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Discussion in 'General Issues' started by spaceghost2, Dec 1, 2023.

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  1. follow you own rules and remove all the botters they are causing the game to freeze and drop i think its about time for your mods to get back inot game and fix the issues that are in game not just keep asking real players for more money and doing nothing to remove thes so called players from game check my log in time and how many times ive been deced from game screen in the last hour 20 is way to many time the game is not playable it either freezes or drops completly
  2. AVIT

    AVIT User

    couldnt agree more .
  3. USAGeneral

    USAGeneral User

    Basically 4-5 peoples are complaining about login problems.. Always..
    So either you are the only one having login problems, or there are only 4-5 active players left - the rest are bots. I haven't once had any problem with the game so far, and i even read an article somewhere here on this forum explaining how to fix such problems. There have been bots ever since the game has existed and over the years this has been commented on, but has it had an effect?
    If you put a little more logic into it you'll realize who actually makes these programs and what their purpose is..
    There's a not insignificant percentage chance that the game is sustaining itself on the bots in particular, and they obviously don't have login issues, freezing, etc. So? :D
    I personally see a few positives from bots, such as keeping the game alive and another being that they make pvp missions easier.. but you guys can complain!

  4. i think its alot more then 4-5 more people complaining lol, ge5 is the worst server to connection problems, maybe u should make a account there and check it for yourself, also are you on DO Discor, go check amount of is th game dowen again, deffo more then 4-5 players lol

    oh clear cache... doent work
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  5. skeggy1

    skeggy1 User

    unreal not been able to log in all morning . And yet DO team unable give give us the respect enough to keep us updated. the worst service you could ever get . R.I.P. Dark Orbit
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  6. GE5 been down how long now?
  7. AnimalLOU

    AnimalLOU User

    I play in EG5 and USA West, but so far i haven't encountered any problems. Rarely, but happens that the server disconnects me, but with a reconnect inside the game, it works again. Strange.. ​
  8. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    GE5 is actual hell. Problems have been ongoing for over 4 months.

    I've a strong feeling the GB players are most affected, while the blatant bots from eastern Europe aren't ever having issues. Explains why they're always going on as normal every time the game breaks on us.
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  9. AVIT

    AVIT User

    the bots never seem to be affected i think its because they login through the script browser and not the the game client which we have to download

    its everyone in ge5 who plays real .everyone on global chat etc ! ..all with a gb1 account anyways for sure

    DONT be a smart so and so! ..full group playing in all lost connection at same time on ge5 .. probs most of everyone too on ge5 except botters who use there own browser !
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  10. i only managed 30 mins on gb1 yesterday but worryingly my nova appears to have used 6 hours. it appears that all my boosters were probably running for that 6 hours as well. probably means that when you lose connection you stay logged in to the server until you can get back on and logout for real :(

    (that also explains how i was destroyed by an aider streuner in 3-2 even with 800k shields. it must have chipped away at me for hours)
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  11. AVIT

    AVIT User

    it does mate ..i have lost so many blacklight gates because of this and of course boosters that are in real time . and for those that read forums GB1 is the same server as ge5 we was all merged to ge5 wasnt we mate
  12. USAGeneral

    USAGeneral User

    So you have two options.. Either you continue to complain in the forum that your server and client are not working, or you can help yourself with side factors.. You say that people who use programs do not take responsibility, then what are you worried about?
    It really turns out that the "biggest moralists and rule-followers" can't even enjoy this game - coincidence?
    And why DO can't fix their client is equivalent to why in 3 years they still haven't made a client for MAC users - something that can be done in a few hours, but alas, 3 years and still not there.. Many questions, many problems, but at the end of the day, we are left with only a clear conscience and morals..
  13. Along with not banning botters brings game bug abusers, event abusers, as now the players getting away with everything are just showing everyone else how corrupt the ranking system is in this game. To me BP is going against their own T&C by not doing anything about these issues.
    For starters emp's are useless against some players as they never lose the lock and they never stop shooting!!!
    Sounds like a fun game to me but i guess if all you do is run a bot and log out go play something else, if this is what BP was striving for then i guess they got what they wanted.
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  14. Who are you talking too? If it's replying to my thread I never said anything about having server issues, I also never complained about anything.
    I simply asked a few questions in which you never gave an answer to any of them so?
  15. USAGeneral

    USAGeneral User

    You asked me questions that if you think about it you will answer by yourself..
    Because that's extra revenue they'll lose if they do what you say - this is how the system works in life.
    The other thing is that everyone says that bots were the cause.. Why 10 years ago, when the players were much-much-much more, the bots were also much more - why were there no such problems like now then? Why do people with bots and side clients have no problems despite all the bots? So is the problem inside the server or the client itself? It's just that here in this forum 90% of the threads are about broken clients and servers and generally everyone is doing finger-exercises, everyone is a moralist and everyone is looking for reasons and answers even though they know they won't get them.. As i said above: there's two options - everyone chooses... thats all
  16. So what you are saying is that all you are talking about is ok with BP your just not allowed to actually say anything or post anything?
    Wondering why if it's all ok with BP why you just can't come out and just say it or why BP can't just come out and say it?
    Also if having the bot's is keeping the game alive why it's not posted for all to use that way the game would be fair to all and we would all be helping to keep the game alive!!!
    I don't buy uri and I also don't chase rank ,I don't have to many server issues when I do most do.
    I just wonder why bp can't just make the game equally fair for all change the T&C to make it legal and stop with the hear no evil see no evil.
    If they are sharing all this content with players in their discord server then the game isn't fair for everyone is all i am saying!!
    Enough said you don't have to reply anymore as i see your not allowed for some reason just to come out and say it so cheers and good luck in the game.
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  17. AnimalLOU

    AnimalLOU User

    Well, that guy basically says - i use bot, i'm a high rank and i have no problems with this game - pay for a program and enjoy or save yourself as you can.. Many years ago BP tried to do something like banning bots, but then they scored a serious own goal by banning youtubers like PureGewalt, Zebek911, Rindpimpf and etc, then they both lost people who paid themselves a serious amount every month, they also lost players who got scared by this thing. And in reality, we have reached a situation where a single server has 80% bots, which if removed, the game should become 1 server with 100 people, from whom it is not known if they will earn enough money to maintenance this game. The bad thing about the whole thing is that everything is a mess that you don't know where it will escalate.
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