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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Apr 8, 2020.

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  1. The problem with this statement is, the stronger players always dominate all events , even the ones you claim to be for "noobs" so now they have a more exclusive advantage and the weaker players still lose out over all.
    What they (DO) should have done is designed a two tiered event in which stronger players could only access on X-8 (LVL's 21,22,23 or higher. And have any players lower than that access on X-1 , with decent yet appropriate rewards .

    Don't give the "stronger players " anything easy. Not even to start off with .If these players are passing Wave 300 , then make the X-8 entry LVL start at the 300 wave difficulty and move up from there. Then we'll see how tough they really are or how many cry foul.

    Of course there is always some room for compromise on the exact starting lvl of an X-8 entry but , you get my point.

    If the stronger players want a more difficult event , THEN GIVE IT TO THEM, don't hand them the first half on a silver platter .

    On the X-1 entry, a lower lvl player would still have a chance at waves equaling X-8 gate , if he were able to get that far but can only enter on X-1.
    There are details in regards to boosters and % of drops but , those can be discussed later if you would like more specifics.
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  2. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    I generally don't let them go to the corners. I kill them mid map. That tactic got me now to wave 200.
    I find that having multiple in the corners, you risk getting a heavy dose of damage.
    (I get this tactic from regular gates also, so when I died, I didn't have to kill all aliens again. Which was of course when I was weaker. Now, none of the gates really give me any trouble)

    I also don't mean they should get way more shield. But I wouldn't mind getting at least 1 hit of my SAR-02.
  3. Kharelia

    Kharelia User

    I had a minor celebration last night - actually made it to my furthest wave yet - wave 18!!! I did only come back to the game a couple of weeks ago and only really get an hour or two per day to play so, considering my first four attempts I didn't get past wave 9, I consider that progress! ;)
  4. DukeMongo

    DukeMongo User

    For me, the gate is great. Beats the guarenteed rewrds for ABG and dullness of them all. Progress is slow on levels above 200 but the rewards make it worh it and your tactics have to be modified. Trying to outgun the NPC's just wont work.

    For all the 'lesser' or 'new' players, you HAVE to grind away at the game....thats the way it is. You cant expect to recieve big rewrds for llittle or no effort. You have to do gates to get ammo to progress through the events and thats how its been for ever. Most of the top players have played since day one of the game. Its their reward for their invested time.
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  5. Kharelia

    Kharelia User

    With respect, we're not asking for 'big rewards for little or no effort' and I do find statements like this a little insulting to be honest. I've not seen anyone actually saying or asking for this.

    What people, myself included, are saying is that we'd like to see the event being worth doing for everyone regardless of their level and/or strength so if that means different gates for different levels, as suggested by others, so everyone gets a decent and worthwhile challenge then fine! (In my opinion of course!)

    And may I remind you that this is a game? It's supposed to be fun! It doesn't matter if someone is a 'lesser' or 'new' player or a well seasoned one. While I respect the time taken for many well-established and seasoned players to get where they are, that doesn't mean that events should cater towards them alone.
  6. True i get what your saying and they usually do like VOT gate even a smaller player can jump in and use kami for a bunch of waves to get atleast some rewards like ammo, but some have to understand there is a limit to how small the player can be so if that said player can't get any where in this gate then maybe the game is trying to tell them they need to build there ships up more. This is also an opportunity for those players to get out to the maps they need to be on to do just that without being bothered by players looking for pvp. Just my thought's enjoy the game.
  7. Again , made it to wave 125. Then the Singularities got me.
    I've tried many variations of shields/speed . Can't seem to find the right combo to get passed this wave.
    There's no where on the map to run , distance doesn't matter .
    I do admit I am playing a bit conservatively . And try to avoid using up all my EMP's here.(if that even is the key) don't know?
    Thought about changing ships. But I like my Solace with it's three modules (red ,yellow , green)and I don't feel like re-doing it all over again after event ends.
  8. As you said, the range of the singularities is unlimited, for this reason I've found that by getting close and duking it out with them so to speak works well....hit them hard and fast. Conservative play doesn't seem to work against them. This method works for me hopefully it will for you too. GL.
  9. I posted a Video here with a strategie to beat them pretty easily.
    Unfortunately Youtube Videos aren't allowed in the forum anymore, but if you go on youtube and seach for "Dakorbit: "How to" Eternal Gate Wave 290-294" (that is the exact title of the Video( you can find it.
    Or on the Darkorbit Discord in the fac-creation section, it is posted there aswell.

