Designs for X-6 & X-7 maps

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by SkyHero-42, Dec 30, 2022.

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  1. SkyHero-42

    SkyHero-42 User


    Any one please appreciate an advice. which is better standard designs for achieving missions in x-6 & x-7 maps.
  2. You didnt specify what designs you had in mind but in my opinion Solace is the best goliath design especially if you get +15% npc damage module from agatus event. 2nd place is for Spectrum as its ability lets you stay alive a long time
  3. SkyHero-42

    SkyHero-42 User

    i have expected so.. and i went through many searches, ok now.
    but last quest please.. in Skill tree is it hard to level alien hunter skill??
  4. Hi, it requires 16 pilot points which isn't that bad to get, for 16 pilot points you would need 1078 log disks. Thats about 11 Zeta gates when you do it during double galaxy gate rewards day or if bought with uridium that would cost 323400 uri. This is the route you should go to get them:

    Alien Hunter Bio

    Minimum Requirements

    Ships Hull I: 2
    Engineering: 1
    Shield Engineering: 2

    Bounty Hunter I: 2
    Cruelty I: 2
    Rocket Fusion: 2
    Alien Hunter:5

    Total 16 Points
  5. SkyHero-42

    SkyHero-42 User

    Nice details thanks your kindness.. i will surely revert when a hint is required.

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