Cubikon graveyard (??? map) Information

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by SeeK_nDestroY, Feb 27, 2022.

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  1. I will talk about my experience in the cubikon map. I finally entered there !

    1) How I entered:
    I bought dozens of jump CPU1 with credits and stated to jump back from x-2 to x-1 map. I mean travelling and jumping nonstop until I get the ??? map. (0,001 % chance).

    After about 190 jumps I managed to enter the cubikon graveyard!

    Another way to go there:
    I found in internet its possible to go there by jumping in the wormhole - its a secret teleport located in 4-5 150/130 and 146/127. When you go to this cords you have to press 'J' and the invisible teleport sends you to a random map + you have a chance (0,001 % chance) to go in ??? map.

    2) What I found there:
    When I opened the enemy locator of my PET I saw the pictures of 3 types of aliens - UberProtegits, Saboteurs and Cubikons. Actually there is no saboteurs but some of the protegits can slow you down.

    I killed a couple of cobikons and found that they have more HP and shield than a normal cubikon in x-6 maps. Anyway the reword when you kill it is still 1024 uridium so it doesnt worth doing it.

    3) Bonus boxes, Aurus, Bifenon - UCB- 100
    When we talk about ??? map everybody is interested about the bonus boxes. Without doubler the 1st bonus box gives 1000 UCB- 100. By every box you collect the reword drops by 10. So its like:
    1000, 990, 980, 970 ....... 30, 20, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10 ....
    When you collect 100 boxes they start giving you only 10 UCB-100.
    Another think that's interesting to say is when you kill aliens in this map sometimes they drop Aurus and Bifenon. When you collect them you don'y receive Aurus / Bifenon ! You receive UCB-100 like collecting a bonus box.

    4) Conclusion:
    In my opinion the only reason going to this map is to kill 250 uber protegits for the quest "Unlimited Uber" which gives:
    350,000 UCB-100
    75,000 RSB-75
    10,000 Extra Energy

    If you want to go there to:
    Killing cubikons - doesn't worth
    Killing protegits - doesn't worth
    Collecting bonus boxes - doesn't worth

    I was with my Goliath Plus when I got there. Its very fast ship so its perfect for this map because if a big group of protegits are chasing you its very easy to escape them! You don't need to kill them all.. you can just run and they stop chasing.

    I made this post because last days I tried to find as much info as I could about the ??? map but If I have to honest its not enough about it in internet... lots of fake klips and old information in youtube how to go there "very easy" and so on...

    Anyway I entered there and completed my quest so this is my experience.
    Hope its useful for those who need to go in Cubikon Graveyard.

    Good luck !
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  2. If you read more carefully what I've written you will see you have jump with CPU nonstop until you go there.
    What does it mean:
    You are in you home x-1 map
    You go to x-2 and immediately you have to use the jump CPU to go back in x-1
    You have to keep doing this until go to the ??? map !

    - no log outs for more than 1 minute
    - don't waist time with other activity like killing some NPC or going to other maps
    just do this:
    x - 1 -> x - 2 JUMP - > x - 1 -> x - 2 ......

    Its not connected with any event !
    The map is active all of the time !
  3. jayherbo

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    Been there 3 times in 6 months ;););)
  4. SirThrills

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  5. I don't see any new information here.
    all these data are known for a long time
    saboteurs look like uberprotegit and can slow down
    in the logbook you can also see an entry about the destruction of the saboteur and the reward will correspond to
    drop from pirates, and the only one on this map is a saboteur
    you don't have to fly all over the map to complete the quest
    uberprotegits arrive by themselves, you just need to stand on the edge of the map
    for 11 years, the method of entry has not changed;)
  6. May be there is nothing new from all I said above... but if I have to be honest I needed all of this information before I go into this map for the 1st time. The problem is all of this things I said are in many different threads and its a bit hard to get "whole picture". This is the reason I put everything I new in 1 post so anybody who is new to this map can read and understand everything he needs.
  7. This is not True man !
    When I entered I had not active doubler / rebate
  8. plamN2

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  9. Kxawzìtan

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    Just got into CG today, only to get kicked out for no reason 2 hours of being in to do "Unlimited Ubers" mission.
    No posts I've seen so far indicate this was a mechanic added for CG other than the boxes being changed.
  10. plamN2

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    I started yesterday with about 250 attempts from x-2 on x-1 card and today on about 110 times I managed to jump on this card and do the quest. I followed the obstacles of SeeK_nDestroY and everything worked out.
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  11. .ART98.

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    Btw, it doesnt mater if u kill some npcs, do an galaxy gate, kill an enemy and after that keep jumping.
    The chance is always the same and with some bad luck u use the home jump cpu while getting chased and getting to the ??? map xD
    All I wanna say: Chance is always the same.
  12. I saw this post about 2 weeks ago and today I also managed to get there so I thought I could also elaborate a little bit to this thread.

    1. I doubt the chance is 0,001% (1 in 10000), I would guess it is 0,01% (1 in 1000). It took me around 400 jumps to get there and most people have been able to jump there in less than 1000 jumps.

    2. A little trick to speed up the jumping is to have shop open in backround so when your jump cpu runs out buy a new one while in station and you can auto-equip it to your inventory

    3. It is rumored there is an 2 hour time limit in this map but don't rush if you are doing the uber protegit mission. You'll have plenty of time to spare. It took me about 30 minutes while doing it carefully and after just 1 hour got bored since the boxes stopped giving x4

    4. Stay in the edge and avoid big lumps of aliens, it is not wort it to speed up the process. Pick max 8 at once and shoot then.

    5. If you get in a pinch use your elite techs like backup shield and repair bot 2's and have them ready, it is not worth it to save them for later

    6. you pretty much have to spawn in the edge to be able to survive, the edges are pretty empty but the middle of the map has hundreds of them and would insta kill you

    7. I recommend that you don't shoot the cubis. As already said they have more hp and shield than regulars but they also spawn regular protegits that don't despawn. Unless you want to do a regular protegit mission there.

    8. Before you get there have your first config with max speed and shields in drones, for second config slow and max damage

    9. If you have equip your pet with either radar protocols or box increasing protocols ( I recommend this). Also if you are quick I would buy an box doubler as well when you enter the map

    10. Don't give up even if you don't get in the map as fast as some have, it is pretty demoralizing to mindlessly jump from x2 to x1 but you'll get there eventually. Today I wondered whether I should continue jumping or do something else and I'm glad I did.
  13. jayherbo

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  14. Been playing the game for years, and never once on any of my accounts I actively played, did I manage to get into the damn thing.
  15. It took me 12 years to get there, if you use your jump cpu's like you would normally do you wont get there. You pretty much have to actively try to get there
  16. Yeah I mean, you can randomly get there too the usual way, just jumping through 1-1 port to 1-2 can send you there according to some old comments. But still, I did try actively once and still failed lol.

    I think you're drinking the wrong water my guy, that's false.
  17. Buiscuit

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    its random getting into the map, i've been in once in 11 years.

    and you need to jump back to base map to get in. ( you also pop in about 30 secs theres that many prots.)
  18. You can easily survive it, especially these days. It's easier now to get in than before.
  19. Sgt~Ocker

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    Interesting choice - I know guys been playing for years have never been able to get to graveyard.

    Maybe "Newbie" comes to mean something different when you don't actually have many newbies staying long.
  20. Bombard

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    i went there, and 2 seconds later, i was buried there.