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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Apr 8, 2020.

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    KILABOT™ User

    Superb event by far :) Keep it Up ;)
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  2. evansnow

    evansnow User

    i agree, enjoying the event lots of uri to be had.
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  3. event info is bugged to death, and the gate is laggy as hell,
    come on guys use yer brain and come up with something new, not the same old garbage.
    if you bot all day , you get rewarded for it!!!!! seriously !!!!!
  4. adita9x

    adita9x User

    was made with bugg for control,is sad but true
  5. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Lag is a problem, but most of it is on your end. Bots aren't going anywhere because they pay (unless they set up what I recommended).
  6. MrMo

    MrMo User

    Hi everyone, so its been a while since I've been on D.O. I stopped playing due to the lack of not seeing any improvements to the game or events. The Eternal Gate seemed interesting at first like most event gates but then D.O. reality stuck it to the players. I have a level 22 ship and I've been playing D.O. on and off since 2011. i found the first (40) waves not to be that bad but after that the NPC's attack actions on players ships were relentless and difficult to recover HP. The NPC's are so bad in this gate that even their ("venom") works and is zapping your HP from across the map. I consider myself a decent player and I don't believe by any means this gate was designed for new players/Noobs which is not fair. by any means D.O. should've created multiple versions of the Eternal Gate, one for new players level 1-16 and another version of the gate for more seasoned players level 17 - 22 and another version for Pro/ Elite players. Also since the gate is overkill then the boosters should stick to the player's ship until the end of the event.
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  7. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    The gate is suppose to be a challenge. New players aren't meant to be able to compete. If it were just another mindless noob gate, then the real strong players would find it boring and a waste of time. They would still do it for the 1.5mil uri or whatever, but the complaint would be "Just another stupid event" rather than "Holy... this gate is just hard".
    The boosters give the players an edge. They are meant to help you keep up with the increasing difficulty of the gate. If you were to start the gate over with all of those boosters, then you would blow through the gate faster and easier than you would a Zeta. The Singularity and Reflectors are put in there to separate the skilled players from the strong players. Skilled players can easily handle them. Strong players struggle because their brute strength isn't enough.
    DO has given noobs plenty of help. Some events are great for them. Sorry they gave one entirely to the best.
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  8. anduril

    anduril User

    wow, just wow. Hubris is your name.
  9. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    Thanks for all the shield leeching ammo.

    Unfortunately, the npc have so little shield, by the time the first sar-02 hit, the lasers have already taken away all the shield.

    The ratio between shield and hp should be different. More shield, less hp.
    Or, change sar rockets, sab ammo, so that hp is leeched, and (partly) converted to shield on you ship.

    In fact, you can do that for the npc in the regular game too.
  10. Kuro

    Kuro User

    Is Alpha Looper available to players who reach rank 1 and lose both lives/ending their gate? Or is it only available to the ones that are rank 1 by the end of the whole event?
  11. Kuro

    Kuro User

    Having way more shield would be a bigger problem. You'll be wasting more time and ammo if you let them run into a corner, which is recommended in higher rounds imo. The npcs can regain shield but not hp, excluding the medic npc. Plus it's a better option to flee and regain shield than trying to sab it back, as some of the npcs deal insanely high dmg with almost the same range as you.
  12. Kharelia

    Kharelia User

    If, as you state, the event is not meant for new players to compete in and is for 'real strong players' only, then it should be limited so that only a certain player level can even take the initial eternal key mission and enter the gate - or there should at least be some kind of warning to alert new players to the fact it may be too much for them. It's simply unfair otherwise.

    Personally I think what MrMo said is absolutely spot on.

    Put yourself in the position of a new player. You're just starting out, small ship, maybe one or two drones, hardly any of the 'good' stuff on your ship. So you decide to try the event to have a go and maybe get some uri/creds to help build yourself up - and it takes you hours and hours of game time just to get the first eternal key mission completed (you may, of course, have been lucky enough to have gotten one during that mission). Then, having made it to actually try the gate itself, die within the first couple of waves. That is not a good experience and DO have, in some sense, failed new players. Whether you like it or not, the game needs new players.

    With MrMo's idea, and if I'm not mistaken others have also suggested something similar, everyone gets some challenge and satisfaction. The event can quite rightly offer something meaningful to everyone no matter what stage in the game they're at. That is what, in my opinion, events are for unless clearly stated otherwise. (If it has been then I am not aware of it and apologise for my oversight.)

    What you also have to bear in mind is that new players are coming into this on merged servers where a large percentage of the player base is very well established having been here for years and built themselves up into some of these 'real strong players'. That, in itself, can be very daunting and potentially off-putting (especially when they get one-shotted by said strong players) so coming up against an event like this, where many can barely get past the first few waves, may seem very unfriendly and unwelcoming indeed. The staged gate suggestion would go a long way to changing that.
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  13. omegalul

    omegalul User


    How the hell you are supposed to compete when you get always once/twice per day just because bp are so greedy and refuse to give us stable servers to play on?!
  14. For the people who have trouble with the "End-Waves" (38-42, 80-84, 122-126, etc)
    This might help you:

    This was recorded on the Waves 290-294, so everything below these waves should easily be doable with the same strategie.

    Of course these stages set a minimum requirement for your equipment.
    For Example:
    You cannot beat stage 290-294 with this strategie if you only have lf-3/ Lasers.

    YouTube Links are not allowed, sorry.
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  15. Quick query if you have the time, using the approach that you have so far, how did you attempt the reflector wave (290)? Since you have gone heavy on damage and hp, your shields won't be able to take many hits from them. Did you just load up heavy on the shields on ship/drones for that wave?

    I failed at 293 yesterday after a couple of stupid mistakes, my general strategy going through the gate until that point was to go heavy on the shields and hp bonuses and go in/out against harder hitting waves. This eventually failed on the singularity wave since I couldn't make up the damage I was taking quick enough.
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  16. My stuff is not the best but it's usable, the only trully hard aliens i found is the reflector mimesis and the singularity cyborgs mainly due to there skill (ended up failing on 83 because both emp and my healing skill was on a cooldown still) but ya going heavy on damage helps
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  17. I dont really go for shield in the gate. Even for the reflector. I used the same Configs (1 Full speed and DMG in drones (aka suicide-config) and the other Full Speed and Shield in drones) for them.

    All I did was a "hit&run", meaning I go close to them and shoot them while using EMp and instand-shields, when they wear off i fly back wand wait for their cooldowns to reset.
    Also, dragging them helps. Their range is about the same as the range of an Uber Kristallon, so if u can cycle the Uber Krissos (even if it's not perfertly) that is already a huge help to stay out of their range and still hit them constantly.

    I dont use EMP to cancel out the ability, I change the config so my shield config can "tank" the DMG of the ability.
    And heal back up with the solace ability and Repair Robots.

    I did record the reflector wave too, so i can edit it a bit and upload it aswell if you want to see how exactly I did it.

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  18. That makes sense, thank you for the explanation. I'll have another run through focusing more on damage instead and will see how it goes. No need to spend the time on the video, I understand.

    Many thanks.
  19. memrix

    memrix User

    For the weaker players and the lazy ones (like me), just do the first 32 waves, and kill yourself so you get 500 byte rewards, and good enough uri to be had, sttill plenty of time to collect enough to craft all bonus items
  20. I wish u the best of luck :)
    Funfact: Going more DMG heavy is also less ammo-consuming :D

    I agree with most of this, the only thing I disagree is the "good enough uri" part, the first 32 Waves give like 6 or 7k Uri thats not really that much...

    But unfortunately the weaker players do not have any other chance, cuz they can't get over stage 100.
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