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  1. Oessian

    Oessian Community Team Team Darkorbit

    DO FAQ Ship.jpg

    General information:
    The Ship Plus update is here! The latest breakthrough in materials research has made ship upgrades possible. You can now upgrade your Goliath, Liberator, and Citadel ships to their stronger Plus variants. Collect Diametrions, the material needed to perform these upgrades, from Galaxy Gates, and Dispatches, and prove yourself to be the most fearless pilot in the galaxy!

    You’ll find 3 brand-new recipes in the Assembly to upgrade your ships. Among other resources, each recipe needs your existing ship to build the brand-new Plus variant of it. This means, your existing ship will be expanded and you cannot use the old ship anymore!

    Please note: The ship designs for the old ship cannot apply to the new Plus variant of the ship! But on the other hand, the new ship will have awesome new benefits, like an upgrade of the base stats of the original ships to increase their effectiveness, new skills, and all upgraded ships will have an additional module slot!

    If you still want to use the original ships and their ship designs after you upgraded them to the Plus variant, you can buy them back in the shop or via auction.

    The new and upgraded Goliath Plus, Liberator Plus and Citadel Plus ships can be chosen in your hangar after the upgrade is done. There will be more ships to be upgraded in the future but to introduce the feature, we’re starting with these 3 ships.

    Goliath Plus:

    The veteran battlecruiser has been given an upgrade! Now equipped with new abilities, the hot-shot pilots' choice ship has never been more ready take on the perils of space. The ship improves its own P.E.T.10 HEAT abilities as well as its own stats modifiers.

    Ship information

    · HP: 356,000
    · Nanohull: 356,000
    · Speed: 330
    · Laser Slots: 18
    · Generator Slots: 18
    · Special Slots: 4
    · Rocket Launchers: 1
    · Ship Modules Slots: 4
    · Cargo Space: 1,500​

    Skill: HEAT Enhancement

    This is a passive skill that enhances all P.E.T. 10 abilities by 5% as well as base stats of Goliath Plus by a max of 5%.

    - Effect: The increment per stat increases by 1% per HEAT level for both P.E.T. 10 abilities as well as Goliath Plus stats
    o From a base of 1% to a max of 5%
    o The stat increment will be part of the final sum of all buffs/debuffs​

    - The Goliath Plus base stats are referring to:
    • NPC Damage
    • PvP Damage
    • Hitpoints
    • Shield penetration
    • Laser hitchance
    • Evasion

    Liberator Plus:

    The battle-tested Liberator has been greatly enhanced to survive the cold, dark space. The ship is able to escape tricky situations with its Self Repair ability.

    Ship information

    · HP: 275,000
    · Nanohull: 275,000
    · Speed: 350
    · Laser Slots: 12
    · Generator Slots: 12
    · Special Slots: 4
    · Rocket Launchers: 1
    · Ship Modules Slots: 4
    · Cargo Space: 1,500

    Skill: Self Repair

    Self Repair allows you to gradually restore the HP of your own ship

    • 35,000 HP per second on Liberator Plus ship that used it
    • The Healing Beam is interrupted by JAMX effect. The JAMX Effect also prevents the Liberator Plus ship to use this skill.
    • Duration: 10s
    • Cooldown: 100s

    Citadel Plus:

    The Citadel has been strengthened and is now designed to be nearly impenetrable, ensuring it comes out of every battle unscathed. The ship is now bolstered by the new Prismatic Endurance ability, adding on to its existing repertoire of Draw Fire, Protection, Travel and Fortify abilities.

    Ship information

    · HP: 700,000
    · Nanohull: 700,000
    · Speed: 250
    · Laser Slots: 10
    · Generator Slots: 20
    · Special Slots: 5
    · Rocket Launchers: 2
    · Ship Modules Slots: 4
    · Cargo Space: 4,000​

    Skill: Prismatic Endurance

    Reduces enemy laser damage by 80% to your ship and resists Shield Penetration from enemy ships
    • This skill can be interrupted by JAMX effect. The Citadel Plus can also be prevented from using the skill by a JAMX that has been fired by an enemy.
    • Duration: 25s
    • Cooldown: 200s

    ShipGoliath Plus 1 1,000,000 Uridium
    500 IAC
    2,500 Diametrion
    1x Goliath Ship
    Once12 hours
    ShipLiberator Plus 1 1,000,000 Uridium
    2,000 Diametrion
    1x Liberator Ship
    Once12 hours
    ShipCitadel Plus 1 1,000,000 Uridium
    2,500 Diametrion
    1x Citadel Ship
    Once12 hours
    New resource: Diametrion

    The new resource that is needed for each upgrade can be collected in various locations. It’s a recent discovery which the scientists have leveraged into a material that enhances famous battle cruisers: Diametrion!

    It can be collected via Galaxy Gate rewards, and from Dispatches. Please check the updated FAQs for Galaxy Gates, the Retriever feature and the Pirate Map expansion to see how many resources you can get.
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  2. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Here is some additional information on the ship modules and their use on the new Ship Plus Update:

    Q: Can the existing ship upgrade modules and unstable ship upgrade modules be used on the Ship Plus variants?
    A: The ship upgrade modules that you are owning can immediately be equipped onto the new Ship Plus variants. Here’s an overview of the ship upgrade modules that can be used on the Citadel Plus and the Goliath Plus ships (there aren’t any ship upgrade modules for Liberator Plus for now):

    Citadel Plus:
    • DMG-MTCH01
    • HP-C01
    • SHD-C01
    • SPC-C01
    • SPC-C02
    Goliath Plus:
    • DMG-GP01
    • DMG-SG01
    • SHD-GOL01
    • SPC-XP02
    • SPC-SPD01
    The unstable ship upgrade modules that you‘re already owning cannot be equipped on the new Ship Plus. You need to craft new unstable ship upgrade modules if you wish to use them on the new Ship Plus variants. This means that if you already crafted unstable ship upgrade modules e.g. for Citadel, they cannot be used for Citadel Plus but you need to craft a new one.

    Your DarkOrbit Team
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  3. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Here is some additional information on the ship modules and their use on the new Ship Plus Update:

    Q: Does the Hades gate also give Diametrion or only the gates that can be done via Dispatch?
    A: The Hades gate is a group gate and it cannot be done via Dispatch. The gates that give out Diametrion are only the ones that can be done via Dispatch. Therefore, the answer here is, no, the Hades gate is not giving out Diametrion. But perhaps we can change this in a future update. If so, there will be an information in our forums about it.
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