your game is borken constantly!!

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by DEXTER-MORGAN, Aug 20, 2023.

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  1. cant log in today at all!
    when i purchase premium, advantage pack, box doubler, 50% boosters then i expect to be able to play this game!!
    i feel like I'm been taken for a mug here as i give this company money and then i cant even play the game because i cant log in!!
    nothing on the forum to even acknowledge the problems, forum is totally dead.
    a 24 hour booster obviously lasts for 24 hours and 12 of those hours have none elapsed with me not being able to even get into your game!!!
    i hope there is going to be compensation for this otherwise i have been scammed yet again by this company.
  2. I am still using compensation from last time and still can't login, what's the sense in giving compensation when we still can't login?
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  3. Cant load game page , when pages does load takes 10 min to do so , cant even load game page
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  4. since 2 days cant play always connection to server lost , hope DO can fixe all probleme soon .
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  5. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Had the same issue this morning at 9 am server time us server. Couldn't connect to server. It's no wonder with all the bots that have appeared in the last 2 weeks.
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  6. Waaugh

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    Cant even see the Hitac through the choo choo ships that swarm it.
    Gave up went to another game
  7. Star*Fire

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    8/24/20039 us server at 9:40 am couldn't login do to server " no connection". When it did partly load i was able to pick a server and then it loaded. But for awhile couldn't find server was the message.

    nevermind that got me into the back pages but no farther. Can't get past the game loggin. only loads about 1/3 of the way, then stops. How long this been going on for? About a month for the big loggin issues and years if you look back at all the others that were never addressed.
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  8. our game is constantly under attack ,they are working round the clock i dont believe any of this i played for over 14 years ,we were promised so many things with the new client ...i dont dout they are trying but with other games on the server they run isnt helping .i suggest to them shut down the entire server clean the cahche as they all ways tell us update the system or reboot it ...and stop changing stuff everytime they do somethink goes wrong ...why do the bots in game still get to play earn loads uri while the honest suffer its disgusting.....i love the game when it works i love event if i can ever get to log in with out lag or a bot getting in the way on bigpoint sort it out once and for all pls .ps who will spend with these issues no 1 is your answer rebuild wat u had and stop making excuses .
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  9. Grandpa_II

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    there is over 500 players on line and we cant log in. thats kinda sketchy been trying all day and nothing. ever since the botters came out the game been going to the dump so need to start banning the botters for real this time.
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  10. Looks like fixed for now, but I wonder about compensation. As they haven't released voucher code yet, I dare to hope it's because they prepare a big one. Centurion ship with full LF-4 would be welcome, no?
  11. Disugusting game and developers!!
    For years now same problems persist:
    - They did nothing improving or changing graphics 10 years.
    - Botters are worst and they keep them cause profit,
    instead turning off bots to make the game competitive and ranking system real once again!!!
    - Taking money from players and cant even fix the server status problem to let people play when they invest money during events!!!
    - Alot players stuck at loading page and cant even start the game.
    Should be sued for this behaviour, ignoring players thread, not fixing any problems or finding solutions.
    Obviously too many things are wrong.
    Not a single person listens or DOES something about it!
    I regret the day I logged in and started to play this game.
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  12. PacificNW

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    compensation - give us all a few mil uri
  13. **silver**

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    is a botters game.....honest players are junk,for >DO always problems connection,only the botters don't have!!!! SHAME!!!
  14. #1 JUST TURN IT OFF!!
    #3 TURN BACK ON!!
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  15. Hey guys,
    the game is still broken. What the hell is going on. Get your work done and dont waste my time.
  16. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    knew it was too good to be true, got on 2 days in a row. but not today 8/27/2023 9:10 us server time cann't get past back pages, game page will not load.
  17. Fix YOUR GAME, returning players quit on their first DAY because of this.
  18. well it the game worked really good durring mega time and after went to you know where hehehee sketchie sketchie
  19. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    come on DO.

    No more EVENTS till you get the basic fixed.

    we'd all like to be able to just play the game.

    shut all the events down and let's see how things go.

  20. ... Pathetic.