    The strategie works for all "End-Waves" up to 333-336, I beat those Waves today.

    The Solace as ship is fine, with the Speed, 15%HP and 15% NPC-DMG Modules.
    The use of EMP and Instant-Shields, aswell as the energie-leech Tech is mandatory on these Waves, when exactly they are mandatory depends on your Equipment, but starting 123 I would at the very least recommend you to use the energie-leech tech.

    The higher you get the more Uridium you get out of the Gate, especially if you can get past the 123-126 "End-Waves", so using EMP is not a waste, because you will be able to buy them back tenfold.
    Using Instant-Shields is fine too, because the Demolition Cyborg occasionaly drop a huge ammount of ACM-Mines.
    I went from 2,4k Instant-Shields to 4,7k over the course of this Event, while constantly using them and the event is not even over yet.
  10. DukeMongo

    DukeMongo User

    But the event does cater for starts off easy and progressively gets harder!!! Depending on equipment/skill level/ammo/effort you will only get so far and the rewards will reflect that. I know its a game...been playing for 10 years nearly!!!

    Im sure if you look through the comments, you will see players are saying this is probably one of DO's better events FOR ALL!!!!
  11. DukeMongo

    DukeMongo User

    You need 2 different configs...1 for speed and 1 for battle.

    Speed, where you can flee, is what it says....all speed gens, all best lasers on your ship, 4 best lasers on drones and the rest shield gens on drones- equip your pet the best you can

    Battle, which you fight on, first 100 waves, all best shield gens on your ship, all best lasers on drones, any remaining best lasers on your ship - equip your pet the best you can
    After wave 100, you will need 6 speed gens on you battle to keep ahead of hard hitting npc's.

    Destroy singularities cyborg and demolition cyborgs quickly with best ammo.

    If the mines become too much, log out to your home map and then enter the gate again which will clear all the mines....

    If you need any more advise, post here or DM

    Good luck
  12. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    And this goes for anyone else having trouble

    You need to stay close and finish them fast. Using crab formation will direct all damage to your shields. You should be able to finish 2 of the Singularities with your speed side (Sabing/CBO the shields away and EMAA or x4/RSB combo the HP). Shields go fast, so don't sab long. Your battle config can start in Ring so you have a little more shield for them to pummel. When that's gone, crab again.
    Worst case scenario, Leech, battle rep bots, ISH and EMP. I managed to finish the first 3 stages (42, 84 and 126) without any of that just by using crab. I only had about 1mil shield going in, no boost.
  13. My configs for the whole Gate:
    Speed: Standard Speed Konfig (Ship Full Speed, Drones Full Shield)
    DMG: Suicide Config (Ship Full Speed, Drones Full DMG)

    For the End-Wave (39-42, 81-84, etc) I fly down left, use energie-leech when the cyborg are getting closer, cycle the Demolition there to keep my map free of mines, afterwards I kill the Shielded except 2 (to not spawn the Singularity immediately), I drag the 2 Shielded to the center kill 1 and then kill the Singularity.
    Given that i have Full Speed I can quite easy cycle them without getting hit, the energie-leech keeps my HP up when I occasionally fly through a mine while fighting the demolition and while the singularity do their Ability
    EMP/INSTA only if nessecairy.

    That config got me quite far:
  14. Kharelia

    Kharelia User

    I do genuinely respect what you're saying but I'm sure if you look through the comments, you will see some players are saying this event needs to be offered in a more tiered way to make it more appealing for newer/weaker players who may not even get to wave 18 - 20, for example; not just for the really strong ones who can make it to who knows what level.

