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    ASTRAEA User

    Skylab is the in game Ore production feature.
    There are many possibilities and positive uses for the Skylab.

    Lets get started....
    Please go to your home page and locate the Icon Named Skylab.
    (as shown below)


    First I'll go through the main things you will need to get the best out of the Skylab.
    The skylab 6 basic functions areas. (as shown below)


    1. Basic Module:

    2. Solar Module:

    3. Transport Module:

    4. Storage Module:

    5. Collectors:

    6: Refineries:

    Each of these areas have a specific function, and when worked properly
    will help your Skylab grow and produce.

    1 - Basic Module
    This module is a must have to upgrade other modules.
    You cannot upgrade any module above the level of the Basic Module.

    As see in this picture below, you can see it is a level 1,
    this means you cannot upgrade any module above level 1.
    When you click to open the Module it has 2 Tabs, Info & Upgrade.
    Info: Shows you each level of the other modules.
    Upgrade: This is where you use the Ores provided to upgrade this Module.
    The higher the Basic Module, the higher you can level the collectors and refineries.
    (as shown below)


    2. Solar Module
    This is the Solar module which is very important to have
    when upgrading other modules.


    This one is currently a Level 1, with currently using 96 Solar power with a limit of 170.
    This means adding all the solar power from all modules equals 170, this will go up after every upgrade of any module.
    The 170 limit is the highest the solar this can hold on this level of module, this means certain modules will not work if you go over the 170 limit.
    Upgrading this will allow a higher Solar Power Limit, meaning you can upgrade more modules.
    So upgrading this Solar Module is important to your other ones running.

    The picture above shows each Energy Consumption for each module you have.

    If the energy is zero this means you either don't have that module or you have turned it off.

    3 - Transport Module
    This picture below shows you how to transport Ore from the lab to your ship.

    First you'll need to enter the amount you wish to transport, this amount
    will vary to the amount of cargo space available for your particular ship.

    The picture shows Ore from the Skylab going to the ship.
    There are 2 methods of sending ore.
    The first is the Instant Send, which will automatically send the ore to the
    ship for a small Processing Fee of 1250 Uridium each time,
    or you can just click Send and wait a certain amount of time till it arrives.

    This also is the only module you cannot upgrade, level 1 is the highest level.
    (as seen above)

    4- Storage Module
    This will allow the limit you can hold to get higher after each upgrade.

    Below shows in the INFO tab, is how much ore production each resources is making, which is in green.
    It also shows what you currently have in white.

    If you do not have any of the Refinery modules active,
    then the Collector modules will be at full production.


    Upgrade Tab:
    The storage module is another important thing to have upgrade and can be done in 2 methods. The first is the Instant build,
    which will automatically upgrade the Storage Module to the next level
    for a small Processing Fee of Uridium .Credits, and Ore. The seocnd method uses the Credits , Ore and time... to allow a manual upgrade to occur.

    5. Collector Modules:
    Prometium Collector
    Endurium Collector
    Terbium Collector

    Main resources
    This picture below shows the 3 main resources you will need to progress
    through the Skylab.
    Theses resources can be used for a few things:
    Upgrade any of the modules higher (also need credits or uridium)
    To produce Prometid & Duranium

    Each New Skylab will come with a preset amount of Ore 105,600 in the 3 main
    collectors Prometium / Endurium / Terbium
    (as shown below)


    6. Refinery Modules:
    Prometid Refinery
    Duranium Refinery
    Promerium Refinery
    Xeno Module
    Seprom Refinery

    These are your higher grade Ores, each of these ores need specific ore combination to create that specific Ore.

    Prometium /Endurium/Terbium make Prometid
    Prometium /Endurium/Terbium/Prometid makes Duranium
    Prometium /Endurium/Terbium/Prometid/Duranium /Xenomit make Promerium
    (as shown below)

    All of the Refineries are upgradeable and the higher the upgrade the faster the useable ore is produced.

