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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by SirThrills, Jun 22, 2022.

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  1. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots, please post your constructive feedback regarding the new Astral Ascension content here.
  2. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    We don't want it but you don't read so well!
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  3. @jayherbo who is this "we". Forum people which make up a very small amount of the player base? or we as in the community? cuz I'm a big boy i can speak for myself. instead of We, try I. People talking that for higher end players its a bit dull and not really exciting vs rewards pay out but it seems fair to new players. don't kill the messenger, admins don't make the game the just pass on the info they are given.
  4. earljr13

    earljr13 User

    From a technical standpoint, I find the event really interesting. There is one major problem I have with the event gate: lasers, generators, and modules reset if you return to X-1 maps. Ammo persists though. I have seen others in the chat mention it to. My hope is this is a bug instead of a "feature". As-is, the gate is very slow and tedious, and resetting the damage you do if you want to take a break from a 100+ wave gate is asking for very unhealthy play sessions spanning many hours without breaks more than a few minutes. I have gotten some decent progress with the waves, and I am at the point of accepting defeat and hoping that it gets resolved because I just can't keep taking on the increasingly stronger enemies with only 2K damage after I take a break.
  5. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Why not enough ammo rifts.
    Got to rift 27 and ran out of ammo with no ammo rifts offered.

    Done. Was nothing more than a rigged event to make you waste uri.
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  6. Ammo rifts are way too rare
  7. Well this is great killed myself off cause i made a mistake and didn't know i was taking equipment off by saving it and now every time i login it shows me dying off but nothing else happens, cleared cache logged in and back in the gate dying off again good god it's time to quit this game nothing ever works right always waiting for whoever to wake up!!!!!
  8. Excessive

    Excessive User

    So just curious, could this event be changed so those who don't bot relentlessly and have millions of uri and unlimited permits are the only ones who can craft a single cpu for this event?
    Used the only 4 permits I had on RO5's, got 72 polychromium - need 1,000 for a single cpu..
    10k uri + rare permit for 18 polychromium, no value there.

    Guess no battlepass or event for me.
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  9. `Djurkz`

    `Djurkz` User

    Crazy game, I am waiting an ammo supply but nothing came, how could I clear in every rifts if I can`t shoot? or darkorbit just making fun of this event?... we don`t have a practice target here and drained ammo for nothing... :mad:
  10. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Can't find delete Polychromium button/option?
  11. The event isnt even in beta yet it was released and is full of bugs. We are expecting a compensation for all these bugs and downtime
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  12. Grind69

    Grind69 User

    was in gate and got 90 sec warning of down time if lost gate not gonna be happy cost 1000 that new stuff
  13. Excessive

    Excessive User

    spent another 120k uri on RO2's trying to get permits and polychromium.
    Got 1 permit for my troubles.

    Guess this event isn't for everyone.
  14. plamN2

    plamN2 User

    Crazy thing is this event no ammunition does not give me, at the moment I have only missiles without laser ammunition, I can stretch a picture, and what to do now without ammunition !? I mainly watch for ammunition and accept them, but it's just not there. What is the meaning of this event, when you are limited by the moderators themselves who made the same event?!?!
  15. Hello, Mr. BOARD ADMINISTRATOR, before deleting my messages with a negative opinion about the quality of the launched event, remember that if I had not been there at that moment, most people would have exhausted their resources for absolutely nothing, because of your misleading or rather missing information about the event.
    As you can already see, things have happened to a lot of players, this includes me. And although most of the descriptions given in my posts are about bugs, you still deleted them, and some you even fixed "in step" even after all-day restarts.
    This is once again not the first time your attitude has been like this, and several times you have even called me a liar.

    And now you publish this:
    Hello space pilots,

    There is a problem with our Astral Ascension content update:

    For Bounty Gates displaying different text / icons: this problem occurs when you fly out of the gates and then fly back to the gates.

    This is a known bug and our developers are already looking at it. The Bounty Gate icons must be correct, so you can refer to the icons for reference until the error is cleared.

    We apologize for the inconvenience!

