Game freezes when going into the assembly

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by steel_bolt, Sep 14, 2021.

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  1. steel_bolt

    steel_bolt User

    user ID:172002399
    I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but when ever I open the assembly and start looking through it to see what I can get or level up, the games freezes up. It dosen't happen every time, but enough to be irritating. I always clear the cache and it dosen't help. Any ideas?
  2. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    I have experienced the same issue on several occasions as well. Latest was a few days ago.

    This had been brought up in previous posts.

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  3. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello @steel_bolt ,

    The issue with freezing in assembly has been reported
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  4. `Djurkz`

    `Djurkz` User

    GA4 still freezing please include it for fixing, mostly in pirate map thank you.
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  5. Hello
    It is not freezing just in assembly it freezing in hangar, in the middle of game, every where and any time.. For exsample this morning in 02.42 i was in Ethernal gate on 92 wave and guess what freez! This was 5th time that i lost life in Ethernal gate.
    In my opinion DO should compensate to the players lost prizes or gg CPU.
    And there is no network problem in this case, it is game platform failure and Iwander when DO will resolve this issue?
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  6. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    Any news as to what's going on with the lockup when in assembly? Just happened to me again.


  7. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    At this time there is no further info regarding the freezing issue
  8. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    so we just keep freezing?

    happened again minutes ago.

    can't even look to see what i can assemble without having to relog.

    i know it's not the mods department, but someone must know something.

  9. lybert_frc

    lybert_frc User

    try looking in the task manager under process and close down qtwebengineprocess.exe its make my game freezes a lot but DO dont care its keep building up memory and makes the browser freez
  10. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    is that process unique to DO or would disabling it impact other programs?

  11. lybert_frc

    lybert_frc User

    its only impact the DO browser with me its make the game site black but then i can right click and reload the browser
  12. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    so, not to beat a dead horse, but still lock-up in assembly tab.

    is there any news as to why? is this unique to me or global server?

    anyone else still experiencing this?

  13. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello @PacificNW ,

    At this time there have been no further developments on this.
  14. `Djurkz`

    `Djurkz` User

    GA4 still loading please check. I missed the 25% upgrade...
  15. GA3 still loading and yes missed 25% upgrade


    For me the game freeze when i jump throught any portal
  17. Clearing cache worked for me last time that happened"a few days ago" couldn't hurt if you already haven't tried that.
  18. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    this has been noted for quite some time now. why isn't there any further development on this issue?

  19. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    It freezes all the time then there's the black screen of death as I call it, some days it runs ok, can't really complain that much since its free.

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