasted all my uri upgrading bo2's and lf4's.

    I think another group gate would be fun :)
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  12. nice suggestions Apollo and Arch Angel ") Well thought out, could make the whole idea BIGGER!!

    #1love Rat
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  13. They said in the road map that they would never think about putting LF-5s in the game and B03's aswell.
  14. Thanks for the Assit!

    Well i disregard your Un Known Source, their lieing most likly
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  15. This was what was posted in DO roadmap. Also DO NOT double post. You are not ment to and not allowed to double post. If you have anything extra to say use the edit and edit your previous post to say what you wanted to.
  16. Diamonds acting like a boss. Ok i stand corrected haha! When the time comes we will see who was right and who is cowering in a corner for being wrong ;)
  17. Pffttt you wish :D If they do come out i quit the game and never talking to you again :D
  18. Sounds fine to me, just seems a little un proportional compared to the Cubikon. Around half of it's HP but only 1/4th the reward? Seems a little strange, but I haven't done the exact math. I could do that and get back to you, if you wanted.
  19. I presume prizes and HP etc is an example Mocklaceo444. DO would probably twist and change it to make the percentages work out right. That is if there is a pattern to rewards and HP :p
  20. From what I've seen, there really isn't. Although, I think the Cubikon's rewards were jacked up, as I remember they used to be 512. So maybe they used to be incremental, but were never changed below the Cubikon.

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