    Your DarkOrbit team

    !!! We are all waiting for compensation in the form of a voucher !!!
    including resources for building a new portal

    ! in fact, I was influenced by this bug to reach 0 ammunition and 1400 R-310 missiles
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  16. oTiKio

    oTiKio User

    So what happens now with the players who lost there gates and did there gate with 50k amo now you change it to 500k and fix the bugs do we get compensation or we are sacrifice lambs ??
  17. Dragonxs

    Dragonxs User

    with one life for gate and how much it is to make the gate these freezers in game need to be fixed nothing is stopping it so can you give 3 lifes with each gate or fix it please

    When you enter the portal and if you do not know that you have to equip the ship you have chosen you will not be able to shoot and yet for some reason NPCs die as if you shoot them with invisible missiles and lasers this may be done intentionally so as not to feel stupid if you die from the first wave and the portal is ultra expensive to lose. (my be is not a bug)
    The way you equip it is, to put it mildly, ridiculous, and if you don't pay attention to what you're doing a few times, you may still be unequipped. Look at the numbers of the equipped items on the top left, if it shows 5/15, then you have equipped 5 shields, for example, out of 15 possible ... etc. with modules and lasers.
    In my case I did not know about the initial equipment of the ship and the first wave was killed as described above, after passing and and choosing a prize in this case was a laser I noticed that my damage is quite large for X1 lasers, and that I actually play with THE STANDARD ship ORKUS with full HP and full damage to the moth formation. In the beginning, my choice of ship was PUSAT, which is obviously even different, I mean visually.
    This may be reason enough to consider it a bug. In my case (i think that was on wave after 2nd boss)I went out on an X-1 map and when I re-entered things were different a little HP no damage as for PUSAT with 5 lasers and X1 ammunition. Whether it is possible to pass the whole portal with this bug in a matter of time to understand and whether it is exploited of course.

    HP bug

    During the runout you lose your HP but if you pass a wave with a boss it returns part of your HP or as described 50%, the other option is to switch to "RIF" with HP remember this.
    What exactly is the BUG?
    If you switch to X1 with full HP, and your standard ship is as in my case it was 40k HP, then returning inside the portal resets your HP with that of the ship that is outside the portal. This glitch is from the existence of different hangars and the possibility to you change ships on the spot as players do on standard maps.
    Or more precisely when you change from a ship with less HP to a ship with a larger one, the latter has the same HP as the previous one and in the so-called event is the same picture, although you are corrected in any way if you go on X1 map and your ship has less HP, so you're stuck.

    During this HP bug my shield not responding and not recharging to the time i complete a few waves and exactly boss wave was the last then shield is "pop up" again

    P.E.T-10 BUG

    I almost forgot about this one :)
    don't forget to turn off the PET before entering even though it is disabled in the portal, it is practically invisible and steals your fuel in vain or until it runs out, this bug is also present on standard maps known as invisible PET

    QUESTION (updated)
    My ship is ORCUS in the game when I am in the portal I can use his skill although inside the portal my choice is PUSSAT is this a intentional or each player can choose inside with what skill to play for example with SOLACE, SOLARIS, DEMINISHER, or on better with the CITADEL +.
    Any ship with more skills is welcome in battle.
    It tempts me to ask if my PET has an active DMG and HP beacon if it will be active inside the portal after it takes my fuel, and if I can use the PET quick buttons, and if I can enter infected for more damage?


    There is no confirmation button when you have selected a prize module !!! Click once and for all, that's stupid! just take a good look before you click on the module of your choice there is no going back even if you change your mind later.
    It will be much better if it has a confirmation button and you can change your decision when choosing a module, as well as for other equipment ...

    In practice, the runout of the portal can not be built or based on the absolutely random giving of ammunition and their quantity and strength, and as is already clear with the choice bug, which is no choice in practice, the game determines a reward despite your choice. EXCEPTIONAL MINUS
    !!! TO the PLAYERS apologise
    I'm sorry guys, but I had enough strength and I ran out of ammunition at about 25 wave whatever my only choice was ammuniton.


    I hope you are prepared for this, Mr BOARD ADMINISTRATOR please don't chase me
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  19. What kind of rip-off event is BP trying to pull here, I asked the question but never got an answer till I did the event gate.
    Well here it is while your in the gate did you all know BP is using up all our boosters here is the real kicker you don't get to use any of them while your in the gate Honor,xp,cooldown,hp,shields,repair,repairshields, are all getting used for nothing Also it cost to buy the boosters again and no uri rewards from the gate. This is pathetic they can do this BP thinking we all bot and have lots of uri we have nothing to spend it on.
  20. AVIT

    AVIT User

    i like it ..its quite fun .but i always have loved gates .
    i do agree with the last poster ,if your boosters do nothing in this gate and are counting down ,thats BAD ..i would have thought that any boosters you have on your main ship should not count in this gate ,so the remaining time is not affected .
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