    You just hit a nerve when you made out weaker/newer players wanted big rewards for little to no effort. That's simply not true at all, certainly not for me anyway. I'm a returning player and I hope to be sticking around for a while - although if I keep being hounded by really strong players who are looking for an easy kill (virtually one-shotted six times within the space of an hour and a half yesterday!), that may not stay the case! ;):p

    Have a great day. :)
  15. If you think this event “isn’t worth doing for everyone” you’re nothing short of a fool, with respect. And if you’re struggling to even finish once cycle then you’re simply not meant to do the gate yet. The entirety of the first cycle, and even the second cycle can be done with kami alone, let alone shooting. This game has become a billion times easier for noobs, to the point of coddling. There’s 0 excuse for not being able to do at least 1 cycle of the gate after playing for a month or so, and if you aren’t there then you aren’t there and that’s on you, not the game devs to sort out.
  16. I love how you contradict yourself. :D

    You are saying, the gate is for everyone, but at the same time you are saying that if someone can't beat the first round they aren't ready yet for the gate.

    What is it now, is it for everyone or is it not for everyone?

    This is not true at all. Depending mostly on the Server you play but also on how much you play and wether or not you are paying (even if it's only for premium) it is really difficult to even get to the "old FE" status. If you compare GE5 with GE1 or GA1 it's like day and night.
    A quick example of what I mean:
    On GE5 1 Iris costs you 5-10 Million Credits in the auction. On GA1 it's about 35-60 Million and on GE1 it's 70-120 Million!!

    So yeah, 1 month gives you the "old FE" on GE5 and therefore the ability to finish the first and second cycle of the gate, that might be true, but on GE1 or even GA1 that is just simly not the case!

    This is a statement that is not entirely true, but is also not entirely wrong. It has been made a little easier to build yourself up due to the double reward Sunday, but that is about all that changed to make it easier to newbies to build themselfs up.

    When you start a new Account you still get next to nothing to start out with (1 Piranha 3 BO2 Schields and 2 Spped Gens), NPC's are still giving the same low rewards as back in the day (but the costs to get to ufe are 20x higher then in 2008-2011/2012 due to the chance-based rewards), Gates still cost around 60-150k Uri (with the 30% Discount) on weekends depending on what Gate you play and how much spinning luck you have (A/B/G-Gates may be excluded here, because on weekends with 30% discount they are "free" on the other hand they give nothing to build up your ship except ammo), strong player (more than ever) still hunt the newbies down and nowadays even one-shot them, etc, etc, etc...

    This i can agree but it would take you 2 hours for the 2 cycles. And they give next to nothing in rewards. The rewards only start getting good from the 4th cycle onwards.

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  17. im on wave 42 and still not got any fragments, games a joke!!!
  18. Kharelia

    Kharelia User

    I have not resorted to calling anyone a fool, I have respected the opinions of other even when they have differed from mine. Perhaps you could do the courtesy of doing the same.

    Oh, and you speak of Kami - how many players who have only been back in the game for a couple of weeks - not a month, only get to play a couple of hours per day (if lucky) and spend very little to no money do you think will have kami as yet! Stop thinking as an established player and put yourself in the shoes of someone with a brand new account!!

    I need say nothing more since ԺäʍØΠⓓⓔⓡĦöĿŁΞ has done so already for which many thanks. :)
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  19. DukeMongo

    DukeMongo User

    you will only get fragments when you die in the gate.....the reward is based on how far you get!!
  20. Given that the weekend has now begun, the servers started lagging like crazy again and the entire next week the servers will still be lagging non-stop due to the double reward Event that will be held, going into the gate is no fun for me because I will die due to lags at around Wave 150 anyway.

    Which means for me the Event is over.
    Therefore I want to take the time and give my opinion and my Feedback for this Event.

    Where do I start...

    Ok, how about this:
    I want to thank Bigpoint for this amazing Event! This is in my opinion the best PVE-Event we ever had!
    It's something new that we haven't had before and it's absolutely great. The fact that the gate is endless and you get boosters to keep you somewhat strong enough, while not at all overpowering you is an amazing act of balancing (makes you wonder why Bigpoint struggles to balance out other parts of the game). To many boosts and it would be to easy, not enough and it would be way to difficult and no fun at all.

