Chromin Rush, July.

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Jul 7, 2019.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Feedback for June's edition of the Chromin rush event has been forwarded. Please post your feedback from this months Chromin rush event.

    1) How is this months event to your satisfaction?

    2) Anything in particular that was to your liking?

    3) We understand there may be many issues, but specifically which were the most important negative/downsides of the event?

    4) With the three items listed above, in your eyes is there something to which you felt could have been improved?
    • If so, how could we resolve this specific issue?

    The Dark Orbit team will appreciate your feedback.
  2. Most important negatives:
    This event is just not worth it so far, neither June nor July. Millions of uri worth of gates for extremely limited ammo/gen boost or easy-to-get resources.

    The only things priced proportionally so far have been the designs, which also happen to be the cheapest.

    Fix the pricing for the blacklight resources and RCB/Osmium, or adjust the reward to match the price, or increase drop of chromin.

    800 rinusk for 30,000 chromin? 800 rinusk is ~10 minutes of farming impulses. 30,000 chromin is ~15-20 gates. It just doesn’t add up.

    On top of costing millions of uri, the boxes benefit from box doubler meaning if you don’t get that you have to do up to twice as many gates (before bio/pet protocols) which is just honestly insane.

    If you want to profit from an event, fine, the game needs to be supported. But payment should be an optional thing to progress further, not something basically mandatory if you reasonably want anything. As it stands this event requires millions of uri, buying box doubler, and hours of time for rewards which you’ll use up in a day
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  3. put osmium in game,be 1 endurion+10 paladiuns+1000 xenomit.Detach Alfa,Beta and Gamma for Ride,and change lf4 gg kappa for 25 bot keys.
  4. king-api

    king-api User

    lol whats is that 1cromin=7 honor points we can get 1500 cromin just do a gate. like1500x7=10500 honor just 2cube kil enough 10 min why we waste time in gg
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  5. Why are you trolling the players? Even a child can tell an idiot has created this event and no one needs to tell you why.
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  6. Same problem that the previous rush had: Not worth it. It would take millions of uridium to get a little bit of osmium. Also converting last events chromin was really annoying thing to do: I had about 10k in the end and now I would have to start collecting 15k from 0
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  7. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Not sure who thought this "event" (money grab) up but seriously do you not understand "value for money, time invested".

    Yes you can buy Chromin for money in the shop - Enough for 1500 Osmium (80,000 Chromin to craft 1,500 Osmium) will cost you roughly $50 - As for doing the few gates that give it, you could triple the amount you get per gate and it would still be a very expensive exercise.

    Try considering, most people don't have or aren't willing to throw hundreds of dollars at a game full of botters and other cheats.
    Selling a virtual item that costs you nothing to make but a bit of coding for ludicrous prices isn't showing anything but contempt for your players - Paying customers.,.

    I'll save my money and spend it on a game that doesn't treat its customers like the enemy.,.
  8. First off, the only thing I like about the event is the colors. Black and purple are my favorite colors and finally I have ship designs to show it off and I can stop using the god awful Expo16 designs. And don't get me started on the Argon that looks like Barney ate blue paint and threw up.

    The entire Chromin Rush event is just trash. The only good thing, sad to say, is the designs. Cheap, easy to get, most no one misses out if they do an occasional gate here and there.

    Osmium is just a horrible resource. Seprom is 60% firepower/40% shield gen performance and Osmium is 50/50. We asked for better shields, not 15,000 minutes of about 10% more shields while sacrificing 10% dmg. Best option for those who craft Osmium is to sell it for that puny little 11,700,000 that my citadel sells 9,000 promerium for.

    And the Rinusk? Come on. Epsilon gate today is offering me 600 Rinusk, almost the same amount.

    I'm seriously just against this event. There's no creativity behind it like the classic events we used to have. This is just a case of "let's see if there's any players willing to spend money on worthless items". Just like when they added Champion drone designs (that do absolutely nothing) for 280,000 uri a pop.

    In all honesty, after you do this again in August, because it's pretty evident you will, never, ever, think about this again.

