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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Aug 12, 2019.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space pilots,

    Please give us your thoughts and feedback from the Galactic Strife event and specifics on what you encountered.
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  2. **Scarab**

    **Scarab** User

    seriously do you guys live on this planet, another pvp event, why waste the time just give the rewards to the cheats AGAIN !!
    you just have no conception of a good balanced game !
  3. ...mate the event hasnt event started. Just try to be happy with the new content, im sure you can get a few of the rewards/drones by killing those who shall not be named (aka bots)
  4. king-api

    king-api User

    it will be started after server restarts 13 july middle of day
  5. Rawlinson

    Rawlinson User

    Well its started thanks for that as if i,m going to get anything from it, as usual its only for the top players
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  6. Once again an event that does nothing to help with balancing the game or becoming more inviting for players, just to try and get people to buy things they don't need to and most won't (this time it's Battle Pass), I swear, they are taking ideas from Valve and thinking it's gonna work on a game that's no where near as big.

    Just stop wasting time already with this kind of crap and balance PvP, then people will want to do it without some useless extra drone cosmetics.
  7. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I find the hermes drone design actually quite useful, saves a ton of time and uri for not having to do kappa all over again.
  8. Another event for the cheaters, either they are using ammo or equip got from botting or they auto lock you. No chance for the fair players! Will DO never learn, shame, I guess I will be taking a break from the game for the rest of August.
  9. I would say that this event is one of the worst.
    Yes, we all love pvp and we get to pop botters for rewards, but the rewards are so bad..

    The problem im having is that all of these events will ALWAYS reward the top players, who, BY THE FACT, HAVE EVERYTHING ALREADY!

    If DO would make events in brackets, based on levels, it would be more fun for everyone and it would atleast be competitive.
    Right now this isn't competitive at all, top players pop everyone and get everything, as always.

    That is why PVE events make more sense, even though they do the same thing, REWARD THE TOP PLAYERS.
    But atleast players get something from npc killing and quests..
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  10. pellican33

    pellican33 User

    From a total of 32 maps,I was just wondering if this event is taking place in the outer 23 systems (Battle Maps) ??
    Or does it include the three,very unsafe & highly dangerous for noobs as it is,home systems ??
    I`m a little concerned that many more high lvl heros will now kill my noobs ass much more than usual (although its a constant occurence).
    I can only imagine that this unhappy process will greatly increase,as the noob killers will now get a reward for doing so.
    Good job devs :rolleyes:
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  11. Hate to break it to ya, but the event is taking place on x-2 maps aswell!
  12. Is a good chance for everyone who doesn't want to pvp to learn evasive maneuvers. Will always even when your top dog to need this skill.
  13. Once a player has been locked, only evasive maneuver is to run and jump (good chance you won't have time to do that in 4-x maps). It was nice to see they actually called it a PVP event though.
    Now I have to use the routine of go into the log in for the daily then log out and wait for event to end.
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  14. Another DO own goal, so sad!
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  15. Yay already done the "Let the enemy damage your ship for xxx damage" quests. Thanks.
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  16. What kinda crap is this it takes me 5-6 ship kills to get upwards of 60 pooints and i get killed once and loose all 60 points? Really i earn points for rewards and BP taketh away grrr this game is almost at the end of it's rope i think count me out of your scamming event where you make all top players use all their ammo to win a bloody event. Incase you have forgotten not all your players are bots some of us actually choose not to cheat but it seems DO is gonna force us all to go the way of the bot if they don't stop this crap.
  17. Extend PvP Protection to all players, not just under level 17. Even us level 20+ don't want to participate.
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  18. It's really a toss of a coin some players i get point's for some I don't some are more some are not. Some kill me i loose lots some kill me i hardly loose anything. Just hard to figure out what they want you to kill.
    If a player is on a pvp map and you kill them why don't you get points?
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  19. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Not bad DO.
    I haven't killed anyone and haven't been killed by anyone but have lost 40 of the 500 points i started out with.,.

    I think my garden is going to see some much needed love for the duration of this farce of an event.,.

    Edit - Used 29 cloaks - yet only have 23/25 Activate cloak CPU
    Such a shame you can't get the simplest things right.,.
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  20. the event has a major flaw if someone logs in once they get 500 points if they dont log back in durring event or only log in on base they will have 500 points at end of event while most people who actualy played will have less than 500
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