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  1. Is Bitpoint going to do something about all the bots on 8-3? It is so obvious, surely even they must have noticed?
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    nope its paying for DO to run ban good players who dont cheat
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  3. Its been years. Not a change. However some when fired on will have piles of bot buddies shoot on you and they fight pretty well.

    Considering they fight like the 'pro-skilled best hyper-kung-fu' players who claim they are good changing ammo/drone/tech/rockets in fights while moving like an arcade game around you.... Treat them like NPCs that just dont pay uridium. Good practice for fighting later.

    Just leave the Citadel Plus ones alone they cost way more ammo and effort and pay the same as a regular citadel. They forgot to update the honor/ep for the upgraded ships.
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    Please post any bot related discussion in the dedicated forum thread: Bots and Cheats.

    Closing as duplicate thread.

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