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  1. I started to do LoW gates since I need to do a total of 6 of them for missions and I have to do them solo since there are not players interested in doing them. After defeating all aliens and activating beacons the falcon spawned and released vagrants which I shot down, after that I started shooting the Falcon but after some while it released a new swarm of vagrants? I shot them down as well and quickly destroyed the Falcon in fear that it keeps doing that

    So basically my question is that does Century Falcon release unlimited amount of swarms when the previous has been shot down or does it do it only a couple of times or an specific amount in total of vagrants? In an old forum post from 2014 before the LoW gate was updated it read that Century Falcon releases 30 vagrants and on a recent youtube video it only spawned one swarm of vagrants
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    Hello @*-ΛLΞMDΛЯ-*[ΛTΛ] ,

    I apologize for the late response, especially if you have already finished your mission.

    I'll look into testing this, as well as getting information from the game team to see what the intended behavior is.
  3. Yes I have finished my mission, what I heard it is intentional and you should leave minimum of 3 Vagrants so it won't spawn new ones.
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    Closing as requested
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