Everything You Need to Know to be Full Elite DISCONTINUED

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    This thread + video series is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions or topics you would like me to address or make a video on, please reply below!

    In compliance with the forum's new guidelines regarding external links, I will not be posting either embedded nor direct links to my videos. To find them, you will have to search up the respective video title shown in the "Video Schedule" below. Alternatively, you can find previously linked videos in the linked thread below. From there, you can find my channel. Thank you!

    Some of you guys may know me from this thread: Darkorbit | Guide to Full Elite (ENDED)

    Despite its "popularity," I was left unsatisfied with the overall result. Poor video and audio quality, and many of the videos were far too long, with information being completely disorganized and thrown out everywhere.

    This is going to be a new series, where I will be going in-depth with every game mechanic, with each mechanic being dedicated its own video, making sure I cover every little detail a player MUST know in order for them to quickly* become Full Elite! No nonsense blabbering, no excess gameplay. Just short and sweet to the point!

    *As fast as possible without spending a dime ;)

    BUT, some topics will take time to explain, although the videos will not be any longer than necessary to explain said topic!

    Live Time
    Video Title
    April 130800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know to be Full Elite (FE)Completed
    April 200800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About the HangarCompleted
    April 270800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About the SkylabCompleted
    May 040800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About the Auction + ShopCompleted
    May 110800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About the ForumsCompleted
    May 180800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About the Skill TreeCompleted
    May 250800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About the Galaxy GatesCompleted
    June 080800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About QuestsCompleted
    June 182200
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About Ships & DesignsCompleted
    June 290800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About Ores & BoostersCompleted
    July 060800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About ShieldsCompleted
    July 130800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About Weapons & AmmoCompleted
    July 270800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About Booty BoxesCompleted
    August 100800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About Drones + FormationsCompleted
    August 240800
    Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About ExtrasCompleted
    Air Date
    Live Time
    Video Title
    TBA080016Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About the P.E.T. 10ABANDONED
    TBA080017Darkorbit | Everything You Need to Know About UpgradingABANDONED
    Last Updated: June 27, 2021

    UPDATE JUNE 2024:
    I've returned to the game. Give me some time to re-learn everything. Looks like there are new metas now that practically discredits quite a bit of the information in the videos above, especially when it comes to LF3s & LF4s.

    *Video Status will be depicted as white, yellow or green, depending on whether the video is planned, in progress, or completed, respectively.
    **Air dates subject to change, please keep an eye on the Schedule
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  2. If you haven't seen already, first video is now live!

    It covers all the requirements that need to be met in order to be considered as Full Elite, plus some minor bits of info to keep in mind as you start building up your account. Starting next week, videos are going to be fun!
  3. Second video of the series is now up!

    It covers all of the hangar's features, shortcuts to equip items quickly and how to teleport maps!!
    One thing I forgot to mention, if your hangar glitches and you can't equip anything; DELETE CONFIGURATIONS!
  4. Tune in to the sixth video coming this Monday! It will feature good information you'll need to know for the Skill Tree!
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    hey, where can i find the videos?
  6. They will be on my channel, just search for the titles listed above. Doing that much is borderline against the Forum's rules, as I am not allowed to directly link you the video, nor advertise my channel.
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  8. Yes, but outside links are not allowed. You may want to remove that before a mod sees it.
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    They don't qualify that as an "outside link" as the information is approved by DarkOrbit. But now that you've said something, some person who isn't aware of that is going to remove it anyway.
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    seeing as it's still there, i think you're good
  11. Funny; I quoted DarkOrbit's Official Facebook page and it still got removed :(
    Oh well, hope it does stay up! Thank you!
  12. Hey KilerStreak, ~Space-MedAide20~; Space-Ranger73 here.
    Correct me if I'm wrong. It's been a while since I've played, but upon completing the preemptive strike mission, if I travel to other worlds not my own; for example, to mars or earth if started on venus or mars and /or venus if started on earth, I will be targeted by enemy players, correct?
  13. Hey, you need to update your starter guide. The price of the LF-2 laser now costs uri and they don't have the sgnb-01 or 02 anymore.
  14. Hey guys! Just wanted to let y'all know what the upcoming video (Ships & Designs) will be delayed. It has quite a large some of info that I cannot finish on time yet :)
    Yes, that is correct!
    Yup, I caught that the prices changed, and the 01 and 02 are still available, but they have moved into the Assembly :)
  15. The Leonov is no longer available or seen in the auction and/or in the shop
  16. Hey y'all! Video is currently uploading as we speak! Be on the look out for a video covering the game's ships & designs! If there is anything y'all want me to change in the video, let me know, and I can apply it to future iterations :)

    Items that you can only own one of (such as ships) will not appear in the shop nor auction. It's a new thing they added, but haven't mentioned.
  17. Little update: Video on shields will be coming out Monday! Following that video, it'll be talking about weapons! Be on the lookout!

    And changed the last entry video from talking about the Pirate maps to the Booty Keys. I'm sure those of you that have been holding off on using the keys until I talked about have quite a bit amassed by now!
  18. Pushing June 20's Booty Boxes video over to the 27; got two finals this week I'm preparing for, so there may or may not be another video in it's place :oops:
  19. Monday's video on Booty Boxes is set to go live!
    Plus, I've updated the list on upcoming videos: Drones & Formations, Extras (Equipment), P.E.T. 10, and Upgrading.

    LET ME KNOW: Are there things you would like me to make a video instead of the the ones listed above? Everything will still be covered, what matters is what you guys want me to teach you about first/soon as possible!
  20. So it's been nearly a year since I have last uploaded anything for Darkorbit. School's taking quite a lot.
    A lot of things have changed since then, so I'm wedged between two paths. Since this is a guide for reaching FE only, shall I only explain about things necessary & important for the new players? Save the extra stuff for another time, perhaps for a UFE series? But then, that would completely take away from the entire "Everything You Need to Know" title :rolleyes:

    It will still be a while before I even get close to uploading much of anything for the game. There's been a lot of knew content pushed out that I need to catch up and understand on before I can continue making videos, so you won't be seeing anything Darkorbit for a hot bit.