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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Mar 21, 2019.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Greetings Space Pilots!

    If you have any particular feedback related to the Gauntlet of Plutus please share it with us here. We look forward to your suggestions/feedback.
  2. Gate is decent and gives nice uri, BUT the last map is garbage because it doesnt svae your progress if you die. I can tell you its very enjoyable to die 4 times only because server lag..
  3. For me is meh... sucks!

    I done it at 1st try, very easy (no energy leak) but wasted a lot of ammo(20-30k cc-g) for a trash reward, i got nothing!
    22k uri from mobs, in comparison with other gates is scrap.

    You should put each wave a reward, like in VoT.
    1: reward from 1st Natal Nap
    2: reward from 2nd Natal Nap
    3: reward from 3rd Natal Nap
    4: reward from Devoreur
    5: reward from UberLordakium
    6: reward from Plutus

    Remove useless stuff:
    - kukicon gate
    - emp
    - remove rockets (all of them)
    - xenomit
    - hp-pd-md laser
    - nothing

    (Who da hell need magma-parity-hyper in 2k19??? And scraps like this, give us decent reward!!!:p )

    Improve reward from box:
    - random 1.000-5.000 rynusk (so noobs can craft lasers and ufe rsb)
    - random 15.000-35.000 RSB/ABL/CC-Ammo
    - random Seprom 1.000-9.000
    - random 1D-1W Dooble booster pack (like the one at 0,50€)

    Put a 100% reward at the end like in normal gate:
    - 15K each CC Ammo (c-d-g)
    - 10K ABL
    - random 3.500-6.500 PIB (this is good how it is)
    - random 1-5 new hi-techs

    Rework also the progression point reward: (with 150% points booster you can complet like 3-4 progression in an event, without 1 and half)

    1st: 3 purple keys (for centurion design)
    2nd: 5.000 rynusk
    3rd: 2 new hi-tech
    4th: 15.000 rsb & 20.000 seprom
    5th: 1 prometheus laser & 25.000 ABL

    At 5th reward put FREE RESET (will be a good improvement in all the event with progression points), and also make resetable in anny moment.
    i want to reset after 1st reward i pay 20.000 uri
    i want to reset after 2nd reward i pay 15.000 uri
    i want to reset after 3rd reward i pay 10.000 uri
    i want to reset after 4th reward i pay 5.000 uri

    You should make a Easy Version and Hard one. (like Winter gate, also for VoT will be a good improvement)
    Where mobs can be 1/2 or 1/3 stronger than Harder.

    The only good thing is it reset at server restart. (you should put this in VoT too)

    Low/lambda require less ammo and pay better ... meh you know ... just saying ...

    Day 01: N O T H I N G
    Day 02: N O T H I N G
    Day 03: N O T H I N G
    Day 04: N O T H I N G
    Day 05: N O T H I N G
    Day 06: N O T H I N G + 6.108 PIB
    Day 07: LF-4-HP (useless i have over 45-60 LF-HP and full Promethues) + 4.190 PIB
    Day 08: 10.000 XENOMIT (useless) + Kubikon Portal x1 (useless) + 4.683 PIB
    Day 09: N O T H I N G + 5.108 PIB
    Day 10: 50.000 CC-C + 5.608 PIB
    Day 11: Kubikon Portal x1 (useless) + 5.603 PIB
    Day 12: 20 EMP (really ???????) + 6.108 PIB
    Day 13: N O T H I N G + 5.308 PIB
    Day 14: N O T H I N G + 3.456 PIB

    Now that it's over, I can say for sure: WORST event ever.
    If he is not reworked in the future, I will certainly not do it again.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  4. Hawkie

    Hawkie User

    For me the gate was fun and enjoyable, even though it did take quite abit of time to complete as i'm not UFE or semi FE

    A few things that might be a good idea to change in the future, the reward package that the boss can drop (35%) should be changed to 100% as the gate that way doesn't feel entirely unrewarding. The BL ammo and other things you can get after having accumulated enough Points is rewards in itself but also requires you to be able to clear the gate fast enough to earn a decent amount of those points.
    The warhead 500k damage might also just be slightly overkill, maybe a good idea to half it or atleast put it lower, the gate isn't impossible even with the current state of those warheads

    I also feel like the gate is considered more to be for FE or UFE players, which i understand completly, there needs to be content for them to be engaged in and its a difficult job to make the gate feel like a challenge while also keeping it somewhat do-able for the majority of the players.

    Overall experience of this gate, is that i did find it enjoyable even if i didn't get to do it in under 60mins the gate was fun and i did get a decent amount of URI from just killing the npc's in it.
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  5. lol, complete in 60 mins, just another event for the botr's.
    and npc's hitting 500k come on fe ships have no chance.
  6. how to kill the boss?
  7. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    You know sometimes I hate being proven right.

    As I said in another thread - If you don't have millions of Seprom and millions of X4, forget about this new "designed only for the elite few" Event.

    Just another thing to be dominated and profited from by some of the worst type of players on servers.

    Deter - Seriously? For years you and others before you have been asking for "feedback" on many different aspects of the game AND for just as long have totally ignored it.
  8. well. Have to say as a FE I did get around getting hit by the warheads and taking down the turret after some tries. But to complete under 60 mins is not possible for me.

