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  1. How on earth are we meant to make any decent progress in this eternal gate then this game runs like a bag of crap and is constantly lagging and freezing up! in eternal on the higher waves it only takes 1 hit and you are dead so this means that this game has to be running 100% perfect all the time whilst you are in there otherwise you die and all your effort has been wasted!
    Like literally just 1 second of lag or freeze and its game over.
    Tones of ammo wasted and time wasted!
    So irritating.

    You received 8 Indoctrine Accelerator(s).
    You received 9,000 Black Light Shard(s).
    The connection to the server was lost.

    Nothing wrong with my connection at all its perfect, this game is so unstable that having 1 life only in eternal is ridiculous.

    If you die in there due to connection lost because the server is so bad then the game should save the progress instead of having to start all over again!
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    Hello @DEXTER-MORGAN ,

    Are you playing on a server located in your geolocated region (ie - North America playing on 145 - US West), or a server in a different continent from your playing location?
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