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    Give you a quick update on how Bigpoint plans to proceed with its current games portfolio regarding the upcoming Flash Player shutdown.

    After migrating Farmerama to Unity and successfully shipping this version we clearly decided to go with the same technology for DarkOrbit and Seafight. Anyhow, completing the migration will take some time and, thus, we will have a mid-term and a long-term solution.

    Mid-term solution:
    You may already have noticed that both games, DarkOrbit and Seafight, have been working on a downloadable client. This client will be the transitional solution to guarantee that these games are being playable although the Flash Player will be shut down while the Unity version is still being developed and not ready to go live.

    Long-term solution:
    As mentioned above, we have decided to switch to the same technology we migrated Farmerama to: Unity.

    We have made quite positive experiences during the migration process of Farmerama and are convinced that Unity is the right technology to go with in the future. Unity, as a future proof technology, will enable us to maintain Farmerama, DarkOrbit as well as Seafight on a high quality while also being able to provide new exciting content to you, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy playing these games for the next coming years.

    Please keep in mind, we are migrating the game to a new technology and are not developing a whole new game. This will guarantee the gameplay and graphic visuals will be the same as it is now as well as remaining a browser game. In the best case you will not really notice a change in gameplay after the migration is completed.
    Thanks for your attention and we look forward to seeing you playing in the game client and later on the Unity platform.

    Your Bigpoint Community Management