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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, May 12, 2020.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

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  2. MagicTime

    MagicTime User

    As I understand, both Sentinels Design will only be available in the ranking with Rufs and once the ranking
    I think it's a shame thought there will be one in the Battle Pass
    the smaller players have no chance then on the design :(
  3. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Oh dear another cannon fodder event for the overpowered top players, won't be playing much this month then.
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  4. Kharelia

    Kharelia User

    Am I right in thinking this even will be taking place on the home maps (x2-8)?

    If so, then with any luck, the bots will be popped!! Oh wait... many of these so-called really strong players with all the bells and whistles, don't go after the bots; they go after the weaker players (who tend to be actual people like me playing) they can one-shot after sneaking up on them while cloaked (which, I'm sorry, is not PVP!!).

    Since I came back after my break I've gotten sick of the one-shotting by these players and also of the maps being swamped by bots. Events like this just make it worse if it is going to be on the home maps.

    So I agree with this:

    I may not even bother coming back to be honest - and yes I know it won't bother anyone. Such a shame, the game has such potential to do so much for all types of players.

    So some constructive feedback for Deter - might be good to make sure this event takes place on the PVP maps (4-1 etc) so those who don't wish to take part in it don't have it forced on them. If this is already the case then I apologise for not knowing that.
  5. The ranking system for those rank points only works in pvp maps, im unsure about the kills though
  6. Kills count everywhere (Or at least they did last time around) every time I get popped on home map, I lose reputation.
  7. Rossi

    Rossi User

    This is the worst event of all.
    Just a bunch of n00bs jumping out of cloack in suicide confs with autolock and autoRSB with friends in group to give them boost.
    Not to mention one of the worst rewards from battle pass.
    Don't repeat this event ever again.
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  8. Although i was participating on previous Galactic Strife, i am fully disappointed of this. But i am not disappointed of the event,as for the manner some players take advantage of it. To be more specific, I play many hours to take a good score etc and some "clever" people make a 2nd account,they give the score to it and after they take the score back to 1st account ... Or If they are playing for Reputation/Kill they make 10 kills on their account with high-score and they are in top10. So, why Bigpoint let the interaction between accounts and don't punish them? That's what i have to tell. The purpose of events is to have fun!
  9. anduril

    anduril User

    This event causes problems on all the maps for those, like me, who are not at all interested in it. Before the event started, it is bad enough doing BL missions or even just farming some cubicons. Players wait cloaked for your shields / hull to be low and then pop you. That is cheap, and not PvP, as has been stated in posts above.

    Before you tell me to get skills or experience I am level 25, UFE, and usually okay in the maps. But not with this madness.

    So, since during this event my normal play is impacted, I'm not flying. Not spending money on uri, doing missions, or anything else. I'm taking a break :)

    This exact feedback was given the last time this event ran, i.e. limit this to battle maps so that those who want to participate can, and those that don't can opt out. But that constructive feedback apparently fell on deaf ears.

    So see you next month DO. Maybe.

  10. Yep, agree and good idea. I have a non UFE ship, and seem to be constantly out of seprom because I play every day and it runs out fast. I think this will be a good time to take a time out from the game and build up some resources on my ship.

  11. omegalul

    omegalul User

    Useless to participate in event, people pushing on their miniaccounts to block rewards from anyone else. 0/10
  12. I wanna thank BP for banning Event-Rank 1 and 2 on GE5. :)
    It was so obvious he pushed, and seeing him gone for now is at least giving me hope for the rest of the event.

    But knowing BP, I already expect this to be just a temporary ban, I hope you guys (BP) at least considered the length of the event and banned him until after the event is over. :rolleyes:
    I do not want to see him back unbanned during the last 2-3 days of the event....

    I also don't quite get why you left this guy's main account unbanned. All of his accounts should have been banned. Not just the ones he pushed with.

    but hey its a babystep in the right direction, and way more than I expected to happen. So good job. :)
  13. Rossi

    Rossi User

    So those n00bs find a really great way to keep all the points and only gain them...
    They use Berserk ship with low HP and they use abillities. So they have big dmg and because of 2nd ability you can't attack them + HP link from PET. Because they don't have enough HP, if you kill them you get NOTHING!

    So for me, this event is over and I will only finish those 250 killed players. What a horrible event...
    Just cancel it.
  14. worst event ever, 90% of players cheat, so whats the point of pvp????/
    its just another event to keep the botters happy, pathetic....
  15. **Owl**

    **Owl** User

    you need to come up with a proper event, not the same old garbage.
  16. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    This was DO's attempt at bringing back Scoremageddon. Seems players are complaining for the same reasons DO discontinued Scoremageddon.
    In all fairness, they did their best. They gave the players 2 scores to keep them from farming accounts (to some degree).
    There are some other steps they could take, but this is the type of event that would be enjoyed by players if we didn't have to worry about people trying to cheat the game.
    I do appreciate the almost daily spaceballs though. It's great to have so many... for me at least.
  17. In a nutshell the "idea" behind this event looks great but I myself cant even get points the majority of the time. I target players up to 100 points more than me and get 0 points 95% of the time. But I can pop a player with only 500 or so points and get 5 points???? This event does not seem to be functioning properly. 99.7% of my kills have and always will be solo kills , its just how I play. So I don`t see why I almost never get points when i'm the only player shooting the targets I expect to get points from. And this has been a problem for me since the first time this event was rolled out and seems this bug has never been fixed.... There is really no other way to explain this than its a bug.
  18. I might be blind, but I cannot find

    Anywhere in the Assembly OR in the Battle Pass rewards. Is this actually in the event?
  19. you need to get agatus splinter to craft it in assembly i think.
  20. evve1

    evve1 User

    Sorry DO but how had you purely constructively thought of this? Top players who are full of everything, cheaters, and when your company cooperates with the enemy, I want a constructive answer from the DO, what is the idea behind the event?
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