    Really is for the better equiped players to be able to go even further ahead than the ones who tries to catch up... Also a notice is that this event loves to drain you ammo. No reward for the turrets is not like I would like it. Well, I can only profit this by killing NPC before getting to the boss stage...

    Did get to phase 2 once, but then I had so little life I did get killed by a 100k damage mine while getting targeted by around 20 warheads. way to go from the start. :D
  9. too hard even with good equipment
  10. You could have at least filled the early waves with something like Melters to give EVERYBODY something worth doing in the gate. Instead it is filled with boss sibelons and other kind of crap that have the worst kind of hp/uri ratio in this whole game.

    500k from rockets is too much. After you kill the turrets you are pretty much doomed if you get a single lag spike and get hit by a warhead. There is not a safe place for repairing and if your fps is not perfect you cannot hit all of the small rockets. So it is extremely hard to recover from getting hit. Not to even mention that you have to start from scratch if you die in the last wave.

    The final reward is too much of a lottery.

    What you could do (if technically possible) is to have player select the difficulty for the FINAL wave. For example:
    Easy: Warheads do 50k damage, chance for special reward 20%
    Medium: Warheads do 150k damage, chance for special reward 40%
    Hard: Warheads do 250k damage, chance for special reward 60%
    Extrene: Warheads do 400k damage, chance for special reward 100%.
    Make there be 4 gates before the last gate that determines the difficulty or something.
  11. ÇîŁMŴ

    ÇîŁMŴ User

    why do you ask for feedback if you NEVER follow it?

    it's the SAME event as always: waste ton of ammo--> waste 1 hour of you life----> get s*itty rewrds.
    The only decent is VoT

    i got 10k xenomit
    in 2019 you are still giving xenomit (or HP, PD, MD) as rewards for something? even booty box shouldn't have it anymore and you are giving it in this "new" event?

    give promethus, rinusk, rsb, emp, know? things people really use
  12. JustMe3

    JustMe3 User

    Seen it, thanks but no thanks.
  13. Yeah great event This Event Sucks I am full UFE seprom bought the boosters for 14 days would just like my money back but i know it's gone suck back in the abyss by DO lag .
    First time entered was going great then i think i hit the last wave and wait can't shoot can't change config all i can do is kill them in 1 config 1 by one also pet says no protocols well it's full so i finish that wave exit relog and same thing ove and over died 4 times now so mad. It's insulting they had the game down for 6 hours with maintenance and what did we get but more Do bugs after 6 years of playing i have had my fill of it. Hey though there is always the next event i am sure they are working on it already so they are way to busy to maybe FIX THE GAME?
    Also so mad yeah i used a bad word in chat and got ban thanks for punishing us for getting mad cause you guys can't fix the game or refuse to help anyone cause heaven forbid they answer their support tickets in a timely manner.
    Relogged after 4 deaths 2nd relog all lag was gone finished the gate in 5 more minutes 40k seprom gone 40k cc-c ammo rewards "1k birthday rockets" so not worth it.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  14. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    Last waves are ridiculous for dealt damage (500k, 100k items), and that just for a chance of a reward?
    The other waves are just more of the same old same old. Drag the same old npcs at nausium for some uri.
    Thx but no thx.
    You never learn.
    As stated above, VoT is much better. You at least get to replenish some of the ammo you need to spend.
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  15. Bonnie.

    Bonnie. User

    Its possible to be completed in cca. 15 mins, so dont cry if u cant achieve it in 60 mins, u still get reward from the boss if u are patient and kill all warheads, you just won't get any points and I think, majority of players are UFE, those who arent are mad here on forum and thats sad I think, whereever I look, forum, facebook, chat... everyone just saying trash game, this and that sucks... if u have problem with it, dont do it...
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  16. willi_101

    willi_101 User

    lag, die, relog repeat. I'd like to provide a comment but is the best I could do
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  17. worst gate ever, which idiot decided to put loads of mines round the beacons and still send npcs that hit 500k against you.
    its obvious the devs have no idea how to play this game.
    sum this gate up in one word: PATHETIC.
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  18. SEPROM, CC-C(x6.5) & RSB ammo, red rockets (ubr-100), full prometheus (pet too full prometheus & lvl4 NPC dmg protocols) double booster dmg (Bo1-Bo2) DLB dmg booster from ubers, Infection, moth/drill, NPC Nuke (at the right moment), energy leak, you can easly do it.

    I'm UFE 93% (ship 34/36 prometheus, cauz i dont care 2 much about pet) and i done it in 24 mins at CC-G.

    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  19. The gate is fun n forces u to think about ur actions but the last part can be to annoying, removing the mines could help since you can barely repair due to them and are forced to use leech.

    Edit: The reason for me saying this is because even ufe's tend to struggle so i can imagine weaker players can barely if at all do the gate.
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  20. nah gate at start good al waves okay also the last wave with turrets i love it, but then you need to recharge the purple stuff lolll warheads nukes and then a ton of mines with luck i come to the 4th recharge note. wenn people also ufe ships even have the chance to finnifh the complete gate then i only can say its a waste, in chat also talking many top 100 players from the server and all have same problem the recharge wave is much to hard. have every thing also double boosters and all stuff what need wasted 100k a-bl ammo 50k whites and many specials and stil cant make it. deter i hope the dev team can change a little on hte last part then its for ufe ships good, but stil normal ships wil even have a chance.

    best regards
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