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    I don't mean to be disrespectful here, but seeing it the way it is. Wheter you're a player, moderator or even a admin of some kind. You're not that high above the rest of the players, the best you can do is report something to support, maybe you're even able to get directly in touch with the developer team, but only because they recieve another letter about complaints probably doesn't change anything, cause that's literally all they recieve...there is no importance to any complaints darkorbit recieves anymore. So if you answer to this thread, or I or any other player, it makes no difference. You're trying to calm people down here....great, but all I got to see from that is that you're not a big deal and no game changer, I think what the players want to see is someone that is high up in the darkorbit team like RickDekard or someone like that to answer threads like these directly like he used to in the old forum, before this game was 'reloaded'.
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    I still play, and I do understand. There are many here who put in incredible amounts of time, effort, and money, and that isn't limited to any one server or one language. I don't [fluently] speak or read Turkish language, so I don't really visit their forums or otherwise (before anyone says it, yes, there's translators ;p). So what goes on, on those servers or their forums I really couldn't say. Judging by the response to this thread, I don't think I'm the only one.

    I can't really speak to what plans for the future here are, but I still believe together we can help steer it in a direction that empowers the community and the passion that exists within this game rather than breeds more negativity or feelings of neglect such as has been exhibited here.

    I don't think I've ever really claimed to be a big deal, or a game changer. I am a player, and a volunteer for the mod team. I know what's being (and has been) asked for is a response from someone working at DO, whether that's the community manager, producer, or developer. That's a gap and qualification I don't fill, and I know that. However, I also feel an answer here is important; whether we (mods) are the voice people want to see and hear, we can't just walk away and try to ignore or utterly leave things go unanswered.

    I do try to keep things relatively calm and this is no exception. I say it again and again, but we really do want to leave your posts intact, especially when it's something the community cares so much about and has taken the time to provide feedback or thoughts. I'm sure DO has plenty of complaints just as you said, but that doesn't lessen any new or ongoing ones. They are just as important.

    So I do understand that an answer from me is not what is wanted here, and what I say here may not be going very far on this as a result. But, we can keep trying to express the desire for more dialog between the community & those you're all looking for.
    Yes, it's been asked for (namely in feedback area) for quite some time now so that might not leave some optimistic when I say that, but that doesn't make it any less worth doing.

  3. The JPA is commig ON...Well se2

  4. just browsing through forums and i find this posted by okapi32 On the 23rd Turkish servers will be getting a 25% EP booster for 24 hours for some event. again we are bein shown the extent of what is goin on here the discrimanation is showing more and more everyday dont let this thread die people its our only hope for equality remember YOU DONT MATTER!!!
    Even better i just been watching the turkish twitch channel out of curiosity and low and behold there are mods flying around maps fighting with the players hahaha what a damm joke DARKORBIT YOU ARE TRULY TAKING THE MICK
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  5. are we really complaing about EP boostering being on another server, a booster that will cost money? LOL thats not really that important with other events that we get discriminated against
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    It's free.
    Yes it does matter, everything TR servers get, no matter how small, that no other server has gotten before is just adding to the list of things the regular servers are being shunned from.
  7. Oh okey I thought they were making it a payment booster like some other offers.
  8. the point here is we are bein treated unfairly whether its a measly booster or lf4 giveaways or having player meet ups or special events run WE ARE BEIN TREATED DIFFERENTLY
  9. I looked up the word 'Pusat' and it kept on coming up as a Turkish word. If we had a vote on the next name of a ship...I'll bet TR servers would have won since the vote would get split by various Countries languages/servers anyways regardless of the various names to choose from.
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  10. sooo, maybe we get the Pusat on Friday (yes this Friday) on other servers :)
  11. SO maybe we can get the pusat on USA east 3 tomorrow:D plz:3
  12. I think we have to look at this from strictly a business perspective. The Turkish servers are making Big Point money so they get all the attention. Their only growth is the Asian market. Most of us are just SOL right now since our servers ( and I speak mainly of the US East ones) are dead except for a few stalwarts still playing and a few newer players who never seem to stick around long.