    * NOTE *
    The Xenomit Refinery does have to be upgraded...
    as that ore is a necessary part of creating the Promerium and Seprom ores.
    However your useable Xenomit will always be zero.
    The Skylab only produces enough Xenomit for in lab production.
    You cannot send this ore to your ship.​

    Upgrading Modules
    The picture below shows you the upgrading section of the module.


    Here it tells you:
    - How much uridium it costs
    - How many credits it costs
    - How long it takes
    - How much of each primary ore it takes.

    You need to have each of these currently to upgrade, except uridium if you're just upgrading with credits.
    Once you've decided how you'll upgrade simply just click the button.
    After each upgrade it will increase the of price needed, If will also increase how much ore is produce and how fast it is produced.
    So the higher the level the better.

    Each Collector and refinery has an Upgrade tab.

    9 - Producing Ore
    To produce ore is pretty simple, once you've upgraded your modules to level 1+ you can start gaining ore.

    All you have to do is activate the modules.
    (as shown below)


    On the bottom of the Image above, you will see 4 icons.
    Round Circle w/ line- When Red or White your collector is off -
    When Green it is running.
    Click this to turn on and off a module you do or don't want to use.
    While it is turned on, it will produce the Ore you're wanting.

    Blue Bars and # - This is the Level of the Collector or Refinery
    On each upgrade the number will change but the bars stay the same.

    Yellow Lightening Bolt & # -this indicates how much Solar power is needed for this module to be active.

    White Gear - The cogs will shows when the module is active or not.
    when on and active it will show 100%

    The higher the levels the more you produce.
    The above also picture shows how much Ore is needed to produce Ore and how much is being produced, this is same with all the Refinery modules that are actively online.

    Ore amounts and Capacity

    At the top of the Skylab there are numbers under each different type of Ore.
    The top number is the current amount you have ready to use.
    The bottom number in grey is the current capacity limit you can carry in your lab.
    (as shown below)



    Q: Can I send ore collected from my ship to my Skylab?
    A: No, ore cannot be sent to the Skylab. You can only send Ores from the Skylab to your ship.

    Video Tutorial:
    This video was created on the old system,
    however the basic functions are still the same.
    Accept for the sending ore to the ship feature - No longer available.

    Many Thanks To WhiteLazer and \-Sepiroth-/ & Witchway
    for the assistance on this thread

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  2. Malaikat

    Malaikat Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    How to: Skylab upgrades

    You want to upgrade the modules in your Skylab but you aren’t sure about how to proceed? Here are some tips how it could be done:

    First tip: Do not upgrade all modules without a system. If you’re doing it crisscross without a plan, it might happen that you’re stuck at a certain point and you cannot set it back by yourself!

    There are several ways, here’s the first one:
    1. Start with the Basic module and proceed step by step with the Solar module, the Storage module, then proceed with Terbium, Endurium, Prometium. You can then upgrade the Basic module again and go the same way – all until these modules are all upgraded to level 10.
    2. After that, you can slowly start with upgrading Prometid and Duranium to level 5.
    3. Then you can go back to the Basic module, Solar module, Storage module, Terbium, Endurium, Prometium and upgrade those to level 15.
    4. After that, you can upgrade Prometid and Duranium to level 10
    5. Also Promerium, Xeno and Seprom can now be upgraded to level 5.
    6. Then you upgrade the Basic module, the Solar module, the Storage module as well as Terbium, Endurium and Prometium to level 20
    7. If you finally did all this, you can proceed with the modules on the right side without running into any problems.
    Another possibility would be:
    1. You upgrade your Basic module, the Solar module, the Storage module step by step to level 20
    2. Then you proceed with upgrading Terbium, Endurium and Prometium to level 20
    3. After all this is done, you can proceed with upgrading the modules on the right side step by step as well without problems
    These ways are safe, if you have other possibilities to do your upgrades, feel free to share it with everyone. Usually, our players want to reach Seprom very quickly because it has a lot of benefits. But better take care with the upgrade system even if it takes a bit longer.

    Feel free to share your way of doing it in this discussion thread: [LINK]
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