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  1. Just logged in. Wanted to check assembly and 5 secs later seize. Grrrrrrrrr Please, please lets get it fixed it's been going on long enough.
  2. I noticed when i open assembly while in a hanger it freezes both main page and back page almost as soon as i open it, but if i am in an event gate or in a map not at a portal i can use it how I like and no freezing I think it's just when I am in the hanger.
  3. I did notice the freeze happened once while in the iceterion gate.
  4. Yes, takes a little bit more time to riffle back page, dont know whats going on but thats fact, and auction, when yoy used to klik, it was right there, now you have time to wonder after the bet if it even works, and dont be so quickly when you rise price, i got message middle of auction " are you a robot " then was captcha, and then auction was closed cos times up? What kind of auction is this? The purpose of the auction is to raise the price with the opponent, and since the time is given, you have to raise quickly price so you don't lose!
  5. this bug is since 2018 -2019
    can't be fixed
  6. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello @~samohen~(success) ,

    This is a long running issue, unfortunately as before there are no further updates on a fix for this. If you have debug information, I can add it to the existing bug report (debug information = server, time, assembly tab, assembly item highlighted, action that froze, etc - the more info about what you were clicking / doing in the assembly the better).

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