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  1. Thank you +1
  2. Again, if you had a second to look further into the issue, you would notice I said it was a typo. So please don't spew verbal nonsense out, and don't lie on the forums. It just makes you look DUMB.

    EDIT: Your math is wrong too. 350 spins per half hour is 10,500 palladium per hour. Or 175 per minute.
  3. I don't pally infant I never pally!! This is because I actually cube and get about 10k uridium very fast and also I can get rank points from this and I put the uridium on my gates so for the people like me they would just use te Skylab to get more easy free spins so I think your not a person to judge people either.
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  4. pretty much the same on gb2 everyone either does cubes or bks
  5. Yep too right but it's hard to cube for me when there is war with the no.1 clan always in that map -_- :p
  6. hahaha either way free spins would be nice but thats the reason it wont be added because people on our server and many other servers dont need it
  7. Yeh free spins for people would just be rediculos because there is already pally where you have to earn your free spins but I don't like the idea of getting free spins for stirring around and waiting a few hours and the getting them and you haven't deserved it. In a way it's like sending free uridium for doing nothing everyday. Just dosent seem right!
  8. again this is why they wont do it because they hardly ever give you free stuff
  9. Yeh I mean why would you anyway because you will have to actually work hard in the game to achieve things and not sit back and be lazy :p
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  10. Well for starters you said typo after i posted my post, and second my calculator messed up i put in 150 somehow

    Lazy people just keep on flooding tis Thread, you and I are just like Go Away!
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  11. Yeh it also do sent help if you double post so don't do it because your not really to do that.
  12. In that case, we are both wrong and right. I apologize for implying you were stupid.
  13. chixonator

    chixonator User

    absolutely do it..
  14. Same here for implying you were Stupid :) <3

    Building Gates doesn't take me 1500-200 GG Spins, Look at this thread and look at the numbers i use to fill up gates (Results may vary by 100-200 Spins)
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  15. Collecting Palladium should always be a risky business, since it is very effective way already for a free player to advance in the game, and by making advancing even easier. So a big no from me..
  16. Same i dont like this idea also. The whole point for pally is to help out free players and if they put the pally in skylab people wont go and pally. The only people who want this is the people who get popped in pally, but this is a PvP game and you have to die to get better.
  17. but wat about the players that use $ , to get stronger they dont die.

    and to most of you guys who say that it wil make players lazy. then how about it makes just 750 pally thats just 50 gg a day . thats just 350 spins a week , 700 spins in 2 weeks . lets be honest 700 spins in 2 weeks WONT/ WILL NOT give u a gate ( ok maybe a alpha and a hades gate) a.d as u can c most noobs (me) only do zeta's.

    and yea you guys that want wat ur money's worth rigth, well this a pretty good idea it wil help noobs get strong but t the same not strong to fast nor to slow , witch mean more noobs wil start playing and keep playing for you guys to pop , witch mean more fun for you guys.

    and u guys dont have to worry about anything, cuz there wil always be a GAP between wallet warriors and free player always (and by wallet warior i mean spending olmost on every MHH)

    but now since the lf4 and upgrades and the 2 new drones came out , that gap became TO BIG.
    its been driving the noobs away.
    i mean come on wats the point on playing any further when u cant even out run a UFE or stand to figth him (even tho u kno the odds are WAYY!! against you). specialy for new players that are just starting to play DO for the very first time. so yea they wil just stop playing the game as they can c that there is noway for them to get stronger in this game. so to keep them in game lets just give them just this.

    most maps are already most of the time empty, do u want all the maps to be empty ?? even the 5-3 map??? ok then sure , go play a game where u have spent like olmost 1k$ that u could have used for something better , to find no 1 to pop or to figth. GO ahead and play a empty game with a server that has no players that play it, then by some time u wil get bored and regret u have spent so much $ on just a game.

    and NEWS FASH even tho paladium will be added to skylab players WILL STIL GO TO 5-3 , i mean come on 350 spins a week is much , it WONT make NO 1 lazy . lol i can c it now, a noob that wants to get stronger as fast as possible without using $ , just waiting for skylab paladium for like 4 weeks (4weeksx350 spins = 1400 spins)(1 month) just to do ONLY 1 zeta gate .lol THAT rigth there is being lazy. and lmao i cant stop laughing omg lol and not most of the time 1400 isn't even a zeta lmao it wil take him another 2 weeks to get some extra spins to get thos last parts, and worst is if hes a noob with lots of bad luck lmao another week or 2 ( yea i now im a crazy person but idc)
    so yea , i think i said enough why ppl wont get lazy

    OR A BETTER IDEA for DO is to chance the pally price from 15:1 to 10:1 and even that u guys wont accept .
    LOL u guys want to go raid and POP lots of players but u guys just dont want to give the players that u want to pop a chance to play the game , lol making them leav DO wicth leaves u guys with over 1 mil sepped lazers and ammo and boosters just for noting. wel good luck to you all then

    oh yea 1 last thing . lol yup i also got poped alot out 5-3 but i stil got my spins in the end , wel im lucky i started playing the game just before the big u[dates came out ( so i was about half fe already ate that time ) u kno just 2-4 ireses with 10 lf3's u kno rigth.

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  18. Everyone has died before -_- No matter how much money you put on the game there will always be a limit to how strong you can get.
  19. Agreed, what that long and hard to read post was stating was simply that the gap between free players and UFE is too large. And I agree. At the rate of one gate a week, it would take you around 3/4ths of a year to get full reds, an additional 7/8ths of a year to get full blues, and another two years to get full LF-4's. All in the pally maps. I don't know about you, but I can't spend three and a half years in one single map to obtain the ability to compete for free. Sorry, ain't happening. I've got better things to do with my time. I'll gladly spend on the game for gates, and I do, but that's not my point. I'm arguing for the little guy that can't shell out 100$ a week because he has to make ends meet.
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