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Dear forum reader,

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    Hello Space Pilots,


    From the far reaches of space come the wandering Retrievers, ready to sell their services! With rare new resources, you'll be able to increase the power of your arsenal and find new ways to engage Galaxy Gates! Sit back, and let the Retrievers assist you... for a price, of course!

    Experience DarkOrbit’s brand new Dispatch Expansion, featuring powerful new rocket launchers, useful and automated ways to collect valuable resources and engage in completed Galaxy Gates!

    We’re introducing this new feature with an additional Daily Login Bonus:
    • From 23rd until 28th June, you’ll get 1x Permit and 1x PrimeCoupon per day
    • On 29th June and 30th June, you’ll get 3x Galaxy Gate Excursion Units per day
    Please note that the additional Login Bonus on 23rd June will only be booked after the sync has been finished!

    More information in our FAQ: [Link]
    Please let us know your feedback in the discussion thread here: [Link]

    Your DarkOrbit team
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