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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Okapi32, Mar 26, 2015.

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  1. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    If they were at all concerned about the design then they would have tested it on the test servers. It is Turkish only because the dev team in Istanbul made it for the TR players, none of this testing rubbish, it was made by turkish developers for the intention of being for turkish players.

    The "normal" dev team can't even tell us when we will get it, to be honest I don't think they ever intended for us to get it until lots of people found out and started complaining.

    It's great playing a game where you know you are considered less important than other players based off what language you speak.
  2. I was under the impression that maybe we'd wait a week before seeing it on all of our servers, however after the responses we've got from team and support members it seem's that probably grossly over-estimated.

    Anyone have any ideas when we'll get it?
  3. i know that we will get if we push and keep asking for it, but thats all. i dont think they had plans to give it to other servers anyway. if you look at announcement it is build in turkey shipyard and it was supposed to be for turkish players only.
  4. Yeah, should have been in the test server, first...Oh well, enjoy as is :D This game throws loops, so just enjoy the ride...who knows where it ends.
  5. LEON...

    LEON... User

    they should make a british ship, just like the british car. call it "a ford able".
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  6. No idea, though I did say I believe we will get it around 1-3 months after the turks have it.
    I believe so because this would make it seem more scarce, rare... exclusive and so people would get it because its the newest thing
    Also probably to let the turks play with this "toy" until they get bored and bigpoint need more money

    Or they could just eliminate the favouritism and stop neglecting their customers
  7. pecanin

    pecanin User

    No Easter ..i guess they spent money giving away free kebab's on TR servers
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  8. turks dont celebrate easter so they didnt even bother on making event...
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  9. The response that Solid Eye posted said they would first give the design away as a reward for an event. The only major events in the future are the summer games, or solar clash, or whatever they will call it this year. Unless they create another unique event like the Demeaner.

    Seems like we will be measuring the time in months, not weeks or days on this one, just my opinion.
  10. some time has passed since this post solid eye are you guys really watching this thread that closely? personally i dont think so, i think you mod team are just hoping this thread and the rants about Darkorbit showing favourtism towards a certain group of players will pass and everyone will forget the shabby customer service non turkish players are recieving, to be honest i think its near criminal what is going on and if i could actually be bothered i would find the law showing your rule breaking as im sure there is discrimination or even racism involved here somewhere and not on any of the players counts but the developers themselves, well big thumbs up to you and ur kin lol and i hope this thread continues for an eternity so people will see what is truly goin on here
  11. ramnik

    ramnik User

    yeah people will see and what will happen? nothing. the people cant do anything, the dev's will just continue making it better for the turkish while all we do is rant which will get us no where.
  12. what do you suggest we do @ramnik you can be the revolution leader...

    on a serious note though all I can advise is stop spending but, obviously nobody will because if everyone but them stops spending they have an advantage.. But I've stopped spending and I'm doing fine. no prem, no rebate, no doubler no uri no nothing I make my uri by cubing, boxing and events.
    If every1 stops spending, they will wonder why and where will they go to question it? To us, the "customer" then they will have to listen
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  13. Horizan

    Horizan User

    Well Well, don't you all think DO, BP should be reported to the gaming commissioning board for allowing these enhancements to other county's ie. Turkey, when they would have the upperhand in winning event's like JPA where ther ship design would over come there opponent's..???.

    Well what do you all think of DO, BP now ??????. and for ever more, they will alway's cover something up !!!
  14. ronz

    ronz User

    Really? I can't even say how irritated I feel after reading this "5. The get things before us and more times. Turkish servers have had the Hercules with uridium deal 4 times. Turkish server have had the 3 booster for .50 deal 5 times. In the last 6 months the Turkish servers have got 13 events that no other server has got.

    6. Their game is cheaper. The cost of 330,000 uridium for a Turkish user is 182 TL, that is £47 / $70 / €64 so it is roughly about 30% cheaper for them that it is the vast majority of other people. That is what could possibly be the majority of players have it 30% cheaper than we do, without bugs or glitches they just have it cheaper".

    Why can the GB1 server as well as other servers not get the equal treatment?
    This is really just so bloody unfair, really annoyed by the better treatment they get just because of their big community Fgs. Fix up Bigpoint/ DO.
    Guys I know it feels as if I'm ranting and over exaggerating everything here but why should we really be having to pay more for the Uri we purchase and as far as the thing about the hercules drone design deal for over 4 times , WE ONLY GOT THIS BLOODY DEAL ONCE?
    The uridium that we purchase , £70 - 330K uri is basically equivalent to £47 so approximately £50 to the Turks... We could have saved a lot more money , Now I work hard as it is for the money I earn but I speak on the behalf of other players that We shouldn't be having to pay more, main conclusion, Do/ Big point aren't treating us equally.
    Watch how the developers , the people in charge read this thread and ignore this Fgs man :mad:

    lol I give up

    Amen , I agree with how you stated we have been ripped off and constantly are despite all the discounts and deals they offer
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  15. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Well, they have a Virus thingy event coming up, or that's what Okapi said in his revealed thread.
  16. ramnik

    ramnik User

    well thats 1 event for us :p probs 7 more for the turks though :D
  17. Right on, I'll go check that out....I'm always forgetting to check that thread, thanks.
  18. lol and im here paying $130 AUD for 330,000 uri smh
  19. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hi there,

    Despite my being late to respond to that (sorry, I've rather been away), yes we are still watching this thread closely. There may not be much of a response from us, but as I said before - for us on the moderating team - there isn't much in the way of information for us outside of the OA we received and posted for you all.

    We see chat, and we see what is posted in forums. We know the community response to this has been upsetting, and so it was something we passed on right away, and continue to do so. That doesn't mean that every matter we may experience within the DarkOrbit space is because we aren't playing ServerX. Not everything stems from this, nor will everything to come. It doesn't mean we aren't passing these things on to ensure you are all heard. What I say here, or anywhere, may not necessarily make any one feel like they're being heard about any of this, but it doesn't mean it isn't happening or that we aren't trying to help change the course of things so that you or any other may feel that you have been heard.

    Again, what we (the moderating team) have for you all now is still really what is in the announcement. That efforts are being made to expand into other regional markets, that items and events are being launched or run on select servers in those efforts, while trying to see how received, that they are handled well, and then interpret it globally to the other servers.
    When might the Pusat come to the rest of the servers?
    When might these seemingly exclusive events or deals be seen and interpreted globally?
    I have no idea.

    All I can say is really that time will tell, and again ask for patience. How things proceed exactly may be out of our hands, but passing on how you feel isn't. It does make a difference, and it does matter. So we'll continue to pass on what we hear from you, this or otherwise

  20. firstly i appreciate your response solideye honestly, i understand too that you have a life to live and also that you yourself are only a chat/forum moderator so there isnt much you can do in terms of development things , would i also be correct in presuming you are a player or have played? If so surely you can empathise with the growing concerns here? i mean comeon look at the facts as clearly stated by okapi32<<(your still a legend boss) we are not the intended market anymore there for what we feel and say doesnt matter. Howcome we never had any giveaways or special events etc etc etc? I could go on but where would it get me really? no matter what u say to us solid we see how the land really lies and to me it looks turkish again thanks for your response and i truly hope the dev team sort this out not for me but for the small community of loyal european players who have giving so much to this game and asked for little in return :(

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