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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Greetings Space Pilots,

    Please feel free to leave your feedback relating to the Black Light here.

    Please keep in mind that forum rules are still in affect; you can offer fair legitimate criticism without resulting to insults/flaming/etc. Our goal is to ensure your feedback can be seen, and we do need your help to do that.

    Happy Hunting!
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  2. This event is great fun so far.
  3. I tought it's a update not just event.
  4. Wait this is just an event? Sign.
  5. fasfaf3321

    fasfaf3321 User

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  6. Azenomei

    Azenomei User

    Well.... Why did the reward calander change? No more lf4 on day 14, no more 150 indoc oil on day 25 with prem.
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  7. Can we please have a complete list of the quests? They are impossible for me to find in the quest list.
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  8. Quests are located in regular missions not daily and not event cause it's not an event, these maps and aliens and ammo are here to stay.
    Calendar is subject to change when ever they want says that at the bottom. I know the feeling i only need 20 oil and now the calendar only gives 15 haha will have to find 5 more some where else.
  9. DO, add some colour to the new npc's...
  10. Finally some new maps and a new powerful laser to waste my credits on. However I expect more instant deaths by the Ufe enemies...

    The raw Centurion looks great, its series too, however I can't judge about the "Ability series", because I don't know their exact effects.

    The Uri/(HP +shield) ratio for the "smaller" new NPCs are quite bad, for example "Attend IX": it has 9 Mio. HP and 4,8 Mio shield, which is three time as strong as a Cubicon , and rewards you with only 45 Uri. It's not worth even with full Prometheus lasers.

    Btw: announcement from the German forum: the reward for the 21th will be replaced by 165 indoc oil.
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  11. _alien10_

    _alien10_ User

    none of them worth time or ammo, back to krustallons, gj DO. or the mission with prom to lasers, i have 2 mil seprom there!
  12. We were told blacklight would be a way for players to catch up on UFE they take away calendar oil, lf4's and schism, introduce new NPC's that take way more ammo to kill than cubes!!! Congrats you have created a gulf now rather than the canyon it was before.
    At least make these items craft able so players have a chance of not spending half our game time repairing drones and
  13. Term2050

    Term2050 User

    Just another money scam from DO. SMH this game used to be fun but now ? Just sad. BTW some players now have to give up longer running quest to make room to take new BL quest or risk falling even further behind. Almost 10 years with this game and it is just disgusting how it has been screwed up
  14. Odin®

    Odin® User

  15. by catching up they mean this
    "Changes to LF-4 drop rates and Daily / Weekly Enhanced LF-4 Quests

    Drop rate of LF-4 in Green and Gold booty boxes has been slightly more than tripled. This includes the drop rate on LF-4 days, which has also been just over tripled.

    Kyhalon and Tetrathrin rewards from the daily and weekly missions have been increased by x4."
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  16. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy User

    unbelievable we ask for new maps and they give us lots of duff stuff to waste our hard earnt , time to look for another game this ones had it
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  17. BF-109E

    BF-109E User

    dont know bout anyone else ,but im not prepared to spend 10 yrs trying to build a ufe ship when do keeps introducing new stuff we dont need just to satisfy the elite and bots wats next 10 versions of r310 rockets ?pfft
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  18. well you don't need to waste your ammo or time. with the monthly calendar you will get enough of this new resources in one year. just like with the oil. the new ammo, laser and ship are crap anyways. so what ever. crap update. don't need that.
  19. They should rather release a "B03" instead of this busted laser. Newbies won't touch the shield of Ufe anyway.
  20. It would have been a bit more 'above board' if the starting level for these quests had been stated. Need to look at all of the locked quests to see that it is for level 17 and higher.
    Then again, it is another update and/or event skewed to be a fodder feeder for more elite players, NOT the slightly easier way to get weaker players closer to ufe as implied earlier.
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