    Considering re-running older events that players liked. The Attack of the Killer PETs was a decent event. Most players today haven't even heard of the Sunburst Lordakium. Revamp the invasion gate and make players actually want to go in there again. It used to be a solid event and now it's as obsolete as Capture the Beacon (shoutout to all 5 of you that play it)

    As for players like me who don't mind still spending money on a dying game (someone's gotta pay the server bills), this just isn't an event I'm gonna waste my time on. 80% of the player base resorted to botting because they're absolutely right, it takes a lot of time to advance to the position of where the game is right now unless you're like me and spend the rest of your paycheck on helix.
  9. for real!!

    what do these feedbach thread even achieve?! you had already a feedback thread in many diffent forums and nothing has changed!!!!!!!!!!!
    im just a sad customer that feels betrailed!
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  10. Purple thing bad

    Edit: Tried out the event, despite not putting in much effort. Did a single gate, Zeta, and received 937 Chromin, with the assistance of the PET's Salvage protocols. Now, let's assume you can receive approximately 1,000 Chromin for each gate you complete (can extremely vary). In order to collect 15,000 Chromin for the neat Venom design, you would need to complete about 15 gates, give or take a handful depending on how lucky you are. And those 15 gates aren't too hard for a "newbie" to prepare ahead of the event; can be done in a month or so, depending on how dedicated you are.

    I honestly do not see the point of this event, which in turn gives me no incentive to have any reasons to like it. There's an x7 version of RSB, called RCB. New ore that boosts shields an extra 10%. Another route for players to get Blacklight Trace. And some random design. Unless there's something coming in that's even bigger than Blacklight, there is absolutely no use for this.

    But now let's look at the some of the items offered during the event: Blacklight Trace and Osmium, requiring 30,000 and 80,000 Chromin, respectively. That would be 30 or 80 gates. That would be insane to request from any novice to intermediate player. I don't spend much into the game, so I might be able to get 30 gates ready to go prior to the event, but as high as 80 gates? Only do able for someone with a wallet. Or a player that just so happened to save up a lot of spins and Uridium.

    Going off that, this event seems to be more geared towards veteran players, as the resources you get from it are more useful for those kinds, especially the new Osmium ore for the 50% boost in damage or 50% shield boost.

    Solution? Higher Chromin drop rate + drop quantity OR Substantial decrease in crafting prices by a factor of 0.25
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  11. All in agreement, say aye
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  12. Keep in mind that the Osmium is one time craft only at 1,500 Units
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  13. Josh0238

    Josh0238 User

    Hello hello, ladies and gentlemen, I'm back at it again with the minor event issues
    So in this last chromium rush, I noticed some issues with the pet auto looter, the main problem is that the pet prioritizes cargo boxes before the special resources.

    [Chromium] [Halloween Boxes] [Event Boxes] and so on

    Another problem is when your cargo is full the pet won't collect anything at all sometimes not even boxes right beside the ship which is a waste when you have protocols and heavily limits the rewards gained from gates and events.

    Solution suggestions [Switching the looter priorities if possible] [Make a new looter] <--- both options seem complicated

    another option is to take some features from the [auto looter] and combine them with those of the [resource locater] in a way that makes the user able to select priorities

    i know work can be really busy at times but it would be nice to see something that at-least helps in regards to this issue

    [> Thanks For Reading <]
    this thread can and will probably be updated sometime soon with concepts
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  14. Catch~22

    Catch~22 User

    seriously, do you actually pay people to come up with this event.
    same as all the other events, pointless!
    unless you like purple, and your age is about 6.
  15. I feel that DO is using the unfair players as a way to try and gain $$ as most of us are thinking. How soon can these unfair players get that osmium resource? And should they manage to get them how annoying will they be? But keeping to topic I think this event is lame since I really hate to grind a week of gates for an event... Zeta, kappa and kronos are already necessary gates to build ships so I know they aren't dying for popularity. Like the only way to even do the stupid event is to buy the pack and waste more $$ than its worth.
  16. I have box doubler and i have full protocols on my pet and used 1.5 mil uri already to be half way to 1500 osmium really? this mineral is no better than seprom and i don't have to spend a dime to get it. This is just another way for DO to get us to waste our resources and money to get nothing in return. It would have been cheaper to just buy the useless mineral from payment, same as the other event where you have a chance to win a ship design haha what a joke this is the second time i tried to win a ship design from gates and guess what. From both events like 50 gg costs 3 mil uri or more won diddly squat haha typical. Their % chance to win must be .00000000000001
    That or my luck stinks haha cheers
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