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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Jul 11, 2019.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space pilots,

    Please give us your thoughts and feedback from Blacklight Surge event and specifics on what you encountered.
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  2. ace_121472

    ace_121472 User

    Sounds like a fun event, however, I feel as if so many players will just simply run their bot to kill NPCs in the BL map during the event making it near impossible for players who play fairly to have a chance for top reward rankings. Does DO have a plan on making this event fair for everyone??
  3. Once again an event that's going to allow big clans to excellerate while everyone else can only watch.
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  4. Well it is a clan based and a pvp based game so of course the top clans will win, but there still is personal rewards and the clan can't help you make those point. Sounds to me like you need to become friends with more players.
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  5. Pikey

    Pikey User

    realy, have you ever thouight of a decent balanced event for all players?
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  6. Well i see botters all over blm already first day and it's an event so don't know what's gonna happen but if botters are allowed to bot an event then why even play the game? What is so fun about bragging you had a bot finish a mission or even helping you place in an event.
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  7. So that explains the clan wars going on in BL maps. Had a ball watching from the sidelines
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  8. i am not receiving the correct amount of progress points...says i get 30 point and i receive 6.
    not working very well

    oops never mind just clued into what that was all about
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  9. Very good,Sorry no reward sinals or keys.
  10. According to IT forum:
    • What activity did you particularly like and which was not? The reason?
    • What difficulties did you encounter during the event? Too fast / easy? Too hard / slow?
    • Was the event interesting or boring?
    • What can be done to improve it? (Explain your ideas in detail)
    • How did the rewards seem to you? New and interesting? Always the same? Too small for the time / effort required?
    • What kind of rewards would you receive? (without exaggerating)
    Let's start:
    • It is the same event as pirate hunt, nothing new and inovative. [NO]
    • The main difficulty in this event are the houndred of bots shooting h24, making insame ammount of Hall of Fame points, and blocking the chance for Fair Players to try to get good reward (for a fair player will be hard also to get in top 100) [NO]
    • This event is really really boring, shooting mobs and bots... [NO]
    • Improvements: ban botters [NO]
    • The Hall of fame rewards are trash as always [NO], only the quests are ok, giving a good amount of ABL-RSB ammo and some scrap. [YES]
    • Designs only at 20€ in payment section?? ReallY?? No, crafting sistem for em??? Stop focusing on players wallets [NO]
    • 20 EMP for top 1 clan?? Really?? This is like 7k uri :(
    Actual rewards:

    Player Ranking Rewards
    1.New title: Primary Regulator of Blacklight
    Tyrannos Cyborg
    Tyrannos Hammerclaw
    Tyrannos Mimesis
    Tyrannos Hecate

    3 months Premium
    200,000 UCB-100
    25 booty keys
    75,000 Uridium
    100 EMP-01
    14 days DMG-DLB
    14 days SHD-DLB
    2.2 months Premium
    150,000 UCB-100
    15 booty keys
    50 EMP-01
    35,000 Uridium
    10 days DMG-DLB
    10 days SHD-DLB
    3.1 month Premium
    135,000 UCB-100
    10 booty keys
    25 EMP-01
    20,000 Uridium
    7 days DMG-DLB
    7 days SHD-DLB
    4.-10.120,000 UCB-100
    10 booty keys
    8 EMP-01
    10,000 Uridium
    3 days DMG-DLB
    3 days SHD-DLB
    11.-30.100,000 UCB-100
    10 booty keys
    6 EMP-01
    5,000 Uridium
    31.-50.50,000 UCB-100
    5 booty keys
    4 EMP-01
    2,000 Uridium
    51.-100.30,000 UCB-100
    3 booty keys
    2 EMP-01
    2,000 Uridium

    Clan Ranking Rewards
    RankRewards for each clan member
    1.New title: The Defiant
    20 EMP-01
    2 months Premium
    2.10 EMP-01
    1 months Premium
    3.5 EMP-01
    1 month Premium

    Improved rewards:

    Player Ranking Rewards
    1.New title: Primary Regulator of Blacklight
    Tyrannos Cyborg
    Tyrannos Hammerclaw
    Tyrannos Mimesis
    Tyrannos Hecate

    3 months Premium
    2,000,000 UCB-100
    250 booty keys
    750,000 Uridium
    1000 EMP-01
    28 days DMG-DLB
    28 days SHD-DLB
    2.2 months Premium
    1,500,000 UCB-100
    150 booty keys
    500 EMP-01
    350,000 Uridium
    20 days DMG-DLB
    20 days SHD-DLB
    3.1 month Premium
    1,350,000 UCB-100
    100 booty keys
    250 EMP-01
    200,000 Uridium
    14 days DMG-DLB
    14 days SHD-DLB
    4.-10.1,200,000 UCB-100
    100 booty keys
    80 EMP-01
    100,000 Uridium
    7 days DMG-DLB
    7 days SHD-DLB
    11.-30.1,000,000 UCB-100
    100 booty keys
    60 EMP-01
    50,000 Uridium
    31.-50.500,000 UCB-100
    [I]50 booty keys
    40 EMP-01
    20,000 Uridium[/I]
    51.-100.300,000 UCB-100
    30 booty keys
    20 EMP-01
    20,000 Uridium

