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  1. WOW the Turkish server must be the children of the rich kids seeing as how they keep getting all this epic treatment. If Big point or the developers gave this much thought to other servers we probably would be able to keep a lot more new players.
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  2. Enigmatic

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    I played a bit on turkey 1 before a bit and even at a time like this (3:00 am at turkey), the global chat is lively as hell and the lower maps have a moderate crowd. Damn, I'm so envious :/
  3. When I read this Post on Day one.. I copied and Sent it to All Clan mates and Posted in both Global and Company Chat for " IT " to be Read..
    Special Thanks to ==> Okapi32 for Giving us an Insight to Behind the " BigPoint " mentality and to the Admins that Left this Open..

    Be Right Back.. my PopCorn just Finished its " Kappa Gate "

    I had a Feeling This Topic was gonna be a BarnBurner..

    Bill Cosby Quote.. " We got TurtleHeads unda Da Covers "

    consider moving over to the Turkey Server.. o_O
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  4. A total non response from Solid-eye you should be a politician mate, talking without saying anything, all we European players want is parity with the favored Turkish players and if you cant or wont see that then you will be losing a lot of new players like myself who see and still cant believe what is going on so come on DO/BP do the right thing and start treating every player equally.


    go back a few pages, wheter SolidEye answers to this or not makes NO difference, sure it's nice that a board admin gives us his input, but all he could do or tried to do was calming everyone on this forum down. That ain't worth anything though because it's not going to change anything, moderators or admins can not get the developers of this game to change anything. So please don't blame SolidEye because I think he would change something if he could.
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  6. Any news? Almost been a month since this thread was started, we're still without Pusat and the Turkish servers are still getting new events before us.
  7. Every time I come back to these forums I see the same old threads and bigpoint doing the same things that made me lose interest in the game.
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  8. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Not a lot of news, namely we're continuing to pass this on as we know that what is being sought is answers and responses from higher than the mod team.

    However, what information we do have really continues to echo what the OA told us a few weeks ago;

    There's things running on the Turkish servers first as tests and seeing how they are received and affect things before being localized for all the servers/languages. So while things like the Pusat design came out on the Turkish servers first, when or how it may come around to the rest of the servers only time will tell. That isn't something we really have answers for at this time. What we have been told is that these sales and events that seem to be currently exclusive will be brought to all the servers in due time.
    Though, I imagine these events are barring the strictly server specific ones, like Guy Fawkes for GB, or July4th for US servers. All of the regions/servers get a couple of those each year if I recall correctly (I don't know factually offhand how many).

    As for the LAN tournament mentioned above, it seems to be an experiment of sorts (I guess all of these events/etc could be classed as such). So what may come of that exactly, and if it will spread, we will have to wait and see.

    So while there is the seeming focus on the Turkish servers & community they still have a focus on global development for the game. I realize not everyone feels that is the case, so I want to be clear in adding that we're still raising concerns brought up about all this, and the desire for more direct feedback.

    That said, on behalf of the mod team I think I can safely say that we do realize and understand the frustration (which may not be limited to the contents of this thread but I digress), but we really do appreciate all of your patience in this and thank you for it.

  9. Enigmatic

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  10. Why is it being tested on a group of servers and not on the server that was made for testing?
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  11. Wow, can't believe still Turkish player are getting more and more new things in the game. New map, new events .. That is nice, maybe I should switch there and start over, who knows..


    because Darkorbit is expanding their market in asia and built an office in Istanbul, Turkey so they give them lots of special things to have a lot of happy players, in the long run other servers will get SOME of these things as well, but it's never going to be the same again unless they have an office in just about every country. They can only have a LAN tournament because they actually have people working there.
  13. INT8... does anyone remember Asia?
  14. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    To my understanding it is because it is the office/team in Istanbul that is coming up with these things, and so when these ideas are coming to fruition it's taking place there first to check it all out in a limited test setting. This way if something doesn't work or needs re-working it can be done before reaching the global market of the game.

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  15. Isn't that what Test Instance 2 is for? To allow players to test out new content and features before they're released to the game?