    I log in and its the same group playing consistently. A lot of us still remember the disarray from botting a few years back and it spoiled the game for us. Between the cheats who never got bounced forever (amazing how many banned cheaters/botters keep coming back), the bug using, shared accounts, multicompany clans, lag, disappointing events, etc etc there is really no hope of growth on the legacy servers without some major promotion and investment. The calls for server mergers are mostly the wallet players who are tired of chasing the same noobs around. Big Point will not invest in a low utilization server and spending the time, effort and Euros to merge servers is a doubtful proposition anyway. No guarantee of any ROI.

    Maybe if Big Point decided to take the same hands-on approach with the legacy business that it does with Asia, then maybe there is hope of perpetuating the elder marketplaces. Or, egads, grow them again. But that takes a commitment to customers, innovation and investment...... and none of these seem to exist in the Dark Orbit universe at this time. Like your local cable company, it seems that sucking as much money from customer wallets as possible on the downward spiral to oblivion seems like their managerial strategy.
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    I honestly think that we should not worry about Turkeys getting preferential treatment. I think those people will be a literal repeat of history of the US servers, and when Turkeys start to quit DO, then maybe BP can actually fix the game.

    Those people might not speak English, but they do have a brain. People will soon realize that this is a pay-to-win game. Newbies will realize sooner or later that it is pointless when they get popped every 5 minutes or so by the same person. Maybe they will even realize that the only way to get to UFE w/o paying is mindnumbing pallying for hours on end.

    Turkeys will realize that Zeus and Apis are a complete waste of money. They will soon realize that the entire Item upgrading thing is beyond useless. They will soon feel the cost of the Pilot Bio reset. Maybe they will realize that spaceball isn't fun having one company dominate the whole game with no balancing.

    *sigh* Those people will come to there senses one day, but it won't be today. Although it would be fun to see how BP milks those turkeys.
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  14. OSRS unless were all willing to close the wallet and not give DO the time of day they wouldn't give a rats azz about
    how much we complain about being treated unfairly. I'm done complaining. I guess one day like a very bad marriage
    it will all be over. Personally, I'm starting to care less and less about the game:( I guess DO/BP is rubbing off on me.
  15. I agree I've stopped paying for even the basics like premium... as long as i show people I'm fine without paying then I'm doing my bit is how I see it
  16. Demaner event is geared to the pvp crowd (spenders) and the way that the UFEs are stalking the demaner for cheap kills tells you how this game is going. Basically DO is giving candy to the paying customers who in turn drive the new players out of the game. Circling the drain....glug.....glug.....glug......
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    Hmm they closed the german version of this thread... Looks like they really want to hide the truth. I might post this on the Spanish forums.
  18. If attacking the should get shield protection from cheap kill players.
  19. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Mods playing with players!!! :(

    what a dam joke!
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    Alright, I have another one to add on. There is a Turkish LAN event being held where teams of 8 face off against each other in a tournament for just over 8,500 Euros worth in Turkish currency.

    DarkOrbit's first ever LAN tournament and it's a 5v5, a team based tournament, something that loads of us have really wanted to see happening ... and it's been kept secret from us once again. What can I say really, I'm jealous of their LAN event, I'm jealous of their competitive group pvp. I wish I had started TR1 instead of GE1.

    This entire thing could be handled so much better. They are doing it with Turkish users to test the waters, however if they just told us:
    "We are testing a few things with the turkish users, this is what we are planning to test bla bla bla ... once we have feedback from them we will work on getting it out to other servers."
    It would be infinitely better than keeping it quiet and having us guess about if we will ever see it for us or not, it's just so frustrating to be kept in the dark about things that another language gets to benefit from.

    Personally, this is the most disappointing one for me so far, wanted competitive group pvp for such a long time, now we can just watch someone else get it instead.

    Links to TR forum on the matter:

    Turkish LAN tournament OA

    Tournament Rules
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