    Clan Ranking Rewards
    RankRewards for each clan member
    1.New title: The Defiant
    2000 EMP-01
    2 months Premium

    150,000 ABL-AMMO
    1,000 Extra Energy
    150,000,000 EP
    45,000,000 HON
    2.1000 EMP-01
    1 months Premium

    75,000 ABL-AMMO
    500 Extra Energy
    75,000,000 EP
    25,000,000 HON
    3.500 EMP-01
    1 month Prem

    35,000 ABL-AMMO
    250 Extra Energy
    35,000,000 EP
    25,000,000 HON
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  11. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    I really have to admire the Dev and management at DO. After all the years of players complaining about Botters ruining events and the game in general and they go and release yet another event that gives the botters and cheats ALL the advantages.

    Once again DO management and Dev show they have no respect for their legitimate paying customers.

    Here is my "What's up"
    Best rewards are in my own BL map (Good) - Can't shoot the multitude of Botters in my BL map that are making it near impossible to do anything event wise in my map (BAD).

    Progression points - 1st 3 rewards, not too bad and useful,(good) 4th (30K of some new ammo you can only get once) is a bit of a joke - Then the final reward (no idea how many points you need for it and won't be finding out) seriously, a design for a ship 90% of players don't and will never own and a whole 2 weeks premium LOL, you really have to be JOKING (SO BAD)

    Points rewards (hall of fame) - Honestly unless you are a botter and finish in the top 10 , nothing worth investing hundreds of thousands of premium ammo for. (BAD) Finish top 100 - 51-100 it is far cheaper to just buy the rewards from the shop, 3 booty keys, 2 EMP and 30K RB (X4) is gonna cost you way less than doing the event AND you don't have to compete with all the botters. BAD

    Overall assessment of this event - You've got to be kidding, IMO just give the rewards to your favourite botter and leave the rest of us in piece.,.
    IF you can't come up with an event that is not just for bots - Don't release anymore events.,.
  12. That's not true at all. Playing alone has always been part of this game, until multi-company clan abuse came and Bigpoint can make easy money from it so they're gonna ride it until no one wants to play because of it anymore.

    And I'm in top 50 on the server, i have a lot of friends but don't take my friendship as an excuse I'm not going to attack enemy company players. (you know, the idea of the game).

    All in all, another crap event, well played BP.
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  13. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    On my server, many of the top ranked players in this event are all bots and to make it worse they have left their clans (which we have war with) so they can't be popped without honour loss..

    5 of the top seven players in the event were in a war clan only a few days ago - They are now with DO's help leading the ranks in Event Rankings..
    Well done DO management and the Developer.

    I've thought up a new award for event rankings (one sorely needed it seems) :- Blacklight Surge; awarded to - He who can keep his bot active for the longest period of time during an event.
  14. Luna47

    Luna47 User

    I'm busting my as... no way to keep up with bots. Love the event except that part which totally ruins it. meh
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  15. I don't even bother trying i am just going for the rewards and that's it cause it would be pointless to go against the bot's. I sucks but not a lot that you can do try not to let them ruin the fun it's just a game
  16. now if the game is to be fun they have to do something about the players botting thru this event as most will not even get anything as the botters have taken all the top spots again until you as a game figure out how to remove the cheaters and botters any event like this is garbage to all of us real players , i for one have see a masivive amount of new botters in game and your devs cant find them i do not believe this to be true as all you need to do is go into any map and see them or ven go in and look at how long thy have been logged in to the game no possible way to play 24 hours straight and for days on end fix the botting problem and events like this will be fun and worth it to all good rule following players lets get the bans going guys remove the botting cheaters so us real players can enjoy the game again
  17. Don't like the event at all..

    Killing impulses is alright, they take a bit of ammo, but that's okay, not that hard and doesn't take that long.

    And then there are the Attends...
    Now that is a different story.
    Overall 13.8 million damage has to be output to kill them, not even talking about the ammo spent and the time wasted shooting them.

    I am not a complete UFE, I have only 5 Prometheus lasers and it takes forever with x4,seprom and dmg boosters..
    Got and Attend to 10% hp when I get popped by an enemy....guess what.. my attend was gone!

    For a player like me, there is no point even participating for better rewards, because I can't outplay bots or the complete UFE players, it is impossible and that is why the event is a waste of time and resources for like 80% of players..
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  18. The attends are more for a group and by group i mean everyone shoots to help each other you get some they get some and when your full prom lasers attends are easy alone but during the event AB-L ammo is the best if can't afford the ammo then x4. If your still making lasers i suggest just impulse and invoke in a group of 6 is best that way all get the rewards untill everyone is full then all will be easier.
  19. I understand the group thing, but for me it is not possible.

    I play on Global Europe 3, Global chat and Company chat is never used and no one reads it, so getting into a party is legit impossible.
    All of the clans have only Hungarian/Romanian players, so I don't even belong there.

    Those who read and/or speak English, don't care about anyone or anything, they are mostly UFE and they just go popping people.
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  20. king-api

    king-api User

    lol. this ice. this events only for botters
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