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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Okapi32, Mar 26, 2015.

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  1. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Over the last several months DarkOrbit has shifted its focus and they have been very quiet about it. Their focus is now good community interaction, a focus on the players and making sure they feel involved in the game they play.
    Does that sounds a bit wrong? Well let me explain, you, I, or anyone who plays this game that is not part of a select 7 special servers doesn't get to benefit from this shift in focus.

    This game has a grand total of 60 different servers. DarkOrbit only cares about the players who play 7 out of those 60 servers. The "special" 7 are the Turkish servers.
    What is so special about those 7 you might ask, well it's no secret that Turkish players are the biggest nationality in this game and that is cool, nothing against people who live in Turkey or speak Turkish.
    The problem arises with DarkOrbit and their treatment of the Turkish users compared to the 20 other languages that play this game.

    Let me just list a few things.

    1. They have their own twitch channel where a Turkish developer will stream and interact with Turkish players.

    2. They have an actual community team that organises events for their Turkish players, they do things like LF-4 giveaways, events to win in-game items. We certainly don't get that here, the French users do but their giveaways are done by the moderation teams.

    3. They get exclusive items such as the Hezarfen, a Turkish themed Goliath that gives 5% boost to damage and a 10% boost to all honor received. The USA has it's own Goliath as well, however this carries no bonuses, especially not a bonus that no other design in the game has.

    More recently the Turkish users had a competition to name the next new ship design, the name Pusat won, I'm sure some of you are already aware of this. So great, anothing design made for the Turkish users right?
    Turns out this design is completely unique. It is for the vengeance and has 16 lasers slots and 12 generator slots. That means it hits more than a Goliath - it will be the most powerful ship in the game and goes faster than a spearhead.

    Guess what? No mention of other servers getting this Pusat. The "Breaking News" is only written in Turkish, the description of the ship is only written in Turkish - it's yet another Turkish ship.

    4. There was a developer and fan meetup last year, not heard of it? Turkish only. At this meetup there was a interview done with the DO developers in which RickDekard said that it would be their priority to make sure the Turkish users have a proper community team. Well they got it and nobody else did.

    5. The get things before us and more times. Turkish servers have had the Hercules with uridium deal 4 times. Turkish server have had the 3 booster for .50 deal 5 times. In the last 6 months the Turkish servers have got 13 events that no other server has got.

    6. Their game is cheaper. The cost of 330,000 uridium for a Turkish user is 182 TL, that is £47 / $70 / €64 so it is roughly about 30% cheaper for them that it is the vast majority of other people. That is what could possibly be the majority of players have it 30% cheaper than we do, without bugs or glitches they just have it cheaper.

    Some of you might already be aware of this. This post is to make more people aware of what is happening in DarkOrbit that they would like to keep a secret.
    When I made a comment on a post by the DarkOrbit facebook page asking them as polite as I could, why were the Turkish servers being given a priority over everyone else, they responded by removing my comment and banning me from ever commenting on their page again.
    When I then sent a tweet to their twitter asking the same thing I was simply ignored.

    DarkOrbit don't want you to know you that you don't matter, but truly, unless you are Turkish it appears you hold no significance in this game what so ever.

    Edit 22/04/2015 - found another one to add to the list:

    7. There is a Turkish LAN event being held where teams of 8 face off against each other in a tournament for just over 8,500 Euros worth in Turkish currency.

    DarkOrbit's first ever LAN tournament and it's a 8v8, a team based tournament, something that loads of us have really wanted to see happening ... and it's been kept secret from us once again. What can I say really, I'm jealous of their LAN event, I'm jealous of their competitive group pvp. I wish I had started TR1 instead of GE1.

    This entire thing could be handled so much better. They are doing it with Turkish users to test the waters, however if they just told us:
    "We are testing a few things with the turkish users, this is what we are planning to test bla bla bla ... once we have feedback from them we will work on getting it out to other servers."
    It would be infinitely better than keeping it quiet and having us guess about if we will ever see it for us or not, it's just so frustrating to be kept in the dark about things that another language gets to benefit from.

