Galactic Strife and Black Light Rankings Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by SirThrills, Sep 10, 2021.

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  1. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the Galactic Strife and Blacklight Rankings.

    Your DarkOrbit Team
    (Reminder, this is not the place for off-topic posts and player questions. This thread is reserved for feedback regarding this event.)

    KILABOT™ User

    Galactic Strife OBJECTIVE is decent for newbies. Reward is Great. Just please remove the 200 enemy kills coz its un-achievable if someone not using a push kill. Event map is good as empty everyday.
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  3. [​IMG]

  4. sssdda

    sssdda User

    Fever says It applies in Normal "HITAC" maps, not "Galactic Strife" maps. did you just reused Fever description?
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  5. Haven't found anything in mission control, probably refers to battle pass objectives related to black light unfortunately
  6. I think the battle-pass objectives are great for players having purchased the battle-pass. If you haven't, most of the objectives aren't really worth your time. Maybe increase the free objective rewards slightly ?

    I would also like to politely complain about two objectives. First, the "kill 200 enemies". There are not enough players on the pvp maps, and the ones you find are extremely strong (no chance for the average player). Second, the "spend 10 hours on galactic strife maps". 10 hours is a bit too long I think. I find myself hanging around doing nothing just to finish this objective which isn't a lot of fun..

    Thank you for your time !
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  7. Funny that my post's are removed when this player is saying anyone who achieves this mission of 200 kills is pushing i can't believe this post is still here.
    I do think DO needs to control the game more by actually managing the cheaters the game can be very fun at times but the state of the game at this point pushes some great players away.
    The event's are fun if they just cleaned up some aspects of it.
  8. Why do you have PVP events on the PVE server??? also on the pve server you can kill 200 enemies.. they are called Saturn Golith,spectrum. etc etc.
  9. fagevuur

    fagevuur User

    world wijd only serv to controle pvp mode youre zelf othere serv every one good schoot you enny time at al ,, worldwijdt its only posseble if you are in pvp mode ,, so far i now ,,,
  10. but you can't bcz a lot of autobots killed ncp's so fast and they are strong enough to do eveything before you think about that
  11. KILABOT™

    KILABOT™ User

    haha, dont put too much emotions in here. telling the truth wont hurt them as long its all true. thats called feedback.
  12. Don't be too sure of that. Also i am trying that mission kill200 and am at 85 or so your right it is tough but i think you will need to spend more time in pvp map to find the players who are alone or just a couple players together. Hopefully i can complete that mission is my last on for BP.
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  13. Completing 10 hours is a chore and a half. I like many will not have the time to do it with having to do other things in game and do things in real life. Be better if the maximum time was 4 hours. Either way, cheaters bot their hours and steal the rewards from the objectives.

    Top 5 of eternal ranks, cheating players known to bp who will be rewarded for their positions after botting their accounts to whatever level they are at for strength etc. Nothing changes while the folk at bp continue to blissfully bury their heads in the ground of denial while allowing the cheaters to keep cheating and to keep their stolen superior level of strength for their ships/PET's to permanently benefit from it because bp foolishly believes this is fair to protect the money the cheaters also spend on the game across their many botted accounts across different servers. :(

    Uridium reduced during the second run in eternal gate a while back because of the cheating, players cheating on invokes to steal cpu's to get into gate so us innocent players get hit with collective punishment in reductions in rewards that have no impact on the cheaters and means us innocent players get less for our hard work.

    Now there's no point doing the strokelight at wave 102 as no uridium from it. Might as well pop to it and try and get strokelight in BL map for the uridium.

    No point doing the Attends after the 2 uber BKs (second run) as no uridium from them anymore. The only reason I still bother with the is for the Rinusk.

    Same thing has happened with the daily Halloween gate, two years in a row, reductions in uridium from it because of the players botting it. Will the uridium rewards be reduced again this year because of the cheating players ruining things for us who do not cheat? :(

    Excessive hard work for less and less in rewards for us honest players when the folk at bp could easily put a permanent minimum 70% reward reduction sanction on the accounts of cheaters so us honest players can continue to benefit from original rewards while deleting 100% of everything from the cheaters accounts once every four months, especially those stolen ships/drones/designs, lasers, rocket launchers and shields that they botted the resources for. But the folk at bp think it is unfair on the cheating players to actually punish them properly like this for their cheating that they now permanently benefit and prosper from! :mad::(
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