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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by SirThrills, Jan 12, 2022.

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  1. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Please post your constructive feedback for the Gauntlet of Plutus Event here
  2. (n)

    The Gautlet of Plutus event will take place once again from 13th until 25th January.
  3. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    24 HOUR CD< c'mon :eek:
  4. No battle pass rewards while in gate
  5. `Djurkz`

    `Djurkz` User

    :mad:Same here, Easy GoP completed got no NPC kill credited for battle pass reward...ID-52916752.
  6. AngryTech

    AngryTech User

    Terrible lag inside the gate. I've died several times now freezing inside of it. I just now froze on the boss and suddenly got one shotted.
  7. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Done it once, won't be doing it again, boring.
  8. The players that have cheated and stolen their way to level 16+ prom lasers will take all the top 10 slots (well, top 30) with the fastest times and will be heavily rewarded as per usual in this event while the folk at little pointless continue to blissfully bury their heads in the ground of denial over such facts and allow these cheating players to permanently keep their stolen level 16+ lasers etc. gaining a permanent unfair advantage in such events where completion times are essential... :(

    They have also stolen tens of millions of x4 ammo (and uri) from the hundreds of galaxy gate little pointless allows them to steal and bot, and used stolen resources to make RSB as well as stealing RSB from the Kronos gates they have stolen so they will be able to make loads of cosmic cc ammo... :(

    So nothing changes... the cheating thieves continue to permanently benefit and prosper... :(

    I saw a bot yesterday parked at the Plutus gate all the time I was on back and forth doing things! Hopefully lost all lives and couldn't get back in! :)

    So of course such players botting through objectives as always to steal the rewards especially sissy modules, IAC and ABR.

    No doubt someone will not like little pointless being called out on the above because they do not like my brutally truthful feedback while they operate the three chimps policy... see no cheating... speak no cheating... hear no cheating...
  9. We like to see all numbers ofcourse for newest modules for G+ and C+ ships this modules are so broken and ships to
    this new meta ships are for those who cheats more ...
    like before this forum no info or missleading info for everything
    the GoP introduce the XT10 modules but now we have these XU moules i already got 2 modules that gives me 30% its so stupid when i catch a moule for ORCUS with these % dont you think
    30% HP for CITADEL+ is broken and 28% for G+ to
    G + 18 engines I saw a botuser with incredible speed and not even with the formation of drones for speed

    P.S. how can we spend 30k RCB-140 when the GoP portal dosnt give us any of these ammo
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  10. this gate is utter garbage, which numpty made the boss shoot slow down rockets, and then drop mines that just wipes out your hp,
    what an utter waste of time.
  11. Probably a bug but i can't jump into the gate. when im trying to jump its showing the animation of the gate but im still stuck in 2-8. I have try it countless times today and i can't jump in.
  12. Dragonxs

    Dragonxs User

    yes it will not let me jump takes my pet only then i die so loseing lifes as dark orbit will never give back wasted money on pass
  13. it's very stupid to accuse everyone who plays better of cheating
    Moreover, no bot will outrun a living person in this event in time

    read the description of the event
    ammo drops both in boxes and for the last boss
    moreover, the chests inside the port are affected by x2 and the pilot sheet
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  14. Okay in Faqs it says you have low chance to win 5 mio? uridium....Am I right in saying it means 5mill uri?
  15. You seem to operate under the assumption that all us non-cheaters have nothing else to do with our time but come home from work, have our evening meal, then sit in front of the computer playing dark orbit until it's time to go to bed, then on weekend, wake up and play dark orbit until it's time to go to bed. Well, we do not. We have lives. We have other things we enjoy doing. We have partners/wives, children, pets, activities to do with family and friends.

    So please do enlighten me on how I am supposed to farm thousands of IAC in 30 minutes of game play here and 30 minutes of game play there, an hour here and there when the average we get from eternal is like 5 IAC! Enlighten me how I am supposed to farm 500 of whatever to build one cpu for eternal gate when with all the cheaters I'm lucky if 3 of invokes spawn in 15 minutes due to how fast they get popped by the bots, which some nights I am in there, there can 5+ bots all over the invokes like a bad rash.

