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    Booty Chest FAQ

    Wherever there is a Pirate, there is loot!

    Please enjoy the wonderful goodies you can find throughout the maps.
    Looting can be a Fun new experience that not only upgrades your ship but gives you a surprise in every little crate.

    What do the crates look like?

    Are these crates permanent in the game or are they a special event?
    Yes the are permanent.

    How do pick up the crate it let me pick it up?
    You will need to go to you hanger and purchase a BK-100 Booty Key. This will go directly in to your inventory and will be able to be used once purchased. This will allow you to pick up the crate.

    Here is what the Key looks like:
    Bootykey.gif RedBootykey.gif BlueBootykey.gif Apocalypse.gif obsidianKey2.gif

    What does the key cost?
    The key is available in the Shop and the cost is 1500 Uridium.

    How long does the Key Last?
    The Key is a ONE TIME USE. Once you pick up a Crate on the space map, that key will disappear from your inventory.

    Auto Purchase Feature:

    Auto-purchase Green Booty Keys

    This will be a new option that you can activate in the settings menu on the Space Map. If active and you pick up a Booty Box without having a Booty Key, you will automatically buy a key and will use it. The option is only working for the green booty keys that can be purchased with Uridium.

    How to Activate (As Seen Below)


    To purchase the Automatically make sure that you place a check mark in the Box Marked " Purchase Green Booty Keys Automatically" and Click Save.

    ** Remember this will only work if you have enough Uridium to complete this transaction.

    How can you tell how many keys you have?


    Will it the boxes pick up automatically?
    It takes some time to open up a crate, but it will be handsomely rewarded. (as shown below) - there is a little timer over the crate while being collected.


    ** The player has to stand still while collecting, meaning he can attack NPC or players -
    however if he moves before the time completes the looting will be canceled!

    Where can you find these Crate?

    The crates can be found randomly throughout the maps above X-1. These treasure chests will not be found in the following Maps.
    Galaxy Gates, Group Gate, Invasion Gate, Team Death Match, Jackpot Battle or the ???-Map

    When you say random, what does that mean?
    The Pirate Booty are crates that appear randomly on the map or have a chance of being dropped by NPCs.

    Of course those chances of the crate appearing are higher, if the NPCs shot are a Pirate.

    Will booty boxes stay on the maps like bonus boxes or do they disappear like cargo.
    The will disappear like cargo if not picked up.

    Does the ammo from boxes still count if your full?(Ammo Capacity removed)

    Are the Crates here to stay?

    Yes the Crates are here to stay as a full new addition of the game such as the new Pirate Maps (5-x).

    What Type of items are in the crates?

    The loot is randomly distributed with different chances, similar to a Bonus Box but the rewards in the Pirate Booty equal or are even higher then what the keys cost (similar to the spins in the Galaxy Gate Generator) including Designs or a big new LF4 Lasers!



    What does the LF4 hit?

    The LF4 Uber Laser: causes up to 200 damage Points per round on NPC and Players.

    If I win a design in the Loot Chest, is it permanent or temporary?

    The designs that are collect are Permanent.

    Current Booty Boxes
    green.gif gold.gif red.gif blue.gif Silver.png ApocalypseBootyBpx.gif Prometheus.gif ObsidianChest.gif

    Retired Booty Boxes

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