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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Apr 8, 2020.

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  1. Luna47

    Luna47 User

    Got battlepass, completed objectives, clicked collect button, no ship design...
  2. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    You completed all 15 objectives? Take this up in the Technical Event Issues if that's the case.
  3. I just wanted to thank all those who replied with helpful advise.
    Don't know if I will try again , but if I do then at least I have something to work with besides trial and error.
  4. My only comment on this is, I noticed , if you haven't already, that the black screens come back and work after you jump the Eternal gate portal. However I tried jumping at other portals and it did not work. So the black screen is some how connected to Eternal gate.
    Still, very annoying.
    I wanted to collect some upgrades which had finished in assembly but, had to wait until I jumped EG and finished the current wave.
  5. Rossi

    Rossi User

    Finally event for normal players and not just boters or event that is dependent on players you are playing with.
    Nice rewards, doable if you know how to do it and you don't even need ammo to do it, because of the boosters. Only problem I have with are lags. This is the only with that killed the event.
    Lost 4 gates on good progress because of lags. And today lost one life on wave 400, because of it. The sad thing is, if you get a single lag on wave like this, you are dead with only one shot. Still have one life left, but we can play only from 11 pm to 10 am without lagging.

    I hope we will see more events like this, where you play just for yourself and boters have no chance.
  6. I was wondering if this event gate was truly unlimited in the amount of waves or is there a maximum limit set?
  7. I want to know when i can play the event, by the time i get home from work the game doesn't work right and is full of lag so i have to wait for restart and on my server that's 9:30 p.m. no chance to finish all the missions and try for top rank. Game been broke for almost a week now.
  8. I think there is no end, GE5 is at 496 max and thats not the last wave cuz its in the middle of a cycle.
    So if there were an end, the first it could be is at 504.
    But I doubt there is an end to it cuz that would defeat the prurpose of the gate (being eternal).
  9. The rewards for the first round should be better, they felt like the worst ones compared to the efforts. I have tried the gate with LCB only (and without a PET), but it‘s impossible to get past through the Reflector Mimesises. The NPCs should drop more and better laser ammo (especially the event one) instead of a huge amount of weird mines and SAB, which is not that useful in this gate. Also the byte drops could be bigger too.

    IMO the different choices for the boosters should be somewhat equal. Tiny percentages for HP or rocket damage can‘t compete with the laser damage.
  10. I can't even handle the trashy game experience i have been getting every night i come home login like today almost get a headache from all the lag and ship freezing and unfreezing and stop's shooting it's just a joke at this point. I might come back when event and double gg are over cause game is riddled with problems for over a week now and seems nobody at BP is capable to fix them. Also looks like i will not be completing all the objectives so might think next time before i buy the battlepass
  11. To be fair the first round is the easiest and pretty easily doable even with only old FE equipment and LCB-10 ammo (only the singularity require a better ammo). So I don't think the rewards have to be increased.
    However I would like to see a small decrease in the difficulty of the first round, so people who do not even have the old FE equipment also have a chance of passing at least 1 whole round.

    The only wave you can't get past with LCB-10 ammo are the singularity cyborg because you are lacking the DMG to leech your HP back (with the energy-leech tech) fast enough to "outheal" the singularity ability.
    The reflectors might take a bit of time but they are very much doable with LCB-10.

    The higher you get the more ammo you get (up to 60k UCB / EMAA or 130k CBO or 440k SAB form 1 single NPC), increasing the ammo even further would make this even way to profitable.
    I mean if we would increase the reward of the first round from 1k to 2k emma/ucb that would give you 120k on waves 330ish and 260k on 370ish not to mention you could get 1 million sab easily on wave 330ish and 2 million on 370 ish waves (just imagin the ammount if you can get past 400ish) that would blow everything out of balance.
    And whilst the first 2 rounds really are kinda stingy in regards to ammo, starting from the 3rd round you will get more than enough.
    SAB is given due to it's imporante in PVP (PET-SABbing, which is quite a dumb/useless tactic imo) and even in PVE sab is always nice to have. Mines are the same, great imporance in PVP so they are given in high quantity.