    Therefore, while the cheaters have full sets of level 18, 19 or 20 prom lasers or mixes of perhaps level 17-19, please enlighten me how my level 16 and level 17 prom lasers can pop aliens in Plutus faster than higher level lasers that the cheaters?

    Moth does not enable me to pop the aliens any quicker than level 18+ lasers that the botters have while they use moth too, when it comes to the aliens with shields anyway. The rubbish 6% damage mod I have for orcus makes no difference either. Venom is actual better for me as I do far more damage in that with the mods I have for it than what I'll ever get out of orcus at the moment. So no matter what, the botters have higher upgrades on lasers than me and have whatever mods they have, so reality is, I cannot pop aliens in Plutus any faster than what I currently can. What mods I get are completely random when it comes to exchanging the battle pass keys so there is nothing I can do about getting better mods.

    What I said was never stupid, just facts from what I see in the "ranks" of events on the server I play. Known cheating players always up there in the top 20 and winning events! If not filling the top 30. Although some cheaters are attempting to bot the Plutus gate as some sit at port not able to get in as they have most likely lost all their lives then their ship gets destroyed at the Pultus port x8 and they fly back and sit there again hahaha easy kills for me, nice hahaha, whoever, there are cheaters who do it live themselves with all their mods for whichever ship and seeing as they have been able to upgrade their lasers beyond my level, they will do better on times no matter what because they have higher level lasers and they are botting for the resources to steal those upgrades while I am not and I do not have the time to spend 4+ hours every day farming resources because quite honestly I have better things to do with my time than to sit here playing dark orbit that much when I have other things I enjoy doing like a lot of players do too. This is the truth and reality of it.

    I only participate in events to do the objectives and get the rewards so I can get things like IAC and see what mods I get and hopefully for ships I actually use! I have no desire to win events as I have far better things to do in the real world than obsess about meaningless rankings and silly titles in a game that some people seem desperate for to compensate for what they will never have in the real world...

    And we all know the forum mods and folk at bp do not like hearing the truth from players like me... we'll see how they like outside intervention in dealing with the cheating then seeing as they refuse to do anything about it... ;)
  16. don't you think i dont know that ?
    just pointing that for 6 days of running event drop are absolute zero
    i got a little bit ammo from quests
    thats wrong bcz i cant finish 3 quests only by the bad luck its useles
  17. I have all lasers at level 16 and this does not prevent me from winning events
    A 2% difference between 16 and 20 has no effect on kill speed.

    this is your main problem, not bots

    and I repeat once again - you don’t need to call everyone who plays better than you cheaters, it’s your problem that you don’t have time or desire to play
  18. I like that this event isn't so time consuming and will be the first time in a while i finish all battle pass objectives. Regarding the actual event itself, I don't have anything bad to say however I would prefer if we could choose what ship we want modules to apply to when exchanging keys. If I remember correctly, the modules for 20 keys have a higher chance of affecting orcus or centurion. I don't use centurion anymore so if I could get modules just for orcus that would be awesome. I do like that the gate drops x7 ammo...definitely comes in handy when fighting bigger ships
  19. So I'm sure everyone is aware of the instance-kicking-when-full issue of the GoP gate. One day, I tried to enter, it showed the portal activation animation, and then nothing for a whole minute. I logged off and on again only to be met by an unending loading screen. Restarting client nor computer had any effect, I tried multiple times during the day, it would not connect me until the next day, after the gate had reset. Then, I was met by a 'you have been destroyed by Annihalator'.
    This wouldn't be an issue, if the event objectives didn't contain an objective that required us to defeat Plutus for every day of the event - I'll miss out on 15 battle pass keys because of this weird issue. I'd really appreciate those back to stay afloat in this power creep meta. Why are there no 'buffer days'?

    Maybe extend the event?

    All in all I'm fine with the gate, it's a chore for newer players I guess, but at my near-maxed loadout I'm clearing the easy version in 15-20 minutes, which is acceptable. No need to waste my best ammo here, and I'm not willing to dedicate 45 mins a day for 12 days straight on the normal version
  20. AVIT

    AVIT User

    its got boring ,game needs a new approach , events wise .same dull boring events everytime . also fed up of everyone botting gg and normal maps .
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