GB server... Anyone having difficulty getting game/map screen?

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by Pedro[BIA], Nov 9, 2022.

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  1. Pedro[BIA]

    Pedro[BIA] User

    Not been able to get to game screen since this morning's sync., 'establishing connection' then times out.
    Anyone else??
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  2. adamofo1

    adamofo1 User

    yes mines the same times out 'establishing connection' then times out time now is 14,20
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  3. Yep i got on once after changing ship in backpage, managed to kill few npcs in 5-2 then i couldnt even lock onto one, now i cant get on, im sure it be fixed soon... hopefully
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  4. Pedro[BIA]

    Pedro[BIA] User

    Support are on the case...
  5. GA2 seems to be the same way logged in and jumped to x-8 and my ship never left the map now it says i can't change ships.
  6. that fills me with confidence :)
  7. Bombard

    Bombard User

    And i did daily Epsilon which should give rewar 100 K UCB-100 in 24 h, and what i get was stuck in that gate had to force out and that reward isnt showing anywhere, But the mission is still active like i did not play that all ? But weekly mission is done, how i can get that done and price but no Epsilon gate price.
  8. GA2 - logged in to backpage, but once the calendar 'START' button clicked, forever get the disconnect/reconnect pop up. (approx 1:25pm 9/11/2022)

    I can get the backpage and client screen for GB2. (~1:30pm 9/11/2022)
    GA2 still down at this time.
    Global (pve) server can get both backpage and client screen okay.
    (~1:35pm 9/11/2022)
    US East (1) seems okay.

    GA(1) has similar type of connect issue as GA2 does.
    (~1:40-1:43pm 9/11/2022)

    GA3 [formerly - now part of the GA2 - post merge] same no connect problem.

    Cache was cleared just prior to 1:30pm (see above for test start time).

    Question: Was Global America (1) and Global America 2 merged ?
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  9. fix your game bruh, unacceptable
  10. USA East is down, also.
  11. **silver**

    **silver** User

    everytime start ab event,the server have a lot oif problems....any attention to players,arrogance from BP,any answer to our questions....unacceptable!!!
  12. Primus

    Primus User

    Right now yes. Last hour it literally died on me, it is pretty rare to have it straight out disconnect like this. Last time it was months back it lasted almost all day.

    But i do remember they always had issues often especially back in 2010 and onward.
  13. SirThrills

    SirThrills Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots, with the latest emergency sync, are you still experiencing issues loading the game maps?