[GI] Aliens stronger in GGs compared to the past experiences

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by HunterCataOfficial, Nov 26, 2021.

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  1. Hello!

    While I was doing Gamma, I've found out that some Kristallins take longer to kill than previously. Was there a silent update that made them stronger but reduced their numbers? If yes, then is this noted in the FAQs? I've noticed that they drop 96 Uridium instead of the regular 48 uridium aswell.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. SirThrills

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  3. Yes



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  4. I knew it!

    BAs should update the FAQs with the proper stats, since it made me really confused as to why I wasn't lagging when I saw the Kristallin wave.
  5. Oddessey

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    Hi HunterCataOfficial,

    Not all game changes and updates come with official information from the developers to be posted in our forums. The BAs are responsible for posting updates that are provided to them by the developers and game team but they do not post items like this where there has been no official release or posting requested by the game team or developers.

    Players will often search out information such as this and create their own guides and documentation (thanks @Ðįmáŋ1993 :D). As this data was gathered by players and not sent by the developers or game team, our BAs do not post these types of things in the FAQs (which are considered official information).

    I hope this helps explain why some of these things are posted by our mods and why some are not. If you have additional questions related to what is or is not posted by our BAs, please feel free to let me know or you are also welcome to write to support.

    Thank you for your understanding on this topic.

  6. It's fine. I'll update the wiki at the very least. Google Translate can't fail me 100% of the time.

    Thanks for the info. Interesting to see this kind of move.

    I really would've appreciated some more FAQs, since these events and new updates disappear quite fast, if I come to think of it. One good example for this was the release date of Enforcer and Bastion, when there was that survey where you had to put in all of the correct answers. Many, including me, got that answer wrong, since the FAQs aren't really updated. The community really shouldn't be looking for outdated FAQs and ask the BAs nicely to get official information for that FAQ.

    If I wouldn't be asking for too much, would you please ask the devs to give out more official information to the BAs so the community is informed on the features, missions and everything that DarkOrbit has to offer? It might not seem like a lot, but DarkOrbit has a golden history of both good and bad things that happened, and letting the other members of the community know about 'em is something excellent for both sides.

    If asking the devs wouldn't work, may you at least ask the BAs from the other language forums to team up and share translated official information between each other, so every forum is updated accordingly and so each forum doesn't end up being lackluster on a FAQ? I'm only trying to make the community understand the game better, so we can enjoy it at its' best. When things get too confusing, it becomes frustrating rather than fun to look out for information on a certain event or mission or anything really, since it's either deleted or it lasts for a short amount of time.

    I hope at least one of these choices can be made, for the greater good of DarkOrbit, the FAQs and the forums alike.
    Yes, you may close the thread, just find a way to get all forums to cooperate so they can fill out each lackluster FAQ with official information.
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