    I refuse to accept that the reason for the Turkish server exclusivity is "testing". It makes no sense to test on the largest servers where more people would be affected as opposed to a test server where nothing anyone does matters.
  16. I absolutely agree do it in test server you will get just as much feedback and anyone can do it but not included so many countries and languages is sad you are most likely going to lose new players and even some long time servers who help supply D.O. with its income
  17. ramnik

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    They need an excuse to hold these things on the turkish servers it looks like to me^^
  18. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    As I've said, all this is really just what information we have for you all. Though the test server is generally left open a few hours here & there anymore verses consistent, live use of a new 'item' or event. Not everything always crops up in a closed testing environment, and I think some of what they're doing on the Turkish servers first is meant to be that live test/experiment to see how it all really fits in the grand scheme of things.

  19. I was just reading through the posts and found yours, your correct bigpoint is making their money from there, but as you said most the u.s. east servers are dead and only have a few players left ( me being one of them ) but they haven't given us a opportunity to grow they always give us the same events, stuff we have to pay for access and nothing new, if they were smart they could increase sales by adding new maps events ships ect..... but no they just leave us in the dark maybe throwing a new event in once a year and then we don't see it again. All im saying is they aren't giving us a chance to grow they basically just gave up on us its sad and disappointing but hey if bigpoint wants to ignore some of their active players fine but all they are doing is upsetting people and causing them to quit decreasing profit

    #Keep this thread alive its out only hope
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  20. It seems to me.. that Todays Executive in the Gaming Community perhaps thinks that Business is a GAME as well..

    Dispite the Repeated CALLs by BigPoint's Customer Base..

    This Base is not on a Map..
    Its a DataPool.. without Floation Devices. All the Voices and comments seem to be Falling on the Ears of Children.. perhaps a Mature Person should be Heading up the Customer Service Department and the BigPoint CEO.. needs to Listen, not take Notes.. but ACT on Sound Business Advice..

    Many Mature Players continue to log in.. however too many have just Stopped Playin.. wonder why.
    This " We DO-nut Care about what Our Paying or Playing Customers Want. " Attitude Ain't Workin..

    Letting those "Banned for Botting" Return to the Game, caused an Exodus of so many paying Players that had been Hanging on to see "IF" the Children in the Boardroom Game would stop Playing, "We are gonna DO this Our Way", Long enough to " Smell the Roses " just to add Insult to injury they "Upgraded Forums" instead of Fixing the Lag, which us "Old Timers" understand.. happens to me everytime I forget where I put my Coffee Mug..
    Letting Admins own Top Accounts, build ships that are NOT being monitored.. Because these Same Admin.. Know the HOUR when any Game Sniffing DogPound patrol ( Script Checking ) is to be Run..
    We call this the ' OSama Bean Ladin Effect" He knew the HOUR, the "Spy Satilites" were gonna be Passing overhead, because He was Trained by the CIA..

    So much "Corruption", "Favortizim" and "Blind eye Turning" that it has left a BadTaste in many Mature Peoples mouths..

    Testing on the Turkish Servers makes perfect sence.. it is the Most Populated.. therefore a Good Test Base for New Content, and they most likely DO-nut Complain as much as many "Mambi-Pambi" Westerners or Europeaners ..

    BigPoint is a Business..
    They have to make money to pay wages, and purchase new and Better Technolgy.
    Granted.. Not taking Sides.. cause they will just "REMOVE" it from this post..

    just some Food for thought.. like eating GummyBears with Serrano Chilis.. o_O

    "You Cant please ALL the People ALL the time".. Benny Franklin said that..
    BigPoint DO-nut have to Please Ya neither, as long as you DO-nut Purchase Uridium, ΜΞĠΛ♠ĦÙЯ╫ʐ said that..:confused:
    and if you DO-nut Invest at least $500 USD per week .. They will Still Take your money, and "Remorse" will be knocking at your BackDoor.
    Our Favorite SpaceGame is a low tech, fun to play, Social Network where Spellchecking and ChatBanns are Commonplace, Our feelings are not to be takin into the Equation.. its a numbers game, those that log in are counted, those that make Purchases are Valuable Customers, those that are "BigSpenders" are Given Special treatment.. just like in Life..

    "The Golden Rule".. the Rest of us, have to Buy our own Rags n Metal Polish to keep em Happy. :(

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