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  1. Your posts are always inspiring me, really :D
  2. Has Anyone tried to post this on the Turkish server yet? If not ill be the first;), considering how active their servers are im sure plenty of people will be on their forum ide love to see how they react to it. :p
  3. So Solid I guess what your saying, the DO teams in the US and Europe are sitting on their azz's letting the game go down hill
    while the DO teams in Turkey are putting in work. Creating new game Ideas and a better gaming experience for their playerso_O
    Hmm we do have teams in the US and Europe right?
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  4. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    No point anyone giving Solid_Eye or any mods a hard time over this, their situation is almost the same as ours, they are not being told much about it and imagine a few of them will be feeling the same way we are about it all.
    Obviously I can't speak for the EN team but having spoken to other teams about it, they get told virtually nothing in terms of this, many of them only found out when this post was translated and posted on their own forums by other users. So often when they find out something TR exclusive is happening its when we find out as well.

    If I am to play devils advocate right now I think I can say why all this TR exclusivity is being done:

    German dev team is probably working on 3D mode and downloadable client as their two main projects, this takes up a lot of their time and resources. They do not want the game to stagnate in terms of new content so they decide they need a new team.
    A new team is made in Istanbul since Turkey is the fastest growing user-base and BP is pushing for expansion into Asian market. I think the TR dev team is smaller and so is only given the TR servers to work with, as a result all the new features they make only go to the TR servers and then if they are successful the German dev team takes the already finished product and brings it onto all the server - this part I think we have all gathered this at this point.

    So at this point they are thinking that they are doing us a favour, they have Turkish users play test features and give feedback and then we get the finished product, all whilst major changes such as 3D and download client continue to be worked on.
    So I think if you look at it from their point of view, you can understand why they think it was a good idea to do give TR servers their own dev team.

    However the reason it sucks is that communication from the dev team is horrible, by far the worst of any game I have played, they keep users in the dark and sounds like the mods are much better off either. This entire thing would have been a non-issue if darkorbit said months ago, "We are making a new dev team, they will do x, y and z while we in Germany continue to work on other stuff (chuck in a teaser image for bonus points)."
    Instead it was never told to us so when we find out we think that there was a reason they kept it secret and it will screw us over. Only then did the dev team react and send out the pretty awful OA excuse in an attempt to shut up the players without explaining anything. They know players are unhappy with it, this thread was spread into many different forums and still gets reposted in other languages, yet the dev team do not explain themselves or attempt to help us understand their thought process.

    At the end of the day we are all still waiting for questions to be answered by people who never speak.
  5. Thanks for this owning, my hunch is they invested alot in getting servers/offices/staff up and running over there only to find that they didnt get the return they expected and instead got scammed/hacked/coded etc. To make it worth their while and to stop them scamming they made them better offers than they give us because they know we have the money and arent so inclined to rip BP off.

    Ive played a few different games, turks are always there and always exploiting/hacking etc. Think about it, why would hey treat them any different? Because the turkish community are mostly scammers/hackers and coders, FACT. Anyone not agree with what i stated then prove me wrong, would also be interesting to see the returns and amount of accounts associated with hacking/botting from turkey.

    Another game i used to play was rife with turkish hackers, they are relentless and do not care about rules spamming turkish crap everywhere despite warnings, exactly like they do in DO chat. Only be a matter of time before they pull the plug once they make their money back.

    Would also be interesting to see how long turkish servers have been online compared to western servers and how long it took them to give them these ridiculous offers. Africa does not have a server because there is no point, BP will lose money, turkey has to get special treatment to stop nasty turkish players getting lots of freebies.

    Trust me if we started hacking/exploiting/coding/bugging like they do we'd be getting the same treatment.
  6. I'm not sure if you're referring to my post or not, but I'd like to say to Solid_Eye that I didn't intended to come across as callous in my post. I just wanted to express my opinion on the matter.
  7. We definitely all have our own theories concerning the inner workings of Bigpoint. I think Okapi hit the nail on the head.

    In terms of EN team I don't actually feel as if we've got proper Community Management (in terms of how we did with RickDeckard). We have no one that properly feeds back to the developers and acts as a bridge between us and the developers. I've worked with some companies before for gaming and IM and they will usually have some sort of Manager of the whole Community who will go to meetings and say "This is what the user base is saying, this is what they want" etc etc. Feels like we have no one that fills this role.
  8. I can't Speak for Everyone..
    that Voices their OPinion or Concern..
    Forums has a few Readers.. but Far many less Poster Children or Adults, for that Fact..

    Ive Bean Skinned and Thrown a Few Bones in my Day, but This is the Game I continue to Return to, I enjoy the Peeps I play with on my Server, I sorely miss the Friends that have Quit the Game.

    But I'm a SyFyFreak.. even If I only Box at midnight while eating popcorn.. We live in an Age where the Gaming Competion is Fierce, many Games with 3D backgrounds, 38.75Billion Color pixels, Free RootBeer Float Wednesdays... opps sorry that was the Special at the Old Folks home today.. :rolleyes:

    What Im trying to say is.. BigPoint I suspect is havin a Hard time trying to Swallow " HumblePie " and Pride shouldn't Stop em from Askin Fer HELP.. from it's Loyal Customers Base.. whether it be in 1-1 or 2-1 or 3-1..

    We enjoy the GaME as We Imagine it ... May someday Develop into.. I'm laughin my *** off cause my Buddies give me a hard time when I invite em to Play " ParkOrbit - ReBoot every 30 mins " when there are so many other GAMEs to Play..

