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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Runtime : 19.07 – 31.07

    • 11 new missions per faction
    • New rankings
    • An overview of the Influence points per faction
    • Individual Influence points per participant
    • Five new achievements
    • Special rewards for top players (1x 1st place, 9x 2nd place, 89x 3rd place) per server
    • Faction bonuses depending on their standing for one week after the end of the event.

    Influence points

    For every of the following actions, the players should be getting

    ActionNumber of Points
    Enemy faction player kills
    Alpha Gates win
    Beta Gates win
    Gamma Gates win
    Delta Gates win
    Epsilon Gates win
    Zeta Gates win
    Kappa Gates win
    Lambda Gates win
    Kronos Gates win
    Hades Gates win
    TDM wins per match
    Sector Control wins per match
    Capture the beacon wins per point
    New rankings

    There will be two new ranking pages for this event:
    • The Global ranking - showing all participants in the event with min. 1 influence point.
    • The Personal influence page showing the players’ current influence information.
    Faction rewards

    Every faction will receive faction-wide rewards:
    • Depending on the total number of influence points every faction gets up to 15% more honor and experience.
    • Additionally the winning faction will get 10% more for selling ore and 10% more bonus box content.
    These bonuses would come into effect at 00:00 on the first day after the event and expire at 23:59h on the 7th day after the event (13th June 2017 0:00h – 20th of June 2017 23:59h LST).

    These bonuses stack with all other faction-wide bonuses, which may come into effect during that period.

    Personal Rewards

    The first hundred players, who perform exceptionally well for their faction, would receive a special package, which will be booked automatically as additional login bonus at the end of the event.

    There will be three tiers of packages, according to the player's position in the rankings:
    • The #1 player on the instance would get the following package:
      • 1 month of Premium
      • 480 Kyhalon / 900 Tetrathrin
      • 20 Booty Keys
      • 250 Extra Energy
    • Players #2-10 on the instance would get the following package:
      • 1 month of Premium
      • 240 Kyhalon / 450 Tetrathrin
      • 10 Booty Keys
      • 150 Extra Energy
    • Players #11-100 on the instance would get the following package
      • 100 Kyhalon / 200 Tetrathrin
      • 50 Extra Energy
    New missions

    For each day of the event we have created a new mission that needs to be finished on the day when it is available. Plus there is one Epic Mission that will be available from day one and needs to be finished by the end of the event.

    The missions should appear in the event category.

    The event missions will also be recurring.

    Achievement nameTitleConditionPointsColor
    Shared ValuesInfluence points: 2,5005Bronze
    Fearless LeaderFearless leaderInfluence points: 10,00010Silver
    TrendsetterTrendsetterInfluence points: 20,00020Gold
    Mover and ShakerMover and ShakerAccomplish all the event quests15Gold
    A living legendLiving LegendAccomplish all the previous20Gold

    To make players interested in the event, we will be using the following assets:
    • Corporate propaganda posters will be active during the event.
    • Corporate victory banners will be active for a week after the event.
    • The Influence score will be shown in the news like in the original event.
    • The Character speeches will be linked in the news.
    Special items

    The following items will be available in the Uridium shop for the duration of the event:
    • Faction fireworks
    • Faction ship designs
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