    Personally, this is the most disappointing one for me so far, wanted competitive group pvp for such a long time, now we can just watch someone else get it instead.
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  2. wow this is messed up i'd quit but i dont matter anyway
  3. Norjinn

    Norjinn User

    I am glad that you have published that here in the English Forum,I may will post your written in German.What a untrustworthy company removes comments and ignores the afterwards ,I´m speechless.
    And I am also sure that nobody of the managers will respond on your "letter" they will ignore or even bann/remove like nothing happened.

    Also a bug what nobody know except DarkOrbit proggers and some [removed] users:there was a very huge ammo bug that players could get over millions of x2,x3,x4,sab... like 200mil x2.
    But guess what DarkOrbit proggers fixxed that and nobody of the majority will ever know that such a bug existd.
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  4. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Please do repost it on the German forums if you want to.
    I think we have all given up trying to have any form of communication with the developers, this post is to try and make the players aware of what is happening since DO appears they want it kept secret.
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  5. Thanks again, Owning, for another enlightening post about the direction of Dark Orbit. Without hijacking this post I would like to say that fed up users =/= witch hunt. I feel as if we have been ignored for such a long time (example 1: the DaDG trend that happened about 3-4 years ago that to my knowledge was just ignored) and I would really like to see an honest, none bot-like post from a team member to at least enlighten us as to plans for the future of Dark Orbit in terms of English based players.
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  6. I wonder if I should spend the next 5 months studying turkish language since I have pretty much only leisure time before school starts again...
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  7. Norjinn

    Norjinn User

  8. `Luke

    `Luke User

    Thank you for this post, I will try to tell people about this thread on global chat, this is important and players should know that they are being under prioritized before they invest money into this game.
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  9. relax

    relax User

    True story mate.. you're the best. This game will come to an end really really soon.. for all the old players.
    Really curious what the price for that design/ship is ?^^
  10. pecanin

    pecanin User

    If i could be bothered ...i'd quit again

    BTW time we got those damned boosters (3 for .50) we got bug that made them useless ..jump port lose shields/hp even damage ...we wuz robbed and there is no talk of compo ,next time i buy nothing...out of turkish lira

    Be interesting to see how long thread stays open ;)
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  11. `Luke

    `Luke User

    So now lets get this straight, we have a JPA this Sunday, the 29th, and now every Turkish player will have a stronger, and much faster ship than a Goliath in the JPA. Which no Goliath can match. That is quite unfair for everyone partaking in JPA who has no chance of buying the design.
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  12. pecanin

    pecanin User

    You don't expect that they will make game fair ....
  13. that new vengeance design is not stronger than goliath and wont make more damage than goliath. All goliath dmg designs give a little bit more firepower than extra laser slot in this new vengeance ship. But it is much more easier to shoot down, because it have way less hp than normal vengeance ship. But you are indeed right, it will make spearhead ship really useless.

    But all these turk players benefits... i feel really dissapointed: BP have made a big step to listen players, but only spesific servers. these offers, special events and ships to only turk players...
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  14. tg90000_2

    tg90000_2 User

    I can't understand why they're taking care on only turkish players. I'm not happy with it, but its ok if they cooperating with them, but put those updates to all servers!

    It's really unfair! They are the biggest nationality, but not the WHOLE gaming community!

    - Posted on Hungarian forum -
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  15. Norjinn

    Norjinn User

    If they would put their effort in all servers like they´re doing on turk server then we would have by far more players.
    The turk servers are really full compared every other server.

    Edit:The same post on the german forum got closed with a useless comment from a BA.
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  16. No hell No I do not want that update on our US servers keep that nasty crap there.

    I do agree with the rest of the above though would like the US design to have a damage bonus
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  17. The post got DELETED on Finnish forum TWICE without a single word why, oh wow. I had no idea the situation is so bad they cannot even allow discussion.
  18. tg90000_2

    tg90000_2 User

    Then don't even put it in (to any servers!)
    They've got frightened :cool::rolleyes:

    Its still living in our forum, but nobody seen. Lets see how long will it being opened here...
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  19. `Luke

    `Luke User

    Well this is important, if I knew that starting on an U.S server I will receive less benefits and my purchases would cost more than compared to the turkish server, I would have not started in the U.S server in the first place.

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