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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. Miliardar

    Miliardar User

    What? only one cargo on that big ship? thats hillarious. PLus the reward: i use 2000k special ammo and received 900 uridium? common i didnt get back not even 1/4 from what i spent. I stop, dont play this anymore untill something will change.
  2. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    Thanks for nothing.. Waste premium ammo shooting the escorts only to have UFE come in just before they pop and steal the kill..
    No shared rewards for escorts, yeah this is a very balanced event.. UFE take all ,everyone else gets to watch (or die to ufe blobs).

    From past events - Should have known better than to think this one might be balanced and worth doing.
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  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    From the latest Devblog:
    Please don't. Unless those interesting twists involve radically changing the whole event, then seriously, don't even bother.
    The event is extremely boring for 2/3 companies of most servers, because most servers are dead and one company can win without any real contest.

    The new NPC is flat out the worse NPC ever to be introduced to the game. I had more fun doing gamma big sibs with x1 ammo in 2009 than I did with that NPC.
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  4. 10 k whites and 2 k rb ammo all to earn back a whopping 4k uri, off of 3 freighters, I really think the Hitak paid better uri...what a joke

    EDIT : I only stayed around for 3 of them (1 hours worth) , and they all gave crap amounts of rb ammo or gate spins, so 0/3 from what I've seen, and the rest of the server said overnight wasn't any better ...I'd love to see some accurate %'s come in as to the good equip...I'm starting to think they have booty box odds here...
  5. chixonator

    chixonator User

    ↑ this is how your players feel...
    its also how i feel...
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  6. jacktatt

    jacktatt User

    I have had 4 cargos, i did not spend 40k uri in ammo for 400 palladium, awful event, awful rewards, awful game as of late.

    Not happy.
  7. I'm so glad it is a nice day outside, I'm going to go get things done all day and turn away from all this for 24 hours. ( could you believe that I was praying for bad weather yesterday? so I could play DO ). Everyone just log out for 24 hours, protest, if you can manage to pry your fingers off that mouse ;).
  8. Guys lets be honest. We all knew this event would turnout this way. DO seem
    to fail almost every time they have the opportunity to do something good for the
    game. Lolz its like they feed off the disappointment. Hell I figure something was up
    when they took forever to release the details of the evento_O
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  9. Both from posts earlier this week :rolleyes: The lesson is never be optimistic with anything on this game.
  10. reboog21

    reboog21 User

    so glad I passed on the event..lessons already learned. no surprises here ..just take the ez kills of the ones who wasted time and uri on the event
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  11. I love how they just used the delta gate alien for the escort. Keep on recycling.

    The only thing I would add to this is that the escorts are supremely annoying. I was killing one solo and someone came to help me near the end. I ended up getting nothing as it turned white just at the end.

    It sure was a "Domination" event.
  12. ...KIDZ...

    ...KIDZ... User

    too true, even tho i was too noob to do gates back then lol. even now i HATE doing any gates with bks.. even tho all i do is ABY gates every week. but still.. x1 on gamma bks in a suicide goli... takes a good bit of time still and is way better worth it then any event darkorbit has... except ref bots, only good event they ever had. they kinda ruined it a bit when they made it only last 2-3 hours =/
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  13. u didnt miss out on much with that npc, did 1 solo and only got 1k uri lol not worth the effort tbh, only good thing about this whole event for me has been the extra 5% discount :D
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  14. i got one cargo of that npc and got 5 log files and 1 lf4 xD i feel so lucky guys xDD
  15. =BENJA=

    =BENJA= User

    oh wow, lf4... you need it for sure :p
  16. That event is only for the first company and we cant play in Ge 3 cauze mmo have all our maps....And the cargo collected from the bis ships that already have foul lf4 and all designs....Bp must "ban" the ship tha have foul lf4 from collecting the cargo....:mad::mad::mad:
  17. this is worse event ever new npc is slow to spawn drops are nothing good waste of boosters and uri for ammo this event gets a big zero maybe if DO would stop being so money greedy people would play and in the long run ppl would spend some.
  18. peluchekun

    peluchekun User

    Now bigpoint, you are reading the feedback... you know how we feel.
    Im pretty mad right now, I have 60k of the new ammo RB-214 and it was NEVER required. Im full havok, have only 19 LF4 and just one Hercules. I spend around 1Mil U
    for nothing... that's it.
    Can you tell us your side of the history?
  19. SauronL

    SauronL User

    3 cargoes , 3 craps
  20. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    DO thanks for nothing i used 12k special ammo rb-214 and didn't get 1/4 of that back in uri what a waste of time:mad:. the escorts have better rewards (1k uri) than the freighter and they still take more ammo and time to pop than a cube:( and the booty they drop is just regular booty. would it of been to much to atleast have them drop yellow booty or something worth while like a event box like hitech.

    this wasn't the end to the event that i was expecting:mad:. even the domination part of it was extremely lop sided mmo 600-700 eic 800-900 and vru well over 12k.....really??? how do i :eek:continue to spend money in DO with what you have put together? i am more than disappointed i feel mis led and improperly informed about the entire event. it took you guys too long to give us all the information about the event and even longer for the details of exactly how to play it and what the rewards were going to be.

    20 rb-214 200+ honor per beacon. i went through 12k in about 7-8 minutes and 2k of that is what i earned for the beacons THAT I GOT TO FIRST. what were you guys thinking how did you expect low level player/newbies to participate in this ENTIRE event. they didn't stand a chance in the pvp maps. its hard enough to keep them playing and this event just compounds the problems.

    :mad:i feel like do just took my money and from the beginning they never had any intention of making it worth while!!!

    Questioning DO's thought process and intentions,
    [​IMG] 95069544
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