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  1. An unknown error occurred. Click on "Restart" in order to start the materializer again.
    (Error on producing element)

    Why is this an issue? It used to never be an issue before. And why can't we get a fix for this?? It makes spinning gates take 15x longer than it should. Wasting our time on Sunday's double gate rewards with this bug. Please fix.
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    The Galaxy Gate spinner will be moved directly into the game as a window, just like what happened to the dispatch management. This update will most likely release along with the battle pass of the new event, on either Wednesday or Thursday this week. So there isn't much we can do but wait until then, except pray that it won't be as slow and buggy as the old system.

    Source is the test server 2 by the way:
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  3. Yay more booster theft. I guess the programmers following the boss's instructions never logged into the game to test it.

    When I am messing with the dispatch I get logged out because I am not using the faster way others have.

    Perhaps get that Unity player rolling we heard about? I gave up on weekend gates as on saturday and sunday I got that error on all the gates and got frustrated. Thankfully something way better came along with horns to play.
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    Hello ŜłāćҜεЯ57xx[ÇÑΣ],

    Thank you for reporting this. It is a known issue and unfortunately there isn't any solution for it yet.

    Do you have any further questions?

  5. ok im not sure who came up with the bright idea to add gg spinner to game screen but honestly you just added more freezing up problems cant spin the dang thing 10 times without game totally freezing up , and then you wonder why the game is loosing players its the game experience it has gone to the trash bin in recent years . there is no noticable thing being done about the use of botting programs by so many on usweat havent seen a mod in ages and if they do show up they cant do anything about the botters remove botters for good 1st time not just a 3 day ban they dont care about loosing 3 days of botting im tired of freezing up every time i try to do a quest when there are 20 botters in a map cant do quests cant enjoy the game . i guess this is what yall are looking for to end the game if so please tell us players that we like the game and botters and these issues are causing the loss of good players and they wont return until botters are removed for good
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    Closing - No response from OP.

    Galaxy Gate UI is now built in to the client
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