    It's not just simply mindless NPC-killing. The gate forces you to pay attention and plan out how you want to approach it. Especially the Reflector Mimesis and the "End-Waves" (with the Demolition, Shielded, Singularity and Phasing Cyborg NPC's) starting on wave 164 really start to get tricky.
    The gate starts off decently easy and gets more and more difficult over time. Getting to waves above 300 is a real challenge and a lot of fun at the same time.

    The rewards you get from the Gate are amazing. This is the most generous event to date. Getting 1 million Uridium per day is absolutely possible, on top of that you get a lot of ammo and mines as well as new techs. There is very little to be desired in terms of the rewards.

    It kinda feels like Bigpoint wanted to reward long-term players who had to endure quite a bit, especially over the last couple of weeks/months for their patience. While also giving the newer players some decent rewards. And whether that is the case or not all I can say is: I really appreciate it.


    Now to a less fun part for me: my critique.
    As I said before, I think this is the best PVE-Event we ever had, but even so there are a couple things I would like to point out.

    First: The lower level difficulty.

    Now don't get me wrong, I think the balance overall is great and does not need any changes.
    But at least the first cycle should be a little easier. As an absolute maximum, I would also make the second wave a little easier, but the rest fits as it is.
    That way everyone even really new players could enjoy at least 1 whole cycle of the gate. (I think that's not too much to ask for, is it?)

    Second: The accessibility/stability (That's not the fault of the Event though!!)

    What I want to say with this point is, the Servers need to be way more stable for an Event like this.
    During MHH the servers start lagging so bad that the event gate is barely playable. Now on weekends where we have the Gates-Events (special rewards & double rewards) so many "players" are going into the Galaxie Gates which ones again puts a lot of strain on the servers and makes it impossible to play the Event Gate.

    It's no fun when you have to wait for these things to be over, just to be able to get in the Gate for 1 hour before the next "server-overloading" Event takes place.
    E.g: Yesterday (Friday) we had a Helix hour from 18-21, then the Invasion from 19-22 and then at 23:59 the special-rewards Event for Saturday started, so we only had 1 an a half hour (from 10:30 pm to 11:59pm) to actually play the event gate lag-free!

    The Servers need to be fixed for an Event loke this, or maybe cancel all other events over the course of this event.
    Because the higher you get the more important are good server and good connectivity, because literally everything from 291 onwards can one-shot you!
    There is nothing more frustration than loosing the Gate on wave 374 (thats what happened to me, and I would assume to many others too) only because the Game-Servers can't handle the workload!
    Especially when you know, you could have beaten that stage "easily" if it was not for those damn lags all the time!

    Third: The Battle Pass/Assembly/Eternal-Gate-Window Bugs

    The Bugs are a pain in every event, and I am not even angry about the bug where Bytes don't count for the Battlepass, or Keys don't count. Those things are unfortunate but they do not really impact the Gameplay. and can be fixed quite fast (as happened during this event).
    No, those little bugs are still fine with me (although they should not exist in the first place).

    What I am a little angry about is the constant "black-screen" in the Windows mentioned above.
    When I can't see any of my Battle pass objectifs, how am I supposed to do them?
    When I cannot craft Seprom in the assembly, how am I supposed to beat the waves from 290 onwards?
    When I can't see my boosters how am I supposed to chose one?

    This is a bug, that really impacts the gameplay, and even makes it impossible to play further at some point and this has to be fixed as soon as possible!


    And with that, my Feedback is over.
    But I won't leave without making one suggestion:

    How about we make this Event an annual Event?
    Like with the VoT (Vortex of Terror), that Event also gets repeated every year and the players are always happy when it comes back.
    I think the Eternal Gate Event also deservs to return every now and then.
    I am sure most people would like that, and everyone (even the newbies) can then challenge themselfs to beat their record form the year before.
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