    The ammount Byte drops are imo fine too, because all you want to craft are the modules anyway. The AA-1 Lasers are useless and even the AAP-1 Lasers (Pet-version) are only really good when you have 12 of them in your pet and all the NPC-DMG protocols equipped, otherwise they are also quite lackluster in DMG even tho they have 500 Base DMG.
    Getting 4 times to 101 already gives you enough Bytes to craft all the modules.
    When you can't get that far, getting 16 times to 31 is also enough, given you need to go into the gate 20 times for the Battlepass anyway thats not to much either.
    And getting to 31 is really no big deal at all, cuz all the difficult waves on the round start at 38.

    All Boosters are equal, you can find 5% / 10% and 15% boosters for HP, Laser-DMG, Shield and Rocket-DMG.
    Aswell as 4% /8% /12% for general DMG and 5% for Speed and Cooldown.

    If you don't get a lot of 15% HP/ shield, then thats just bad luck.

    Rocket DMG is useless anyway because the base DMG of rockets is way to low to be any good, so you should never choose those boosters at all.
  12. well it is a good gate for ammo however the lag is horrible. it seems that the saboteur gets me many times, i lose connection when i jump gate. i lose hotkey function and i have to reset keyboard. when you lose a life early in the gate it is hard to get very far. there are players that are afk in upper maps and they get plenty of EMAA ammo. when other events are on like capture the bacon and spaceball, the lag gets worse.
    it may seem like i am complaining however i do enjoy doing the gate.
  13. omegalul

    omegalul User

    good event completely ruined by bad administration. server lag makes the event unplayable at ge1 for about 60-70% of the day, and even the playable time being filled with disconnecting and desyncing. On morning you get disconnects, on mid day you get lag spikes and disconnect, evening you get lag spikes, disconnect and desync, and late evening you get stuck to portal jump without able to play at all. i was in top10 of the event, and lost my top10 only because servers are unplayable trash pretty much around the clock. Some temporary fixes for the duration of the event could have been to have several server restarts per day or give players more lifes to gate - did either of them happen? of course not. Not to mention battlepass half of the time not counting byte remnant or being just completely blank, assembly being broken 80% of the day, r-zone unavailable

    No wonder why majority of players are using cheats when nobody in bigpoint care from the game!
  14. The reason that gate lags so bad is because somany zombies are flocking to that gate 24hrs a day.
  15. omegalul

    omegalul User

    Oh if it was only the event gate, this keeps affecting our whole server.
  16. The event seems to be ok but the game play isn't i don't think they are really capable to fix the game they just allow bot's and programs to hinder the advancement of any legit players to get them to spend more money to compete while allowing others to flourish with the use of bot's and not only that maybe the game lag would be less if there wasn't like 1 player with 4 or more account's on botting all at the same time. DO doesn't see that? come on the truth they reallly don't care about how well the game works or even who plays they only care about the money, and yes they are a company so yes they should care if they are making money but they should also care about following their own rules and regulations. Anyways enough said i am staying logged out during any full week of double gg or laggy event's anymore and if BP is ok with that then soon there will be another legit player that will never have interest in the game again.
  17. Rossi

    Rossi User

    Does that mean, those lasers are going to be totally useless and we will never use them? They were good for Mimesis event, but not for Eternal gate. Are we supposed to get rid of them because there will never be event which will use these lasers or should we keep them and just get rid of those, we don't need. I have 4 ships and PETs full of those lasers, so...
  18. You are not supposed to do anything, you can do something with them if you want to.

    I personally see the recepies as a hint that these events won't come back.
    However you can craft the event ammo with your lasers so its kinda contradicting my theorie.

    Whatever happens I will destroy all my 36 AA-1 Lasers for whatever it is that we can craft with them, but I will keep the AAP-1 lasers just in case these events eveer come back.
    The AA-1 lasers were useless anyway and a wasted craft, only the PET version was kinda usefull.

    Why ? :eek:
  19. Alittle more clarification from the team would help. And I can see alot of us are open to "NPC only lasers" for future events. While this would give player an option to faster clearspeed/rewards gain it would also not be "the new best laser" and leave those chasing the top rewards at a disadvantage in open maps should that be the place for events. But since this is the feedback I have to state the obvious and very repetitive problem. (The zombies) who plague the game still gain more across the board.
  20. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    I'm not a fan of the amount of NPC specific ammo and weaponry
    Demaner ammo made sense, but if they keep going, it's going to get out of hand
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