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Discussion in 'General Issues' started by Firaxia, Jul 9, 2022.

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  1. Firaxia

    Firaxia User

    Is there a way to permanently block a particular player from inviting you to a group? There is one player (bot?) that keeps inviting me no matter how many times I decline/ignore it. I've tried blocking invites but not only does it not work once I've logged out (I have to set it again the next time I log in) but it also means that I can't accept any invites from friends.
  2. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    (Ignore all invites)< then if you want a group you invite them yourself:cool:
  3. Firaxia

    Firaxia User

    Trouble with that is that when I log out and log back in next time, they can invite again. We need an option to permanently block annoying people!
  4. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Never seen a dislike option either
  5. Firaxia

    Firaxia User

    Oops, please forgive me, I must have taken extra stupid pills this morning. I didn't realise you meant this option in the contacts tab - I was looking in the group tab!!! Doh!!! :rolleyes:
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  6. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Thanks for assisting the OP,

    Hello @Firaxia ,

    Do you have any further questions or can we close?

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