Astral Ascension Bug

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by mangotooo, Jul 2, 2022.

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  1. mangotooo

    mangotooo User

    Hello i didnt get any points from Astral Ascension and since Wednesday they says will be some compensation but they didnt fix the portal yet :? so whats next wait to event finished without even take place in second stage ?
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  2. for a new rating, you need to open new gates
    after the start of the new rating
  3. mangotooo

    mangotooo User

    Thats not true my friend also has the same keep going in the second stage point with the old portal and for me is nothing since the start no points added to my score strange because im sure that they are more people like that and bugpoint dont want to do something they says 3 Cpus per person 2000 astralite also and nothing event almost finished smart people :)
  4. Funny I started second part of the event with a new gate and according to my score I should be number 1 but none of the score have moved and I am in wave 42/45 and I have no points in the rankings.

    So what your saying is if I opened the gate before the event started so I can have my rewards from the BP even if I haven't started the gate yet that's why I have no score(if that's the case it's time for me to quit DO for good this time) Cheers to players Suck It to the DEVO,s
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  5. you need to activate the processor after the rating appears, approximately 10 hours after the start of the day
    same as BL rating
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