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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Jun 17, 2019.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your feedback from the GG bonus rewards event.
  2. I actually really like this one.. and this is even if the chance for Cyborg is something like 1%. It is fine if it is just a added extra bonus.

    Some rewards should be made higher though. For example 3k rinusk should be at least 10k and 18m ep should be something like 100m.
    Special ship/drone designs are great as they are, and the 10k seprom is kind of meh but decent. You guys would be making more profit if all of the rewards would be attractive. 18m ep is absolutely nothing, no one is going to buy gg energy or spin gates with 70u price because "yay 18m ep!!!". You have a chance to make people pay to complete all 3 gates every day during the event.
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  3. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    I take it from the rewards this is designed for new/er players. (so far none of the rewards look at all enticing)

    Will all the drone designs offered as a reward be a single design out of a set of 10 possible or can you actually get something worth while? EG; 10 hailstorm cosmetic design.

    If a more advanced player gets the rng roll for one of the ships and already owns it, is URI given instead or do you just get nothing?
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  4. From the FAQ section of this event, it seems as if you get eligible to receive one of the 3 ships only if you have already completed the gate once during the day of the event. Is that true?
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  5. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    IF and probably a pretty big IF you get the RNG roll for a ship upon completing one of the gates giving the "bonus" rewards, the ship will be part of the reward. If you don't see the ship when you get the rewards - You didn't get one.
  6. ok,more Saturn for all ships off skills for bônus?kappa no reward lf4 and yes 25 bot keys?Alfa,Beta e Gamma to detach.
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  7. Great update/event. I dont see how anyone could be mad about this. I've seen a few people talk about some of the rewards not being good enough but in my mind they are all fine/good, if one doesnt feel like enough for you then dont do it. Only thing that is a bummer for me is that this event isnt on the weekend so the gates arent cheaper to make but that is a fair trade-off for the bonus rewards I feel. Anyways nothing but positive scores for me, keep up the great work.
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  8. Cod~Eye

    Cod~Eye User

    seriously you think the rewards are good?. you are better off doing the gates at the WE and getting double rewards.
    why dont you actually fix the bugs and get rid of the cheats,
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  9. How are the rewards not good? The other day there was 100,000 UCB-100, thats better than any gate with double reward especially since I dont think UCB-100 doubles on the weekends. Another example was an enhanced lf-4 (magma), some people might not need these things anymore but for people who are still grinding and trying to get better gear this event helps out. I do agree with fixing cheats/bugs but keep in mind you can add things to the game at the same time as working on fixes for the game. Also ive lost hope that bots will be caught and rightfully banned
  10. DRAZI

    DRAZI User

    The rewards this 2nd time around our lousy! Where is the Seprom, the other rewards I already got last week and the EP and Honor just don't seem to be good enough. Why not throw in some Prometheus Lasers or other guns, Booster Packs like 50% EP and Honor for a few days. Make them worth while since we are spinning gates at Top Dollar.
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  11. I thought there was a EU rule in place now that you have to tell use the % that u will get the reward like the mid week gates i got one of the ships but what it the % chance to get the ships in the first place. FIFA have not had to tell use the % chance to get a player so why do you not have to?
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  12. Absolut.

    Absolut. User

    Yea I agree it really sucks that they are not giving us the proper information, have done now what something between 10-12 kappas and not even one ship. Like if u gonna put stuff with ridiculously low chance of getting it, at least be enough of a man to tell the actual chance.
  13. king-api

    king-api User

    i already receiced expo vengeance from gg special reward 2 weeks ago. but today it show vengeance expo design again.what will held again???
  14. Absolutely love it. Saw one awarding three LF4s, and even though I don't need them, they're insanely good for the newer players that do.
    Rewards are always random. You will see rewards that have been hosted before.
  15. y not all the gates and not just the 3 or 4 gates all the time, put it in all gates
  16. Well only one question i have and it's not a complaint i am fine with what i got but this weekend was suppose to be the spearhead design's and modules in the gates, so i did a kappa and got the epion nemesis design?

    I am quite ok with that but i didn't know these designs were available as a reward also i know the ships themselves say they are a possible rewards but doesn't say about the designs.
  17. Got a question, if i already finished a gg with a bonus reward in it but didn't get either of the 3 ships as a bonus reward, can i repeatedly do that gate to get a chance of getting either 3 ships or it is only available through completion of the gg first time of that day?


    Finished Kappa, got the bonus reward of a ship module damage for Vengeance ship and pusat, i didn't get no bonus ship but can i still do the same gate repeatedly in order to get a chance of getting the 3 ships?

    EDIT: I do it to get the hammerclaw, even if i already got the reward for that gate already which is the ship module.

    Hopefully someone answers this soon, quite frustrated i didn't get a hammerclaw on 15 gates straight from last 2 weeks (didn't do the gates repeatedly just did single gates to get the bonus reward at the first completion of the gg for that day)
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  18. Yep, you can repeat the gate for a chance at getting one of the ships. You simply won't receive that "bonus reward" for each successive attempt.
  19. I've asked other people, their input wasn't the same as yours, do you have proof?

    I've noticed that i received an extra 10,000 Uridium when i completed a gate, and since i've already got the Cyborg as a reward from the gate i think if my assumption is correct, 10k Uri will be booked onto your account if you have already received the said Ship if the rng roll wins on that said ship you already owned.

    Was thinking they should just instead remove the already owned ship on the equation of the rng roll and instead give more chance to win over the other ships like the mimesis or hammerclaw
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  20. My proof is that I got Cyborg after doing Epsilon in one day a few times when the Bonus GG Rewards was active. And definitely; you can request to have it re-roll instead of giving 10,000 Uridium. Just needs more people to back it. Personally, I prefer the 10,000 Uridium.
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