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    Hello Space Pilots,

    The Gauntlet of Plutus event will take place once again from 15th until 29th July. Enter the Gauntlet of Plutus Galaxy and fight your way through different waves of challenging NPCs before finally facing the mighty boss, Plutus!

    The event runs from 15th July (10:00 am LST) until 29th July (23:59 pm LST).

    Climb the event ranking and be rewarded with amazing prizes. Earn Battle Pass Keys and exchange them for rewards of your choice, such as the new Nobilis Zephyr ship design, the Nobilis G-Champion P.E.T. design and event-exclusive Unstable Modules!

    Log in every day from 15th to 21st July to get your event exclusive login bonus:
    15th July: 1x Permit
    16th July: 200x UBR-100
    17th July: 1x HP-B02
    18th July: 200x UBR_100
    19th July: 1x SHD-B02
    20th July: 500x UBR-100
    21st July: 2x NPC Nuke

    The Login Bonus will be active on 15th July from 10 am LST until 23:59 pm LST and on the following days each day from 00:00 am LST until 23:59 pm LST.

    The FAQ can be found here: [Link]
    Please let us know your feedback in this thread: [Link]

    Your DarkOrbit Team
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