    They Hate this Game, so Low Tech they say.. Damn I'll never finish that Quest of having my Friends play to level 10..

    o_O <== hands over Credit card info for another Mega"Happy Hour":p Purchase.. Burp.. opps :rolleyes:
  9. well, if this is the case, then DO has completely given up on the rest of the players.
  10. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    No, the team in Germany is still working on the game, fixing and refining current things and working on things towards the future. What that is though I couldn't really say, the best I could do is point you towards the Dev Blogs & Producer's Dialogs for that.

    We do understand there's things that upset the community, and we just so happen to be the ones you all really get to see. I just want to say thank you as I (and others too I think) appreciate it. I know there's a few other posts in here with similar sentiments and I hope those of you will forgive me not highlighting all of them, but I do truly appreciate it all the same :)

    I know this may well come back to us [mods] not being the dev team, but we do regularly send up what the concerns are, what's being said and what is wanted. We may not be at the meetings, but we are sending it so that people who are can bring these things to the table.

  11. Thanks Solid_Eye..

    Before you get to the Table..
    I wood like to Place an Order.. " Kibble N Bits " for my GF..
    :confused: the Pretty one with the Chihuhhua Head.. :rolleyes: ==> See the Movie if you DO-nut Get it.

    So Eye wood like to Start Accepting Nominations for "Whole Community Manager" someone that has the Skinny on the Forum Community and has the Skills to Navigate the Corporate Structure to make a Statement to the Developers on Behalf of the Players..

    We have a Legitmate Reason for wanting to know.. some days many of us spend more time on this game than the 8 hour or Less .. BigPoint Exectives spend on their JOBS..

    I would like to Suggest We try to figure out For BigPoint.. ==> What BigPoint should Be DO-ing to Increase the New Player count.. or Bring Back those that have Left..

    Every once in awhile I get an Email from BigPoint asking Why I haven't Logged into the Game.. DO a survey and I get Sucked back into Loggin .. anyone GOT a Thought on this..

    click.. brr-aak Ak AK ak AK.. Perminately Remove ALL those X-Botters Ban their IPs.. Perminately Remove ANY Cheaters.. Increase the Probabilites of the Galaxy Gates, Put more Uri in those Boxes.. Pass out a few more Lf-4s, hardly anyone on anyways.. Return the Low Gate the Way it Was.. Limit the ReDO amount..

    " Thanks For Removing the AMMO Cap "
    New Players have it too easy as compared to when many of us Started, but Gaming Competion for members is a Tough Battle.

    GI Joe says " Knowing is Half the Battle "

    BigPoint.. now YOU Know..o_O
  12. I think no one should place any anger towards the mods. The anger should be focused on the devs and the owners of DO since they are the ones that select what servers benefit from these entitlements
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  13. so where do we do that?
  14. I can honestly say I feel like none of our issues we present in the forum matter to anyone from Bigpoint.

    EDIT: And that's the type of of feedback you should be giving the higher ups. We as a player base have no rapport with Bigpoint as a company simply because any type of community figure is absent.
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  15. Sorry Ghost but I believe DO put mods In the position their in to be the absorbers of anger. The communication MODs have
    with the higher ups is maybe a shade better than ours. I think they need to get fired up too.

    The way I see it whoever decides they won't the job should expect to bear the full brunt off whatever. The People we have
    left are not happy right now and for some good reasons.
  16. that's soo unfair the mods volunteer to help make dark orbit a more enjoyable game in no way should they be of blame or take on our wrath, Dark orbit didn't "Place them there" the volunteered to help us
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  17. Your right Ultra but thats how DO/BP flies their ship. Because regardless of how mild mannered you are when you get mad or feel
    like your not being treated fairly it's usually taken out on a mod or someone that really cant help you but try to calm you down.
    Then send you to support.

    If DO didn't place them here and in other places then who did. The community sure didn't vote them in. Sorry Ultra, but this is the reality
    of the situation. I sure most If not all MOD's know this. Its part of their job.
  18. If we look at those that have Left us and what they said to us In Chat/whispers or Clan Messages.. Yeah .. I feel that way too..

    I know.. I'm a Jerk and Give the MODs.. a Really Ruff time..
    R-rr-r-rr Boww Woww.. Woff .. woof :mad: Grr-rr-rrr
    and I must Confess.. I'm So so Envyeous of them ALL..

    I Deeply Appreciate their Dedication to ALL of Us Fans.. They Blow a few of us into.. "Bannishment Map" when we get out of Hand..

    But take their side.. :(
    They are Just as Frustrated because after all.. :eek:

    They aint makin any Money from their Time.. whom of US, Wood take that This abuse and return the next Day and DO it some more..
    sure there are some Perks.. ;)

    But, They are NOT to Blame for what the CEO and Other Department Heads DO to DO.. :mad::mad:

    If you See a DarkOrbit Admin, SMod or a Chat MOD on the Freeway.. Give em a Brake.. o_O
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  19. Yeah, they volunteer. But if I volunteered to help a site like this then witness the lack of regard shown by my superiors I would quit. If all the mods quit right now BP would two choices, close the forums or police the forums themselves. If that were to happen I honestly believe those who call the shots here would close the forums before they allowed themselves to be semi-transparent.

    But of course the mods will continue to volunteer and we'll never see if that would be true or not.
  20. Are you still pushing for the Pusat to be released to everyone else? Or is it still under testing?`

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