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Discussion in 'General Issues' started by smallgamehunter, Aug 23, 2023.

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  1. Are the 50% honor and ep boosters in real time or in-game time?
  2. Grandpa_II

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    real time
  3. Don't bother wasting your money on boosters the client isn't even stable enough to guarantee it will even work while your boosters are running, and yes they have given compensation in the past but then the client goes down again while your compensation is running and you still don't get to use your payed for boosters. "Speaking from experience"
  4. thanks for answer

    yeah really a shame..........wanted to level up fast but will wait a couple weeks to see if they can get it together

    Question was answered, thanks to Grandpa_II and Ice_Grimoire.......thread can be closed
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    Closing as requested
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